The Love by Hypnotic: Episode 12 [Recap]

In today’s recap I’m going to show you plot summary of Chinese drama The Love by Hypnotic Episode 12. Li Qian defeats Yun Si, and Yun Si leaves. But he forces to take a bath with Li Qian. Yun Si thinks Li Qian is thin even if his sword art is better than him. He shares the challenge rule in Xi Yue that the two should fight, taking a bath and drinking together.

The Love by Hypnotic: Episode 12 Recap

The Love by Hypnotic

Li Qian leaves the bathroom but he is surprised to see Ming Yue. She thinks Yun Si’s shape is better, and Yun Si laughs.

Li Qian drinks with Yun Si, and he is drunk. Yun Si tells Li Qian that he will take Ming Yue to have fun in the market, and he thinks he agrees on it when Li Qian doesn’t reply to him.

Li Qian steps in Ming Yue’s room and gets her to hug him. He touches her face and tells her that she was pretty when he met her first in the snow day. He tells her that all of looks of Li Mingyue can only be seen by him.

Li Qian intends to kiss Ming Yue but lies on her. She asks him if what he said is true, and thinks he just treats her as a chess piece. She finds out that she cannot move him, and asks Que Yan for help.

Li Xun thinks Li Qian will control court if Emperor continues to punish him. General Fang tells Li Xun to kill rebels, and Li Xun agrees. The man wants to recommend Li Qian at the court, but he tells them to recommend Li Qian instead. The man worries that the Li Qian will get the task, but Li Xun points out that Li Qian needs to entertain the people of Xi Yue.

Yun Si complains that there isn’t any good restaurant in Bei Xuan. Ming Yue doesn’t hear what he said as she is thinking of Li Qian’s words. Yun Si hugs Ming Yue when someone hits her. Er Bi stops Yun Si.

Yun Si asks Ming Yue to leave with him, but Er Bi threatens to send Yun Si to Xi Yue. Wu Cheng reports to Li Qian that Yun Si hugged Ming Yue and intended to take her to leave.

Ming Yue is hit by someone, and she is going to trip. Yun Si wants to help her, but Li Qian stops Yun Si touching Ming Yue. She falls on the chicken feathers.

Li Qian wants to send some medicines to Ming Yue. But she rejects it. Wu Cheng reports to Li Qian that Emperor intends to send Li Xun to suppress rebels. But Li Qian doesn’t want to stop Emperor because he worries about Ming Yue.

Li Xun gives his handkerchief to Hui Xin when she is in tears. He tells her that he is going to suppress, and thinks he will die. He wants to confess his love to her, but she rejects it. He tells her not to do silly things.

Ming Yue sits on the swing and blames Li Qian for making her trip. Yun Si plays swing for her and mentions he set up swing for her. But she only remembers Tai Li and Er Bi played swing for her. Yun Si wants to kiss Ming Yue. But she avoids him.

Yun Si tells Ming Yue not to pretend to be his brother because Li Qian isn’t there. He hugs her and asks her to think about it. Li Qian stops Yun Si and says that he cannot sleep without Ming Yue. Yun Si wonders why Li Qian cares for Ming Yue when he was cold to her.

Li Qian carries Ming Yue into the room and asks her to close the door.

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