Melancholia: Episode 4 Recap

This is the recap for K-Drama Melancholia: Episode 4. Yoon-Su tells Seung-Yoo not to hide himself. The teacher shows up and tells Seung-Yoo that they will do something to him if he makes the wrong decision. Yoon-Su tells Seung-Yoo not to do that. She walks out of the house.

Melancholia: Episode 4 Recap


Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for K-Drama Melancholia: Episode 4.

Yoon-Su gets a call from Sung-Jae. She returns home. Sung-Jae sees the photo of Yoon-Su and Seung-Yoo. He yells at her fiancee and asks her who did it. She tells him that the school will handle it. Yoon-Su admits that the boy in the photo is Seung-Yoo. She explains that she left because she was scared.

Sung-Jae complains that the student doesn’t respect Yoon-Su. He tells her to resign, and asks her for having a meal with Seung-Jae. Seung-Yoo walks on the bridge in the evening. He takes out his camera and takes a photo of the building. He remembers Yoon-Su told him that she likes his math world in Melancholia episode 2. He looks at the sky.

Ye-Rin gives the topic she chose to Yoon-Su. She walks away. Yoon-Su walks in the office. The teacher tells Kyu-Young to apologize to Yoon-Su. Kyu-Young does it to Yoon-Su. But he asks her to apologize to Seung-Yoo. Kyu-Young does it. Yoon-Su reminds Seung-Yoo that he should give his classmate a reaction. Seung-Yoo tells Kyu-Young that he feels sorry for beating him.

Yoon-Su thinks Seung-Yoo did a great job. He tells her that he found the topic of his speech. It makes her happy. The teacher reports the result to Jung-A. She tells him to delete all of the photos. But she keeps the photo in her phone. Kyu-Young is furious to swear to take revenge. He walks away. Ye-Rin hears what he said. She stares at him when he walks.

Hye-Mi brings the mango to Jung-A, and asks her if Seung-Yoo will take part in the competition since the student beat someone. Jung-A tells Hye-Mi not to care for Seung-Yoo. She tells her that Yoon-Su will prepare the speech for Ye-Rin. She thinks she needs the teacher.

Sung-Jae takes Yoon-Su to meet with Seung-Jae at the restaurant. Min-Joon hands over his business card to Yoon-Su. He tells her that he has wanted to see her for a long time. He reveals he’s Ye-Rin’s dad. She tells him that she read Ye-Rin’s the paper of her speech. She thinks it’s perfect. But she points out that someone helped the girl.

Min-Joon admits that someone actually helped his daughter. He tells Yoon-Su that she’s still a good teacher. He leaves after he had the meal. The waiter brings the mango to Yoon-Su. He tells her that it was given by Min-Joon. Sung-Jae notes that Yoon-Su isn’t happy when he drives. He explains that Min-Joon and Seung-Jae are best friends.

Yoon-Su tells Sung-Jae that she won’t let it go if he does it again. She adds that she will help Seung-Yoo take part in the competition. He tells her not to waste the time on the kid. He reveals Min-Joon is the organizer. She learns that Ye-Rin will always be the winner no matter what she does. She’s furious to scold him. She doesn’t want to teach Ye-Rin.

Yoon-Su thinks it’s unfair to Seung-Yoo. He tells Sung-Jae to return the mango to Min-Joon. Seung-Yoo walks at the street and tries to call Yoon-Su. But he cannot make the decision. He sees her getting off the car. She walks to the bench. She has a seat because she’s tired. He shows up from her back and hands over the ice cream to her.

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Yoon-Su tastes the ice cream. She asks Seung-Yoo about the speech he prepared. He tells her that he didn’t write anything, and reveals he can go to Jeju Island if he wins. She cheers him up. Ye-Rin is studying. She notes that Hye-Mi is packing the dresses for the trip.

Min-Joon tells Ye-Rin that he met with Ye-Rin. He comforts her that everything will be good. He asks him if the teacher mentioned Seung-Yoo. He reveals Yoon-Su didn’t say anything about the boy. He tells her that he will handle it.

Seung-Yoo runs into Yoon-Su at the coffee shop. She notes that he takes the bag again. She tells him not to take the wrong bag. He smiles to agree to it. Hye-Mi intends to go to buy coffee. She lets Ye-Rin watch the suitcase. Ye-Rin sees Yoon-Su leaving with Seung-Yoo.

In-Hyeong introduces Jung-A to Seung-Jae before they play golf. Seung-Jae tells Jung-A that he knew her, and thinks her school is very famous. Yeon-Woo greets In-Hyeong when she runs to him. He cares for her after knowing she almost got hurt.

Yeon-Woo hugs Seung-Jae’s wife after she saw her. The woman tells her husband that Yeon-Woo is her junior. Jung-A sees her sister leaving with Seung-Jae’s wife. She’s not happy. Yoon-Su drives the car on the road. Seung-Yoo stares at her. She takes a look at him after she noted that he’s staring at her.

Ye-Rin introduces the AI face recognition technology to the people. Hye-Mi catches the chance to take a photo of Ye-Rin. Yoon-Su gets off the car and walks to the rock. Seung-Yoo takes a photo of her. Hye-Mi meets with the worker of the AI Institution. She drinks with him and asks him for looking after Ye-Rin. He tells her not to worry about her daughter. Because he thinks Ye-Rin is very smart.

Yoon-Su walks in the art gallery. She tells Seung-Yoo that Van Gogh’s paintings make her think of her dad. She adds that her father is like Van Gogh who stays away from the real world. He asks her if the question she gave him came from her father.

Yoon-Su admits that the question came from the papers of her father. She reveals Hyun-Wook didn’t resolve the problem after he had spent many years on the project. He learns the reason why she asked him not to fall for the question.

Melancholia: Episode 4 stars Lim Soo-Jung, Lee Do-Hyun and Woo Da-Vi.

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