The Romance of Tiger and Rose: Episode 11 Recap

The Romance of Tiger and Rose: Episode 11 begins with Qian Qian (Zhao Lusi) and Han Shuo going to catch the bandit Meng Guo. But she insists on taking Pei Heng’s follower Zi Ying. Han Shuo isn’t happy but he has to agree since it’s Qian Qian’s decision.

The Romance of Tiger and Rose: Episode 11 Recap

The Romance of Tiger and Rose

In Pei Heng’s mind, Zi Ying is an obedient follower. But Qian Qian knows his real face. Because she is the writer of The Romance of Tiger and Rose, and Zi Jing will help Han Shuo and Chu Chu get together in the script.

So she gets Zi Ying to write a love letters to Han Shuo and Chu Chu, and tells the two to meet at the ruined temple. But what Qian Qiao wrote were unclear. Han Shuo mistakes that Chu Chu wants to challenge his martial arts, and he almost kills her. Qian Qian shows up and stops him.

Meanwhile Su Mu goes to be rehabilitation for Yuan Yuan. She’s discouraged and he reads the posthumous papers she wrote. He tells her that he will help her achieve her dreams no matter what her dream are. Su Mu doesn’t know Yuan Yuan’s wish is to stay with him, although Zi Nian still thinks Su Mu cannot match Yuan Yuan.

Qian Qian realizes that Zi Ying isn’t smart enough, so she tells him to make Han Shuo and Chu Chu in danger. But he mistakes it and digs a trap for Chu Chu. The Romance of Tiger and Rose brings us the hero saving beauty scene.

Chu Chu and Zi Zhu go to catch Meng Guo. But she falls into the trap after Zi Zhu is tricked to leave. He goes to see Han Shuo, and Han Shuo finds out that Chu Chu is in the trap. He saves her, and she falls for him. Chu Chu asks Han Shuo if he will still love Qian Qian if he meets her first. He says that he would love Qian Qian as she is simple and kind. But Chu Chu badmouths Qian Qian that she doesn’t like Han Shuo.

Qian Qian scolds Zi Ying for digging a trap for Han Shuo and Chu Chu, and she worries that Han Shuo will get hurt. Zi Rui brings the porridge to her, and she realizes that the fire Zi Ying set will draw the bandits. Meng Guo comes and he wants to kidnap Qian Qian. He intends to get her to be his wife.

Qian Qian has to flee, but Zi Ying tells the bandits her real identity. The Romance of Tiger and Rose brings the battle scene, and what Qian Qian does is to avoid the catching of the bandits. Han Shuo drives the white horse showing up with Chu Chu, and he gets hurt while protecting Qian Qian.

The Romance of Tiger and Rose: Episode 11 ends with Meng Guo getting caught, and Qian Qian tells Han Shuo to keep Meng Guo as she knows that Meng Guo will help him. But Han Shuo rages after knowing Meng Guo wants Qian Qian to be his wife. So he rejects it.

Qian Qian decides to keep Meng Guo. But he doesn’t want to be her follower. So she releases him. Han Shuo knows that Qian Qian loves him because she tried to protect him when the bandit cut him. He wonders who drew the bandits, and Bai Ji reports that it’s Zi Ying.

The Romance of Tiger and Rose: Episode 11 is full of funny plots, and it makes me laugh many times. Qian Qian thinks Zi Ying is a good chess and he will help her. So she takes him to catch the bandits. But he only brings trouble to her.

The role Zi Ying is a scheming boy. He wrongs Han Shuo that he got him to be on knees after Qian Qian got in the carriage. It’s Han Shuo’s first time that he cannot talk back when facing the hypocritical servant. He waits for the chance to take Zi Ying away from Qian Qian. But he doesn’t know the reason why Qian Qian has to keep the servant.

Qian Qian plans to get Han Shuo and Qian Qian together, and it will make her leave The Romance of Tiger and Rose drama world. So she needs Zi Ying even if she knows that he’s a jerk. But she’s surprised that he’s so stupid to bring bandits and make his master in danger.

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