The Love by Hypnotic: Episode 5 [Recap]

Jin Yu gives the tonic to Li Qian for his wedding, but Li Qian shares that he didn’t sleep with Ming Yue. So Jin Yu takes the tonic away. Ta Li thinks Ming Yue was tired last night, and Ming Yue complains that sleeping is tired than waking. Ta Li laughs and thinks she won’t sleep at the day of wedding.

The Love by Hypnotic: Episode 5 Recap

The Love by Hypnotic

Ming Yue tells Ta Li that she didn’t sleep with Li Qian, and reveals she slept on the chair. Li Qian falls asleep and sees the fire scene again. Ming Yue takes him away, and he wakes up. He finds out that she holds his hand, and they sleep together. He wonders why he is in her bed, and makes her hand release.

Li Qian leaves but hits the door. Ming Yue wakes up and asks to catch thief. The servants arrive, and Li Qian asks Ming Yue where the thief is. She asks him if he didn’t wear robe when she asked. But he thinks it was just her nightmare. Wu Cheng reports that there isn’t any thief. Ta Li arrives and asks where the thief is.

Li Qian tells people to leave as it was just princess’s nightmare. Ta Li wants to accompany Ming Yue when she fears nightmare. But Ming Yue wants to look into it herself. She finds the belt the thief left, and wants to beat him if he dares to visit again.

Li Qian reads the sleepwalk book and wonders why he went to Ming Yue’s bed. He covers the book with another book when Jin Yu appears. Jin Yu blames Li Qian for reading Sikong Zhen’s book, and tells him to ask him if he has question. He thinks the war on paper isn’t better than war experience.

Li Qian asks Jin Yu to tell him his experience while seeing Kang Le. Jin Yu tells Li Qian to use release method to women. Kang Le startles Jin Yu behind, and he lies that he was talking about war art. Sikong Zhen shows up, and Li Qian leaves with him.

Li Qian thinks his sleepwalk is related with Ming Yue, and Sikong Zhen tells Li Qian to use the sleepwalk to find the realm of life.

Li Qian wakes up in the tent, and the men bring him the sheep as brithday gift while calling him dad. He asks them where their mom is, and Ming Yue shows up asking Li Qian to suck her finger.

Li Qian wakes up, and Ming Yue beats him with the pillow. He flees.

Ta Li tells Que Yan that Ming Yue prepared medicine bag for Li Qian, but Ming Yue takes the medicine bag away, asking Ta Li to apply it for her. Ta Li explains that Li Qian went to her room as he worried about her nightmare. But Ming Yue wants to give Li Qian a lesson because he broke the contract. Ming Yue asks Ta Li to prepare soybeans and other stuff.

Que Yan tells Li Qian that Ming Yue prepared the medicine bag for him, but Li Qian knows that the bag wasn’t made Ming Yue. Que Yan tells Li Qian to tell it to Ming Yue if he wants to sleep with her. Li Qian denies.

Ta Li places the soybeans on the floor, and Ming Yue laughs while setting up bell. Ta Li thinks Li Qian will get angry, and Ming Yue imagines that she beats Li Qian. She says that she will cut off Li Qian’s root, and makes Ta Li trip.

Li Qian drinks the sleeping soup and asks Que Yan to tie him up and nail the door from outside.

Ta Li bets with Wu Cheng and thinks Li Qian cannot get in Ming Yue’s room because Ming Yue set up many traps. But he thinks it cannot block Li Qian no matter what trap Ming Yue set up. But Que Yan tells Wu Cheng that he will lose.

Li Qian wakes up and learns that the six fences didn’t block him. Ming Yue hugs him and he finds out that her face is very cute. He blushes and wishes her not to wake up.

Wu Cheng learns that Li Qian slept in Ming Yue’s bed again, and thinks Que Yan doesn’t know prince well. Que Yan wonders how Li Qian fled from nailed room. Wu Cheng gets all of the money, and asks Ta Li to take some. But Ta Li takes away all of the money.

Li Qian brings India wine to Sikong Zhen and Jin Yu, but he feels pain in shoulder. Ming Yue thinks Li Qian intended to punish her for copying the article, and Ta Li mentions Ming Yu hurt Li Qian’s shoulder. Ming Yue rages to knead the paper and decides not to do the work.

Kang Le picks up the paper, and thinks Li Qian hurt his shoulder while making love. Ming Yue says that she beat Li Qian and hurt him. Kang Le points out that less people can hurt Li Qian, and Ming Yue thinks Li Qian intended to get beaten.

Kang Le thinks Ming Yue felt guilty so that she copied article for Li Qian. Ming Yue chases Kang Le and asks her to copy it. Sikong Zhen mentions Li Qian broke six barrier and arrived at Ming Yue’s bed. Li Qian wants to control his body so that he won’t make mistake again.

Jin Yu thinks Li Qian is moved according his action, and Sikong Zhen tells Li Qian to get along with Ming Yue. Hui Xin visits Ming Yue and wipes the ink from her face. Hui Xin is surprised that Ming Yue is copying the article of emperor, and Ming Yue complains that Li Qian pretends to be sick and take off his duty.

Hui Xin wants to do the job for Ming Yue as she has known Li Qian for ten years. Ming Yue hugs Hui Xin for saving her, but Kang Le asks Hui Xin if she wants to show off the friendship of her and Li Qian.

Hui Xin gives the robes to Ming Yue and wants Li Qian’s eyes not to move from her. Ming Yue tells Hui Xin not to attach men, and Kang Le intends to get men to attach her. Ming Yue asks Hui Xin to take away her robes, and thinks Li Qian’s illness will get worse if she is more pretty.

Hui Xin is surprised that Li Qian has illness, but Kang Le stops Ming Yue saying. Ming Yue wants to be Hui Xin’s sister, and Hui Xin offers to visit Ming Yue more often. Ming Yue agrees, but Kang Le points out that Hui Xin will dress up to see Li Qian. Ming Yue shares that she wants to get Hui Xin to distract Li Qian. Kang Le says that she will get the woman to the frontier if she covets her husband.

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