The Rise of Phoenixes Chinese Drama Recap: Episodes 11-12

In the 11-12th episodes of The Rise of Phoenixes Chinese Drama Recap, Ning Yan is locked up because he was intention to kill Crown Prince and Emperor with the wooden statue. He thinks he will be released if he finds Feng Zhiwei. But Ning Yi tells him that he will die like Ning Qiao.

The Rise of Phoenixes Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 11

The Rise of Phoenixes

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The Rise of Phoenixes Chinese Drama Episodes 11-12.

Feng Zhiwei thinks Ning Yi wants her to watch on Xin Ziyan, so that he sends her to Qing Ming academy. He says yes! But she isn’t silly, and knows he wants to protect her. He denies with pride, and tells her to watch on Xin Ziyan well.

Prince of Zhao decides to get rid of Feng Zhiwei after knowing Crown Prince is sick. Prince of Yan visits Crown Prince, but Crown Prince doesn’t welcome him. Prince of Yan asks Crown Prince to give him some jobs, and Crown Prince is furious. Prince of Yan cries to Chang Hai that he is loyal to Crown Prince.

Zhao Yuan tells Ning Yi that emperor is sick, and asks him if he feels uncomfortable. Just then Ning Cheng breaks into, and says that the fox is missing. Zhao Yuan has to leave, and Ning Yi tells him to take care of emperor well.

Crown Prince is furious after knowing Chang Hai went to Prince of Yan’s house, and asks his follower to tell emperor that he is using magic. Gu Yan is shocked, and says it’s forbidden to use magic in the palace. Crown Prince says what he wants is emperor’s rage. Zhao Yuan wakes up emperor, and tells him that Ning Yi is sick like him. Emperor thinks he is old.

Feng Zhiwei runs into Prince of Zhao’s followers, and they want to kill her. Gu Nanyi kills those followers, and saves Feng Zhiwei. Xin Ziyan hides in the shadow, and sees it. Feng Zhiwei wants to flee, but Gu Nanyi stops her, and tells her someone asked him to protect her.

Xin Ziyan reports to Ning Yi that there is a guy is protecting Feng Zhiwei, and thinks it’s Qiu Mingying. Just then Gu Yan sends a message to Ning Yi that Crown Prince decided to get rid of Prince of Zhao.

Feng Zhiwei catches a rabbit, and Gu Nanyi sits there to watch on her. Prince of Zhao asks his followers to investigate after knowing Feng Zhiwei was saved by a man. Feng Zhiwei takes the rabbit, and walks to Gu Nanyi. But she finds out he is Ning Yi. Ning Yi asks her to pay off his kindness, she agrees it. He asks her to change the wooden statue she buried at east palace.

Feng Zhiwei changes the wooden statue in Gu Yan’s help in the evening. Emperor sees sick Crown Prince, and the monk tells him there is a evil stuff in the palace. Prince of Zhao runs into Gu Nanyi and Feng Zhiwei at street, and Gu Nanyi asks Prince of Zhao to apologize to him. Prince of Zhao’s follower points to them with sword, and Feng Zhiwei hides from Gu Nanyi’s back. Ning Yi passes by, and saves them.

Prince of Yan takes Prince of Zhao to see Crown Prince. Crown Prince blames Prince of Zhao, and shows Crown Prince and emperor’s names on the wooden statue. Emperor is furious, and throws the wooden statue. Prince of Zhao denies his sin, so Crown Prince locks him up.

The Rise of Phoenixes Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 12

Yan Huaishi visits the gate of Qing Ming academy, but the doorkeeper says they don’t lack student like him. Feng Zhiwei takes Gu Nanyi to show up, and gives them passes after seeing her token. Yan Huaishi isn’t happy, and gives the doorkeeper a bag of money to bribe. But it doesn’t work.

Feng Zhiwei asks Xin Ziyan to keep her because he promised he would get her a wish if she takes the token to visit him. But he thinks she comes from brothel, and refuses her. The silent Gu Nanyi says Xin Ziyan is a jerk. Xin Ziyan asks him why he thinks he is a jerk since it’s the their first time to meet. Gu Nanyi says that Xin Ziyan is a teacher, but visits brothel more often. Xin Ziyan agrees Feng Zhiwei and Gu Nanyi stay at Qing Ming academy, but he tells them that the academy belongs to emperor. So they have to obey Crown Prince’s order.

Xin Ziyan tells Crown Prince that the wooden statue wasn’t made by himself, and he doesn’t dare to write emperor’s name on it. Crown Prince guesses there is a person behind it, and Xin Ziyan thinks it was Chang Hai. Crown Prince thinks Chang Hai won’t frame him, and Xin Ziyan guesses it must be Prince of Zhao, Ning Yan. So Xin Ziyan decides to test Ning Yan, but he asks Crown Prince if he really thinks it wasn’t Chang Hai. Crown Prince suspects his uncle Chang Hai.

Ning Yan blames Xin Ziyan that he cheated him with the wizard, and claims he didn’t write emperor’s name on the wooden statue. He wants to look for the wizard, but Xin Ziyan tells him the wizard left. Ning Yan wants to confess to Crown Prince, but Xin Ziyan mentions the wizard told Ning Yan that only Ning Sheng can save him.

Ning Yan remembers he ran into Feng Zhiwei at Lan Xiang building, and gave her the wooden statue. He thinks Feng Zhiwei can testify that he didn’t write emperor’s name on the wooden statue, and asks Xin Ziyan to find Feng Zhiwei.

Zhu Yin is upset, and Ning Yi is curious why she isn’t happy since Ning Yan is locked up. She tells him that she lives for her father’s innocent, but she is lost when her goal is going to be achieved. Ning Yi tells her to leave Lan Xiang building, and looks for a good guy to get married.

Zhu Yin misses Feng Zhiwei after she left. Ning Yi misses Feng Zhiwei as well, and reveals his plan won’t succeed without her help. He laughs, and says Feng Zhiwei brings troubles each time.

Feng Zhiwei asks Gu Nanyi to wear the academy’s clothes, but he refuses it. Yan Huaishi shows up, and introduces himself to them. He recognizes she dresses herself up in boys clothing. Feng Zhiwei is curious why Gu Nanyi always wears bamboo hat, and finds out he is a handsome man after taking it off for him. He counts the meats in his bowl, and claims he only eats 8 pieces.

Ning Yan is drinking wine in his house, and Ning Yi sneaks into. Ning Yi tells him what he lives in his house. Ning Yan is furious, and thinks he won’t be the prisoner. But Ning Yi points out he gets capital crime. Ning Yan thinks he will be innocent if he finds Feng Zhiwei. Ning Yi laughs, and reveals Ning Qiao said same words 8 years ago. Ning Yan is stunned.

Ning Sheng thinks someone else moved the wooden statue, and Chang Hai suspects Ning Yi. Just them emperor calls Ning Sheng. Ning Yi asks Crown Prince why he had to frame Ning Qiao, and Crown Prince says Ning Qiao knew too much. Ning Yi persuades Ning Yan to visit emperor, and tells him the truth. But Ning Yan wants to see the wizard first. Ning Yi tells Xin Ziyan that Ning Yan intention, Xin Ziyan says that he found the wizard.

Emperor knows Ning Sheng is sick as well, and Zhao Yuan thinks the illness is weird. Emperor knows Ning Sheng wants to tell him the case is weird.

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