“Our Secret” (2021 Chinese Drama): Cast & Summary

Our Secret” is a new Chinese school romance drama which comes out in 2021. The drama tells a story about a girl Ding Xian and a boy Zhou Siyue’s love.

Our Secret is adapted from Ear Rabbit’s Chinese novelSecrets in the Lattice“.

Our Secret (2021 Chinese Drama)

Our Secret


Ding Xian arrives at the boy’s dormitory with her suitcase. She tries to walk into it. But she’s stopped by the Aunt. Aunt tells Ding Xian that she cannot get into it because she’s a girl. She tells her that she will call the guard if she continues to do it.

Ding Xian yells at the building. She tells Zhou Siyue that she will get into the dormitory if he doesn’t come out. He calls her from her back and makes her turn around. He walks to her.

Zhou Siyue hands over the drinks to Ding Xian. She tells him that she felt happy to see him. She says that he worried that he wouldn’t show up because he didn’t reply her. She confesses her feelings to him, and asks him if he liked her before.

Zhou Siyue smiles. He tells Ding Xian that he doesn’t intend to be in love. He tries to leave. She stops him and asks him if he liked her ever. He thinks it’s not important at all because they have their lives. She hands over the blue robot to him, and asks him if he knows her secret. But he’s heartless to walk away.

It flashes back. Ding Xian moves to a new house. Mom asks Ding Xian to live with her brother Ding Juncong. Ding Xian is against it. She wants to live in the school if her mom Wan Xian insists on doing it. Lao Ding decides to give his study to the kids, and asks them to choose it.

Ding Juncong pushes Ding Xian and makes her hit the door when he tries to take the study. Ding Juncong gets the room after Wan Xian persuaded Ding Xian. Wan Xian takes Ding Xian to visit Zhou family. Li Xiaoyun welcomes them. Wan Xian tells Ding Xian that Li Xiaoyun was the Aunt Li she mentioned many times.

Ding Xian greets Li Xiaoyun. Zhou Siyue shows up and joins them. Li Xiaoyun reminds Ding Xian that Zhou Siyue was the one she saw when she was a kid. Ye Wanxian tells Zhou Siyue to learn from Ding Xian because the two had a childhood engagement. But Zhou Siyue wants to break off the engagement.

Ding Xian takes Ding Juncong to go to the bathroom. She hears Zhou Siyue’s friend tells him that she’s a monster. Ding Xian knocks at the door. Zhou Siyue tells the friend to take the duty. But she only asks for toilet paper. Ding Xian asks Zhou Siyue if he will be happy when she breaks off the engagement. He admits it. She tells him that she won’t do that.


Chen Zheyuan as Zhou Siyue

Xu Mengjie as Ding Xian

Wang Yilan as Kong Shadi

Episode 1

Ye Wanxian takes Ding Xian home. She blames her for not talking with Zhou Siyue. Ding Xian points out that her social life is ruined by Ye Wanxian. She leaves home and goes to the pharmacy. Zhou Siyue steps on his friend’s foot and makes him feel painful. He mentions he felt happy when he badmouthed Ding Xian.

The friend tells Zhou Siyue that he actually feels painful. So Zhou Siyue takes the friend to see a doctor. He runs into Ding Xian and spots her wound. She wants to leave. But the pharmacy owner keeps her and asks her for paying the medicine.

Zhou Siyue pays the bill for Ding Xian because she doesn’t have enough money. He asks her for buying him a big meal. She agrees to it. He takes her to the restaurant and tells her that his friend didn’t have bad intent. He tells her that the egg is for treating her forehead when she eats it. He adds that her forehead is going to grow up a horn. She’s furious to leave after she left the cashes on the table.

Zhou Siyue returns home and begins to sneeze. Li Xiaoyun tries to take a coat for him because she thinks he caught a cold. He stops her and thinks someone is badmouthing him. Ding Xian curses Zhou Siyue when she’s reading book. She wishes not to encounter Zhou Siyue in the school.

Ding Xian runs into the hall to line up when the president is giving the speech. The teacher shows up behind Ding Xian and tells her to walk to the wall. She stands with Zhou Siyue because the two were late.

Song Ziqi thinks Zhou Siyue was so cool to be late. Zhou Siyue points out that he wasn’t the only one. Song Ziqi thinks Aunt Liu will take care of the two. Ding Wencheng walks into the classroom. He tries to introduce himself to the students. But the girl asks him for explaining the questions first.

