The Love by Hypnotic: Episode 4 [Recap]

Ming Yue notes that Li Qian’s arms cannot open the bow, and she takes the two arrows, telling him to put his hand on her arm. She asks him if he will return her stuff, and he promises it. The two shoot the three arrows.

The Love by Hypnotic: Episode 4 Recap

The Love by Hypnotic

Kang Le thinks Ming Yue is very cool, but Ling Prince stops her yell. Li Qian gives the catenary to Ming Yue and tells her not to mention it to someone else, she promises it. But Ling Prince sees it. He learns that the catenary is related to restoring memory.

Ming Yue stops Li Qian leaving, and he says that it ends when the ritual completes because it’s contract marriage. She wants to get their hairs together, and asks him to help her again. But he asks her to help him get his memory back with the hypnotism.

Ming Yue wonders why Li Qian wants to experience it when it’s the method to punish him. She tells him that he must listen to her if he wants to get hypnosis, and asks him to have eye contact for the time of a stick of incense.

Ming Yue laughs, and Li Qian blames her for fooling him. She says that he wasn’t sincere so that he was startled by her. She teases him, and he threatens not to do hair to hair. Ming Yue catches the chance to do hypnosis on Li Qian.

Li Qian gets in his memory, and he sees someone taking him to leave the fire place. Ming Yue helps Li Qian walk to the bed, but he thinks she used black art because it’s not his memory. She says that it’s hypnosis, and he asks her if the cowardice young boy was him.

Ming Yue points out that Li Qian is a coward, and he wants to punish her for not respect him. She claims that what she said is truth. Li Qian notes that someone is bugging them, and tells Ming Yue to sleep chair.

Ming Yue gets angry and sleeps in the bed. But Li Qian carries her to the chair. She calls him with soft voice, and Eunuch thinks he completed the task of Emperor. Que Yan asks Mr. Zhou where he is there, and Mr. Zhou pretends he rests there for treating back pain.

Ta Li blames Que Yan for bugging, and he says that he’s just activity there. But he finds out that Mr. Zhou left. Li Qian walks to Ming Yue and draws on her face.

The next day, Mr. Li brings breakfast for Li Qian and Ming Yue. He is surprised to see Ming Yue’s face, and Li Qian explains that it’s fun of wedding room. Mr. Li leaves, and Ming Yue blames Li Qian for hugging her when the day he pretended to be a gentleman.

Li Qian tells Ta Li to wash for Ming Yue, and Ming Yue is shocked by her face. She goes to blame Li Qian, but finds out that he is taking the catenary. She asks him to return it to her, but he keeps the stuff because she snored last night. She swears to take back the catenary.

Ming Yue asks Er Bi not to take the horse Shi Fei to leave, and he mentions she needs to ride the horse to go home if the the family isn’t satisfied with her. She claims that she will choose Shi Fei if she is asked to make choice between Shi Fei and Li Qian. Li Qian keeps the horse because Ming Yue likes it.

Ming Yue cares for Li Qian for taking the catenary, and Concubine Shu mistakes that they get along well. She gives the gold hairpin to Ming Yue, and wishes them to have a baby. Ming Yue catches the chance to take away the perfume pouch, and reveals the catenary can help bring baby.

But she finds out that the catenary is missing. Li Qian promises to wear the catenary for Ming Yue after they return home. Ming Yue asks Li Qian where her catenary is, and he tells her that it’s in his house. Ming Yue wants to get Ming Yue to search the house, but she runs into Ling Prince.

Ling Prince asks Ming Yue for the catenary, and Li Qian appears to show the catenary to Ling Prince. But he gives it to Ming Yue. Ling Yue thinks Emperor will scold Li Qian if he knows the thing. But Ming Yue says that Emperor will be happy because the stuff can help bring baby.

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