The Rebel Princess Chinese Drama: Episode 1 Recap

This is the recap for The Rebel Princess Chinese Drama: Episode 1. Queen asks A Wu to tell her the location of Ning Shuo. A Wu jumps on the map and tells it to Queen. Queen praises A Wu. The maid shows up and mentions what Mr. Xu said that A Wu has stayed in the palace too long. He worried that she won’t recognize her parents.

The Rebel Princess Chinese Drama: Episode 1 Recap

The Rebel Princess

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The Rebel Princess Chinese Drama: Episode 1.

A Wu tells Queen that she doesn’t want to return home, and reveals her father intended to punish her after she burned the kitchen. Queen tells the maid to reply Mr. Xu that she wants to stay with granddaughter for some days.

Wang Xuan runs to Emperor that she made Crown Prince trip. Emperor tells her to hide under his clothes when Empress arrives. He tells Empress to forgive Wang Xuan because Crown Prince is her older brother. She says that she won’t punish Wang Xuan because she’s also her niece. So he makes Princess show up and finds out that she falls asleep.

Wang Xuan walks to Emperor. She is given the title “Shangyang Princess”. Empress tells Emperor to marry Princess to Crown Prince because she is going to be future Empress. But Princess tells Empress that she wants to marry the person she loves. Wang Lin reports to Emperor that Zhulan King attacks the nation before Princess tells Emperor the person she loves.

Wang Su draws the drawing of the beauty. The follower tells him that Elder Princess asked him to persuade Wang Xuan. Wang Su throws the stone into the pool and startles his younger sister. He thinks her temper is huge to make her older brother and sister-in-law invite her. She says that she wants to stay alone because she’s not happy.

Wang Su agrees to it and tells A Wu that he and his wife will stay to accompany her since she wants to get punished. Huan Fu reminds A Wu that her parents are waiting for her in the hall. But A Wu doesn’t want to go there.

Huan Fu takes Wang Xuan to see Wang Lin. He tells Wang Xuan to get on knees, and recites the rules of Wang family. The guy asks Wang Xuan that if he forgets the mission of Wang family. Wang Xuan says that he doesn’t dare to forget.

Wang Xuan intends to mention what happened yesterday. Wang Lin tells her the rule “no talking while eating”. But she still asks him why he didn’t wait until she chose the person she wanted to get married. He puts down the chopsticks, and asks her if the war situation could wait for her. She thinks he just didn’t want her to marry Zi Tan.

Wang Lin thinks Wang Xuan isn’t silly. She swears to only marry Zi Tan. Wang Su thinks his father wanted to be cautious because the person will get world if he gets Wang Xuan. Wang Xuan doesn’t believe in it. She goes to visit Emperor.

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