The Love by Hypnotic: Episode 7 [Recap]

Ming Yue wakes up and thinks she cannot wait for her death. She divines with her knife, but it shows that Li Qian wants to divorce. Kang Le sends a letter to Ming Yue and invites her to the white cloud mountain.

The Love by Hypnotic: Episode 7 Recap

The Love by Hypnotic

Ming Yue wants to pray for a magic symbol at the temple, making Li Qian give up his idea. She asks Ta Li to keep the secret for her.

Li Qian learns that Ming Yue is sick, and asks to get Que Yan to invite a doctor to see Ming Yue.

Ta Li is surprised to see Kang Le, and gives the letter to her. But Kang Le says that her text is bad than it. Ta Li is on knees to Li Qian and tells him that Ming Yue received the letter and went to white cloud mountain.

Wu Cheng reveals that the rebels will gather in white cloud mountain. Li Qian asks Wu Cheng to prepare horse.

Li Hun’s follower take the general to shoot some rebels, but he stops him getting in the camp because Li Xun has another plan.

The follower sees Ming Yue, and wants to kill her with the rest rebels. Ming Yue thinks Kang Le wants to play game with her, so she wears the veil.

The rebels are talking about how to get rid of Emperor, and Ming Yue bursts into. She realizes that she met cateran, and she wears the red veil on her head.

But it doesn’t work. So Ming Yue pretends to be a blind person. But the rebels close the door when they note that the guards are gone. They tie her up, and the rebel notes that Ming Yue’s hairpin belongs to royal.

The door is nailed from outside, and someone releases drug smoke to the room. The rebels and Ming Yue pass out. Li Qian arrives and saves Ming Yue from the burning house.

Li Qian carries Ming Yue to the bed and grabs her hand. He says that he knows that he can ignore everything when he loves someone. He treats his wound on his shoulder then.

The follower reports to Li Xun that Li Qian appeared to save Ming Yue, and General hands over to gold hairpin to Li Xun, telling him to wrong Ming Yue.

Sikong Zhen thinks someone wanted to get Ming Yue to be rebel and kill her. Li Qian thinks the person is Li Qian, and Sikong Zhen says that Ming Yue is the water to extinguish Li Qian’s fear fire.

Ming Yue shows up so that Sikong Zhen leaves. Ming Yue mentions she was in Li Qian’s room, but he says that he could step in because her room is dirty. She asks him who wanted to kill her, but he says that nobody could hurt her if she didn’t go out of the house.

Ming Yue thanks Li Qian for saving her, but he says that he would save anyone when she was in danger. Ming Yue notes that Li Qian is injured, but he tells her to leave. She falls in his arms, and the two have an eye contact.

General Fang hands over the hairpin to Emperor, and reveals he found it at rebel’s place. Emperor recognizes the hairpin and says that it belongs to Ming Yue. Li Xun thinks Ming Yue is related to rebels.

Li Qian reveals Ming Yue stayed with Kang Le at the palace. The guard and Kang Le’s maid confirm it. Emperor returns the hairpin to Li Qian and tells him not to give someone the chance to hurt Ming Yue. Li Qian reports that the villagers agreed to move out. Emperor praises Li Qian.

Er Bi sends letter to Ming Yue and praises her to be the hope of Xi Yue. But she learns that she is the sinner of Xi Yue if she cannot get Li Qian to like her. Ta Li tells Ming Yue to cook the dish Li Qian likes, and mentions Ming Yue found the weakness of Li Qian that he fears fire.

Ming Yue pours the tea on Li Qian and hypnotizes him. She sees that Li Qian’s mom feeding him with the salt osmanthus cake. Li Qian plays chess with Sikong Zhen, and Ming Yue brings osmanthus cake to them.

Li Qian asks Ming Yue to take it away as he doesn’t like to eat sweet. Sikong Zhen tastes it and thinks the cake is very salty. Ming Yue gets angry that Li Qian didn’t taste her osmanthus cake, and Ta Li reminds Ming Yue to catch Li Qian’s heart through his belly.

Kang Le tells Ming Yue to train Li Qian so that he will obey her. But Ming Yue doesn’t want to lock Li Qian in the cell. She wants to train the feelings of her and Li Qian. But she doesn’t know how to train the feelings. Kang Le tells Ming Yue to go out with Li Qian.

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