The Untamed: Episode 33 [Recap]

In today’s recap I’m going to show you plot summary of Chinese drama The Untamed episode 33. People blame Wu Xian and want to kill him. He plays flute and controls dark power to attack people. But he vomits blood. Chief Yao notes that Wu Xian is injured, and asks people to take his evil tiger symbol.

The Untamed: Episode 33 Recap

The Untamed

Wu Xian flies to the top and releases evil tiger symbol, telling people to snatch it. People attack each other for the evil tiger symbol. Wu Xian laughs with tears, and he flies to the cliff.

Lan Zhan asks Wu Xian to come back, but Wu Xian chooses to jump off. Lan Zhan runs to snatch Wu Xian’s hand. Wu Xian tells Lan Zhan to let him die, but Lan Zhan doesn’t want to give up him.

Jiang Cheng arrives and stabs at Wu Xian, telling him to die. But the sword hits the rock. Wu Xian is shocked and releases his hand. So he falls off the cliff.

16 years later

Wu Xian is waken up by Lan Zhan’s music. He thinks the past 16 years was like a dream. Lan Zhen reveals Jiang Cheng only saw white bone after he went under the cliff. Wu Xian asks Lan Zhan if he went to look for him, and Lan Zhan says that he went after three years later. Wu Xian wonders why it was three years later.

Wu Xian asks Lan Zhan if he believes that he doesn’t know where he was the past 16 years. Lan Zhan says that he believes him. The Untamed episode 33 is amazing.

Wu Xian goes out and remembers that he bragged to Jiang Cheng that the classmates like him. Yan Li touched Wu Xian’s hair and agreed on it.

Wu Xian wonders why the rabbits are raised there as Lan Zhen doesn’t like them. He sees the whip scar on Lan Zhan’s body, and wonders what things he did for getting the punishment. The student reports to Lan Zhan that Qi Ren cannot control the spirit after summoning it.

Si Zhui is driven out, and he tells Lan Zhan that Qi Ren asked the sword spirit of Mo village. Wu Xian remembers that Lan Zhen thought the sword spirit is related to evil tiger symbol.

Wu Xian opens the hell room, and Lan Zhan notes that Qi Ren passed out. Wu Xian plays flute to control the sword spirit, but Qi Ren tells Wu Xian to get out. Qi Ren passes out again.

The sword falls to the ground, and Wu Xian picks it up. The scream of the spirit comes, and Wu Xian has to throw away the sword.

Lan Zhan treats Qi Ren, and students worry about Yiling forefather’s coming back. Lan Zhen tells them to have a break.

Si Zhi feels guilty because the sword spirit’s goal was them, and thinks they have responsibility. But Wu Xian points out that the people should take responsibility aren’t them but the person who released the sword spirit. Si Zhui wonders why Wu Xian wore the mask again, and Wu Xian says that he fears to see some old friends.

Wu Xian asks Lan Zhan if he suspects him, and Lan Zhan says that he trusts Wu Xian. But he wonders how the sword was contaminated the dark spirit of evil tiger symbol.

Wu Xian mentions he turned the symbol into pieces, and thinks they used evil iron to remake a new symbol. Wu Xian and Lan Zhan remember Xue Yang. The Untamed episode 33 is pretty good.

Wu Xian tells people that the murderer is at northwest according to what the sword points at. Lan Zhan decides to go down the mountain.

The fortune teller sells the portraits of Yiling chief to Wu Xian. Wu Xian reminds the fortune teller that Yiling chief is very handsome. Jin Ling kicks the fortune teller because he mentioned Wu Xian.

Wu Xian wants to give Jin Ling a lesson, and Jin Ling wonders why Wu Xian didn’t flee. Wu Xian mentions he pressed Jin Ling on the ground, and Jin Ling calls fairy. Wu Xian is scared to run away.

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