The Rebel Princess Chinese Drama: Episode 10 Recap

This is the recap for The Rebel Princess Chinese Drama: Episode 10. Zi Tan takes the bodyguards to look for Princess. But they don’t find her. He tells them to continue to look for her. The follower reports to Xie Yuan that Zi Tan asked the bodyguards to look for Wang Xuan. Xie Yuan wants to see Zi Tan, and thinks he is like his mom who had been locked up by love all her life.

The Rebel Princess Chinese Drama: Episode 10 Recap

The Rebel Princess

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The Rebel Princess Chinese Drama: Episode 10.

Zi Tan goes to see Xie Yuan and wonders why he is there. Xie Yuan thinks he should ask him the question. He asks him if he knows Xie family is his mother clan. Zi Tan says that he doesn’t forget it. Xie Yuan points out that Zi Tan doesn’t forget the witch of Wang family. Zi Tan talks back that Princess isn’t like her father.

Xie Yuan says that Wang Xuan belongs to Wang family, and she is the Yuzhang Princess. He asks him if he forgets the revenge of his mother. He tells him to return to the capital. But Zi Tan reveals Wang Xuan wanted to give up everything to run away with him when Xie family was in danger. He thinks he disappointed her.

Xie Yuan thinks Zi Tan and Wang Xuan cannot get the love relationship back, and asks Zi Tan what he wants to be delusion for, since Wang family and Xie family have revenge like blood ocean. Zi Tan admits it and tells Xie Yuan that he just wants Wang Xuan to be safe. Xie Yuan rages and reveals he got the order from Emperor. He tells him to take a look at the paper.

The lord of Hui state Wu Qian waits for Wang Lin. He gets on knees and promises to find Princess. Wang Lin tells Wu Qian that he wants his family’s lives if his daughter gets hurt. Wu Qian is scared and asks for mercy. The maid complains to Huan Fu that Wang Su has a baby with Zhu Yan since Wang family ruined her marriage. But Huan Fu thinks it’s good.

Wu Qian visits Elder Princess. But he’s blocked by the servant. Huan Fu spots it and tells the maid Ruo Qiao to draw Aunt Xu there. Aunt Xu reports to Elder Princess that something happened on Wang Xuan. Elder Princess goes to see Xu Qian. He tells her that Wang Xuan was kidnapped. She passes out.

Xiao Ye notes that Wang Xuan is staring at her. She tells her that she will scoop her eyeballs if she continues to stare at her. Wang Xuan tells Xiao Ye to do that, and wants to see how Helan Zhen rewards her when she hands over her eyeballs to him.

Xiao Ye is furious to tell Princess that she will die three days later. She tells her to pick up the bread she just threw and eat it. Wang Xuan tells Xiao Ye that she will eat it if she unties her.

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