The Romance of Tiger and Rose: Episode 10 Recap

This is the recap for Chinese drama The Romance of Tiger and Rose. Qian Qian locks Lin Qi up and gets her to live with mice. Lin Qi is scared. Qian Qian tells Han Shuo to forgive Lin Qi, and Zi Rui thinks Qian Qian is very kind.

The Romance of Tiger and Rose: Episode 10 Recap

The Romance of Tiger and Rose

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The Romance of Tiger and Rose: Episode 10.

But Bai Ji points out that Qian Qian got him to catch 27 mice, and thinks she is a jerk. The mouse jumps on Qian Qian’s skirt, and she is startled to jump on Han Shuo. He catches the chance to hug her.

The exam of debate begins. Rose City Chief asks for the method to increase income of cereals. Qian Qian offers to get people to pay taxes. But Si Yin points out that it will give more right to men.

The women of rose city are against it. Qian Qian tells Rose City Chief to treat what she said as a joke. So Chu Chu wins the exam of debate.

But Qian Qian becomes younger city chief because she won the exams of literature and martial. Qian Qian gets on knees and thinks Chu Chu is better than her. But Chu Chu says that she will assist Qian Qian.

Qian Qian tries to explain it to Chu Chu, but Chu Chu is furious to leave. Zi Rui thinks Qian Qian should satisfy because she became younger city chief. But she points out that she lost all of her money.

Qian Qian questions the writers why she won, and asks for ideas. But she finds out that they’re broke, and they want to listen to the new story. She says that she cannot raise them, and she is furious to leave.

Chu Chu asks Pei Heng why mom treats her and Qian Qian so different, and he thinks Rose City Chief has higher expectation to Chu Chu. Chu Chu doesn’t believe it as Rose City Chief gives the position to Qian Qian.

Zi Zhu tells Chu Chu that Han Shuo bet Qian Qian. Chu Chu is furious and claims that she won’t trust Qian Qian anymore.

Han Shuo tells Qian Qian that he helped her win the money back. She gets angry and tells him that she doesn’t want to be younger city chief.

Han Shuo and Qian Qian ride the float to parade through the street. He gets off the float since she doesn’t want to parade through the street with him.

Qian Qian stops Han Shuo and explains that she just doesn’t want to be the younger city chief. But he tells him to parade through the street herself.

Han Shuo steps on Qian Qian’s clothes and walks away. Pei Heng rages and thinks Han Shuo cannot match Qian Qian. Zi Zhu thinks Qian Qian doesn’t like Han Shuo at all, and hints Chu Chu that she will get Han Shuo in the end.

Qian Qian gets changed and swears not to see Han Shuo again. She is furious to leave but steps on the banana peel. Qian Qian trips and falls down to kiss Han Shuo. She is asked to suppress bandits, and she leaves the job to Han Shuo.

Bai Ji reports to Han Shuo that Qian Qian rejected his soup, and Han Shuo is furious. Bai Ji tells Han Shuo not to care for Qian Qian.

Han Shuo tells Qian Qian to rip his skirt. She thrills to take the cloth to run. Pei Heng shows up and thinks Han Shuo should change the bad habits of tiger city men. He gives him the book “Men Rules” to him.

Qian Qian tells Pei Heng that he is her idol, but he mistakes that she has feelings on him while grabbing her hands. Bai Ji reports to Han Shuo that Qian Qian let Pei Heng sleep over. He thinks he drew the wolf into room.

Ms. Yang offers to get Han Shuo and Qian Qian to suppress bandits. Rose City Chief agrees to it. Qian Qian thinks she should get Han Shuo and Chu Chu together. So she takes Chu Chu to suppress bandits.

Pei Heng worries Han Shuo cannot protect Qian Qian, so he gets his follower Zi Ying to protect Qian Qian. Qian Qian accepts Zi Ying because he is the important role in The Romance of Tiger and Rose, but it makes Han Shuo angry.

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