Su Bocong goes to see Ding Wencheng. He learns that Ding Xian got into the school. Zhou Siyue touches Ding Xian’s hand when he picks up the stuff for her. Kong Shadi invites Ding Xian to have lunch. Ding Xian runs away when she sees Ding Wencheng.

Kong Shadi mistakes Ding Xian ran away because of Song Ziqi. But Song Ziqi thinks Ding Xian ran away because Zhou Siyue. He mentions the two have baby engagement. Su Bocong joins Ding Xian and puts the meat into Ding Xian’s bowl. Song Ziqi spots it. He’s surprised that the little monster knows Su Bocong. Kong Shadi tells Song Ziqi and Zhou Siyue that Su Bocong is a gentleman.

Teacher Liu asks Ding Xian to answer the question. But she cannot answer it. So he asks Zhou Siyue to answer it for her. Zhou Siyue teaches Ding Xian to study in the right way. But she thinks he doesn’t have the qualification to teach her because her score is better than him.

Episode 2

Deng Wanwan explains that Zhou Siyue didn’t have a good score because he attended the Olympic competition. She tells Ding Xian to walk aside because she needs to ask Zhou Siyue a question. Ding Xian runs out of the classroom and sits on the stairs.

Su Bocong notes that Ding Xian isn’t happy. He takes her to the rooftop. She tells him that she thinks the classmate’s scores are better than her. He tells her that he can understand her feelings. He adds that the school isn’t only a place to study. Ding Xian thinks she cannot defeat the students. Su Bucong tells Ding Xian that the most important thing is that they came there.

Ding Xian walks into the classroom and joins Deng Wanwan. Deng Wanwan tells Ding Xian to wait for a while. Ding Xian remembers what Su Bocong told her not to admit her failure. She tells Deng Wanwan that she wants to exchange the seats with her. Zhou Siyue tells Ding Xian not to get back if she exchanges the seats.

Ding Wencheng tells Ye Wanxian that Ding Xian is estrangement of them. He asks Ding Xian if she wants to eat the fruit. Ding Xian rejects it and walks in her room. She finds out that Ding Juncong burned her notebook. She tries to beat him.

Ding Juncong asks Ye Wanxian for help. Ye Wanxian stops Ding Xian. Ding Xian shows the notebook to Ye Wanxian. Ye Wanxian thinks Ding Xian completes the test paper if she has time to write a diary. Ding Xian asks Ye Wanxian if she’s her daughter. Ye Wanxian is furious to throw a fit to Ding Xian. She tells her not to fight with her brother.

Ding Wencheng hands over the school plate to Ding Xian. She remembers Teacher Liu told her to go home if she doesn’t wear school plate next time. She rushes into her room and tears up. Li Xiaoyun asks Zhou Siyue to give the pastries to Ding Xian. She tells him not to make the girl feel wronged.

Ding Juncong apologizes to Ding Xian for ruining her notebook. He tells her that Ye Wanxian will punish him if she doesn’t forgive him. She tells him not to touch her stuff. He promises it. Ye Wanxian tells Ding Xian that she will get her the porridge she likes. Ding Xian smiles.

Liu Xiaofeng reminds Ding Xian that Zhou Siyue put something into her drawer. She takes out the pastries from the drawer and returns it to Zhong Siyue. He tells her that his mom asked him to give the pastries to her. She tells him that she doesn’t want to take his stuff. Deng Wanwan takes the pastries.

Ding Xian tries to sharpen her pencil. But He Xingwen tells her to stay away from him. Kong Shadi thinks He Xingwen did it too much. Song Ziqi thinks Ding Xian has bad luck to sit with He Xingwen. He mentions He Xingwen had felt happy for one week after he defeated Zhou Siyue.

Ding Xian has to ask Teacher Liu for the test paper because He Xingwen didn’t keep the test paper for her. Teacher Liu tells Ding Xian to print the test paper. She finds out Ding Wencheng didn’t any gift. She decides to walk him home after seeing him.

Ding Wencheng goes to buy Ding Xian Chinese chestnut. She remembers she saw the note he wrote to her. He told her to strive with him. She realizes that he’s trying his best to adapt for the life like her. She gives the gift to him when he walks to her. He feels happy.

Li Xiaoyun runs into Ding Xian and asks her if the pastries were delicious. Ding Xian admits it and tells Li Xiaoyun that she ate them up.

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