The Rebel Princess Chinese Drama: Episode 11 Recap

This is the recap for The Rebel Princess Chinese Drama: Episode 11. Song Huaien worries about Princess even if they have a great plan. He thinks Hu Yao cannot protect Wang Xuan because she’s a woman. He thinks protecting Wang Xuan is very important.

The Rebel Princess Chinese Drama: Episode 11 Recap

The Rebel Princess

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The Rebel Princess Chinese Drama: Episode 11.

Hu Yao watches Helan Zhen and Princess. The servant reminds Emperor that Zi Tan has kneed for three hours, and tells him to go to see him. But Emperor rages and tells the servant not to stop him from becoming an immortal. The maid thinks Emperor is actually insane because he didn’t go to see Zi Tan. But Emperor worries about it more.

Yuzhang Prince shows the his troops to the envoy. The envoy walks in the troops. But he’s surrounded and gets killed by the bomb. Xiao Qi tells his followers to kill the enemies. The assassins show up and attack Xiao Qi. Xiao Qi kills them all.

The guy reminds Xiao Qi that Princess is staying with him. Wang Xuan wants to hint Xiao Qi. Helan Zhen covers her mouth and wants to see if Xiao Qi will risk his life to save her. The guy tells Xiao Ye that he will protect her. He adds that he does it for her.

Xiao Qi tells the guy to release Princess, and promises to keep his body. The guy threatens to kill Princess if Xiao Qi doesn’t fight with him alone. Xiao Qi rides to horse to the guy. The guy tells Xiao Ye that he will ask the King to marry her to him once he gets the big credit.

Hu Yao shows up and stabs the guy with her sword. Xiao Ye falls off the bunker. Xiao Qi runs to catch Xiao Ye. Hu Yao reminds Xiao Qi that Xiao Ye isn’t the real princess. Xiao Qi throws Xiao Ye away. She is under the spears of the bodyguards. She tells her master to take care of himself, and takes her life.

Helan Zhen shows up with Wang Xuan. He reminds Xiao Qi what Wang Xuan takes. Xiao Qi asks Helan Zhen what he wants. Helan Zhen tells Xiao Qi to open the South Gate and fight with him alone if he wants to save his woman. Xiao Qi lets Helan Zhen leave. He chases him.

The follower reports to Helan Zhen that Xiao Qi is missing after he followed them to the path under the him. He thinks Xiao Qi doesn’t dare to follow them. Helan Zhen points out that Xiao Qi will follow them.

The follower tells Helan Zhen that they will arrive in Hu Lan if they walk through the rope bridge. He adds that there’s no any enemy. Helan Zhen asks Princess if she’s disappointed. He says that he doesn’t expect Xiao Qi is such a trash.

Helan Zhen tells Wang Xuan to go to Hu Lan with him since Xiao Qi gave her up. She tells him that she will kill him on her own one day even if Xiao Qi doesn’t kill him.

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