The Love by Hypnotic: Episode 8 [Recap]

Li Qian takes the cake and thinks Ming Yue hypnotized him. He wonders why he likes the taste, and Wu Cheng thinks it’s related to the memories Li Qian lost. Ming Yue visits, and Li Qian tells Wu Cheng to leave. Wu Cheng doesn’t make Ming Yue see the cake.

The Love by Hypnotic: Episode 8 Recap

The Love by Hypnotic

Ming Yue asks Li Qian to apply medicine on her, and she catches the chance to hypnotize him. She hints him to invite a woman who wears red clothes to market, and he will holds her hand when she takes out peach blossom handkerchief, and buys her food and feeds her when she is hungry.

Ming Yue wears red clothes and dresses her up. She asks Ta Li for the peach blossom handkerchief, but it’s gone. Ming Yue runs to Li Qian but finds out that he is going to leave with Hui Xin, who wears red clothes. Hui Xin doesn’t want to go to market since Ming Yue accompanies him. But Li Qian says that it’s ok.

The three arrive at the market, and Hui Xin walks with Li Qian when Ming Yue goes to eat corn. Ming Yue parts the two, and thinks the heaven helps her when seeing someone who selling handkerchiefs. But Hui Xin takes the peach blossom handkerchief first, and she wipes Li Qian’s sleeve when the carriage splashes the water on him.

Li Qian intends to hold Hui Xin’s hand, but Ming Yue stops him and makes the handkerchief fall to the ground. Li Qian buys Hui Xin a new handkerchief, and she is very happy.

The thug blackmails the mother and the daughter, and Ming Yue gives a bag of money to him. But he asks for gold when he seeing Li Qian giving it to the mother and daughter. Li Qian and Ming Yue beat the thug and his friend, and they have an eye contact when Li Qian hugs Ming Yue.

The mother wants to cook for the couple, but Ming Yue says that she doesn’t starve. Li Qian remembers the word “starve”, and asks for fried rice. Li Qian invites Hui Xin to eat together, but she leaves for buying something.

Ming Yue stops Li Qian seeing fire, but he grabs her hand, telling her that he doesn’t fear fire anymore. She thinks it’s right time to kiss, and intends to use wish bracelet. But he takes her hand and blames her for hypnotizing him. Li Qian is furious to leave, and Hui Xin learns that Ming Yue can use black art.

Ming Yue tears up and tells Shi Fei that she cannot keep the position of the princess. She hides herself when seeing Li Qian. He tells Shi Fei to eat so that he can walk for thousand miles per day. Ming Yue thinks Li Qian wants to send her to Xi Yue, and tells Wu Cheng that Li Qian is going to write divorce agreement to her. But he reveals Li Qian ate up her osmanthus cake. She is happy for catching Li Qian’s stomach.

Ming Yue asks Li Qian to taste her osmanthus cakes when he is shooting. But he ignores her. So she stands infront of the target. He shoots to the target through her, and she tears up. Li Qian stays at the shooting ground, and Que Yan thinks Li Qian still care for Ming Yue. But Li Qian tells Que Yan to shut up.

Li Qian does sleepwalk again, and he takes the arrow back and sleeps with it. The next day, Que Yan tells Li Qian that the arrow is gone, and smells the smell of the medicine with the target from the bed. Li Qian finds the arrow from his bed and learns that he gets sleepwalk illness. He thinks it’s related to Ming Yue’s hypnotism.

Hui Xin wonders why Li Qian was so weird, and Li Xun thinks it was because of Ming Yue. Hui Xin says that Ming Yue masters the art, which can confuse human’s heart. Li Hun thinks Li Qian is happy to get the messages for Ming Yue that will benefit Xi Yue. Li Xun shares that Li Qian saved Ming Yue when she contacted rebels. He mentions Li Qian keeps sleeping with Ming Yue. Hui Xin isn’t moved, and Li Xun thinks she will understand his heart one day.

Li Hun worries that Ming Yue helps Li Qian remember his past, and the follower reports to him that Emperor called him to talk about hunting. Li Hun wants to get Ming Yue to show her skill.

Li Xun tells Emperor to get Ming Yue to take part in the hunting, and Emperor wants to shock Ming Yue through the hunting.

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