Story of Yanxi Palace Chinese Drama Recap: Episodes 53-54

In the 53-54th episodes of Story of Yanxi Palace Chinese Drama 2018 Recap, Consort Lin kills Er Qing in public after knowing she murdered Previous Empress. Although Emperor covers it for her, and announces Er Qing died of illness, but he doesn’t trust Consort Lin, and Empress achieves her goal.

Story of Yanxi Palace Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 53

Story of Yanxi Palace

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Story of Yanxi Palace Chinese Drama Episodes 53-54.

Consort Lin thanks Imperial Concubine Yu’s help, and knows she risked her life to defeat Consort Chun. Imperial Concubine Yu tells Consort Lin that she saw her best friend died in front of her, and appreciates Consort Lin and previous Empress’s helps. But she is too weak, so that she has to take revenge previous Empress in this way. Imperial Concubine Yu kneels to Consort Lin, and asks her to take care of her son. She leaves palace with regret later.

Consort Lin makes kite in the Yanxi Palace. Emperor asks her not to do it, and teaches her to play zither. But she refuses his kindness, Emperor leaves with temper. Yuan Chunwang reminds her that people know Consort Chun died of kite thread, and they will suspect her if she continues making kite. But she points out people suspect her as well, even if she doesn’t make it. Emperor is still in anger. But Consort Lin doesn’t ask for forgiving, and locks the door.

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Emperor runs into Nalan Chunxue at imperial garden, and she takes him to enjoy Night Blooms. He is pleased to take her to enjoy the moon, and asks his follower to take back the zither from Consort Lin. Ming Yu knows Emperor wants to provoke Consort Lin, and suggests her to get along with Emperor. But Consort Lin ignores it.

Emperor doesn’t sleep with Nalan Chunxue, and plays zither at Yanxi Palace in the evening. Consort Lin is waken by the sound, and asks him if he accompanies Nalan Chunxue. He tells her that he broke the rule for her many times, and fears to kill her. She asks him if he thought she killed Consort Chun. He denies, and says that he got angry because she didn’t explain it. Consort Lin persuades Emperor to accompany Nalan Chunxue, othervise she will hate her. But he sleeps in Yanxi Palace.

Empress discusses the ceremony with Queen, but she made the decision first before asking her. Queen is furious, and scold her. Empress cries out in front of Hong Zhou, and Hong Zhou thinks Queen and Emperor aren’t nice to Empress. Queen agrees Consort Lin to use silver hook, and Nalan Chunxue is upset. Nalan Chunxue reports it to Empress, and tells her to be careful of Consort Lin. She thinks she will become next Consort Gao. Empress tells her follower that she is fighting with Queen, so Queen supports Consort Lin against her.

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Yuan Chunwang gets promoted. Xiao Quanzi hates him, and wants to frame him. Yuan Chunwang visits Ye Tianshi, and talks about Consort Lin take medicine secretly. He wants to sell medicinal materials for him, and Ye Tianshi appreciates it. Yuan Chunwang boils medicinal materials secretly, and lets Xiao Quanzi see it on purpose.

Ming Yu falls for Hai Lancha, and Consort Lin teaches her to confress her feelings through the gift. Yuan Chunwang hands over medicine to Consort Lin. Xiao Quanzi thinks it’s poison, and stops her. But she drinks it. Yuan Chunwang wants to tell Xiao Quanzi that Consort Lin likes him, so he won’t frame him.

Er Qing is locked up in the study, and bullies the maid who serves her. Fu Qian persuades her to give up, and takes out the letter she asked her family for help, telling her that nobody will help her. Er Qing decides to ask Emperor a favor at the ceremony. Mr. Wu reports to Emperor about the tribute of furs, and Emperor gives a special fox fur to Consort Lin. Nalan Chuxue knows Consort Lin got the fox fur, and is furious to punish her maid Hu Po who contradicts her. Consort Lin is lost while looking at the fox fur. Yuan Chunwant tells her that Emperor loves her, but he doesn’t know what she did in private.

