The Love by Hypnotic: Episode 6 [Recap]

Hui Xin visits the lantern shop and tells the maid that she guesses out Li Qian’s illness. She wishes to use the lantern to win his heart. Li Qian doesn’t arrive, and the maid thinks Ming Yue tricked Hui Xin. But Hui Xin trusts Ming Yue.

The Love by Hypnotic: Episode 6 Recap

The Love by Hypnotic

Li Qian shows up, and Hui Xin asks him if he remembers the story of the lantern. He reveals he forgot it, and tells her to go home. She intends to comfort him with the lantern because he got bullied more often before, and he realizes that he was really cowardice before.

Hui Xin confesses that Li Qian is her only one, and reveals she copied scripture for him. She says that she waited for him after knowing that he got sick, and wishes the lantern to make him remember their past. Li Qian returns the lantern to Hui Xin, and he leaves then.

Ming Yue panics to pretend to copy when Ta Li reminds her that Li Qian returned. He points out that she only copied two words, and tells her to copy it day and night. She asks him to get a chef who masters the foods of Xi Yue for her, and he agrees.

Ming Yue wonders if Li Qian needs any repaying, and he takes her to feed fishes. She has a feeling when he touches her hannd by mistake. He asks her how much they need to feed, the fishes will stop eating. She says that fishes are easy to die of eating.

Li Qian thinks he cannot deal with his future if he doesn’t know his past. He shares that Ming Yue helped him get some memories back, and he didn’t believe the foregone him. He says that he confirms that the cowardly boy was foregone him, so he promised all of her conditions.

Li Qian wishes Ming Yue to help him find the past he lost through hypnosis. Ming Yue hypnotizes Li Qian and asks him if there is anyone else at the scene. Li Qian sees Ling Prince Li Xun dragging him at the place. He thinks the fire is the main reason of his losing memory, and wants Li Xun to pay it back if he killed someone.

Sikong Zhen is talking about building river with Li Qian, and Jin Yu panics to reveal that Kang Le wants to catch him. Kang Le asks Sikong Zhen if he saw Jin Yu, but Sikong Zhen denies. Ming Yue gets the fan Jin Yu left, and offers to have some tea.

Jin Yu tries to flee, and Kang Le pinches his ear, asking where he went yesterday. He explains that he talked about business for his birthday. Kang Le blames Jin Yu that he forgot their appointment of seeing flower for the beauty of flowers tower. Jin Yu wants to repay Kang Le, and she asks him how he will repay her. Li Qian asks Kang Le and Ming Yue to leave.

Li Qian visits Ming Yue, and she hurts his forehead with slingshot by mistake. He thinks she is naughty, and she is confused.

Li Qian touches his forehead and thinks he was played by Ming Yue. Sikong Zhen laughs and thinks Ming Yue sneaked into Li Qian’s room and punished him. Li Qian tells Sikong Zhen to stay away from Ming Yue, and Jin Yu thinks Li Qian fell for Ming Yue.

Sikong Zhen thinks the evidence is obvious, and Jin Yu mentions Li Qian kept talking about Ming Yue, it’s first expression of liking someone. Li Qian explains that he just ridiculed Ming Yue, but Sikong Zhen points out that Li Qian wasn’t happy when he called Ming Yue intimately.

Jin Yu says that it’s second expression of liking someone, being jealous. Li Qian claims that he just cared for Sikong Zhen. Jin Yu reveals the last expression is to protect someone desperately. Li Qian says that he will ignore it no matter what Ming Yue does. He sees Ming Yue playing slingshot, and reminds his wound.

The man reports to Li Xun that Emperor gave the river task to Li Qian, and Wu Cheng looked into the fire case of palace 15 years ago. Li Xun thinks Li Qian knew something through Ming Yue’s catenary.

Li Qian tells Que Yan not to mention Ming Yue’s name and cough instead. The maids cough, and Ming Yue mistakes them being sick. The maids thank Ming Yue, and Ming Yue realizes that they only do so when seeing her. She learns that Li Qian instigated the people of the house to isolate her.

Ming Yue complains to Sikong Zhen that Li Qian took away her slingshot and got people to isolate her. He gives the kite to her, and she takes him to play kite. Li Qian sees Ming Yue climbing to the tree to take the falling kite, and he runs to catch Ming Yue.

But Sikong Zhen catches Ming Yue first. Li Qian holds Sikong Zhen’s hand and tells Ming Yue not to tangle his best friend. Ming Yue mistakes Li Qian is a gay. Sikong Zhen tells Li Qian not to rage to Ming Yue for him, and he says that he won’t stop until Li Qian admits his feelings.

Li Qian says that he doesn’t like Ming Yue, and Sikong Zhen asks Li Qian who he got all people of the house to prove it.

In the evening, Li Qian is sleepwalk and plays Ming Yue’s kite. Ming Yue dreams that Li Qian gives the divorce settlement to her, and asks her to ride Shi Fei to return to Xi Yue. She asks him who the person is, and she sees Li Qian playing swing with Sikong Zhen.

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