Consort Yu asks Consort Lin who she could frame since she’s a incompetent woman and couldn’t protect her child. Consort Lin points out that Consort Yu framed Consort Chun and lurked by her side. She adds that she intended to be the enemy with her, and crushed her when she was complacent.

Consort Lin thinks Consort Yu knew Emperor likes Yong Qi because he’s very smart. She adds that she knew Emperor will throw a fit after he knows Consort Chun used Yong Qi to hurt her with dirty method. Ming Yu is moved and asks Consort Yu why she didn’t tell it to her. She adds that Emperor almost killed her.

Consort Yu points out that Emperor would think she and Consort Lin planned to frame Consort Chun if she told Emperor that she was close to Consort Chun for gathering the evidence. Consort Lin thinks Consort Yu was too silly. Consort Yu tells Consort Lin she was a cowardly woman and see saw the best friend dying in front of her. But she couldn’t take revenge her.

Consort Yu thinks she couldn’t keep Yong Qi’s life if Consort Lin and Empress didn’t help her. She says that she knew fountain repays the grace of one drop even if she was cowardice. She thinks she should make the grasses into circle and never forget about it since she got grace from someone.

Story of Yanxi Palace Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 54

Consort Lin doesn’t know what Yuan Chunwang means after hearing his words. He laughs, and says that they’re same cold-blooded persons. Emperor is upset after seeing Hai Lancha’s wallet which Ming Yu gave him. Mr. Li takes out the hat Consort Lin made for Emperor. Emperor is pleased to wear it, and says women like to do useless stuff.

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Hu Po passes out after being punished by Nalan Chunxue, Zhen Zhu asks Ming Yu to take Hu Po back to Yanxi Palace. Hu Po wakes up, and Consort Lin wants to drive her away. She tells her that she will speak out a big secret if she forgives her. Consort Lin is intested in it, and Hu Po reveals Er Qing visited Previous Empress before she died. Er Qing told Previous Empress that drunk Emperor slet her, and made her pregnancy. Previous Empress was sad to commit suicide. Consort Lin is furious, and swears not to forgive Er Qing.

Emperor gives a lot of foods to Consort Lin, and sends the chef she likes to her. But she throws off the foods after Emperor’s follower Mr. Li left. Because she thinks Emperor murdered Previous Empress as well. Er Qing visits Emperor, and asks him to help her. He asks her about Fu Kangan, she cheats him that it’s Fu Heng’s son, and asks him to help her with their previous relationship. Emperor’s face falls, and claims they didn’t have any relationship. But he agrees to help her.

Er Qing is arrogant since she achieved her goal, and Mr. Li thinks she has two faces. Consort Lin asks her follower to cheat Er Qing to go to eternal palace, and Er Qing finds out the road isn’t right. But Yuan Chunwang arrests her, and Consort Lin takes her to the memorial tablet of Previous Empress. Er Qing is still arrogant, and thinks Consort Lin cannot hurt her. Consort Lin asks Er Qing if she felt guilty.

Er Qing tells Consort Lin how she cheated Fu Heng to marry her, and thinks Previous Empress deserved to die since she didn’t help her. Consort Lin thinks Er Qing is very evil, and kills her with poison.

Emperor arrives, but Er Qing is killed. He asks Consort Lin what she had to kill Er Qing, and she reveals Er Qing murdered Previous Empress. He loves Consort Lin, so he covers it. Empress asks her followers to carry Er Qing’s body to Fucha family, and says she dies of illness.

Empress thinks Consort Lin isn’t wise to kill a person in public, and loses emperor’s favor. But Consort Lin thinks Emperor won’t kill Er Qing since she is his mistress, and realizes Empress framed her.

Although Consort Lin is framed by Empress, but she doesn’t regret to take revenge Previous Empress. Emperor returns to his palace, and remembers he woke to see undressed Er Qing. He doesn’t expect that it makes Previous Empress commit suicide.

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