The Romance of Tiger and Rose: Episode 21 Recap

Chen Qianqian dies for Han Shuo on The Romance of Tiger and Rose.

The Romance of Tiger and Rose: Episode 21 Recap

The Romance of Tiger and Rose

This Romance of Tiger and Rose recap contains spoilers.

The Romance of Tiger and Rose: Episode 21 begins with Chu Chu telling Rose City Chief to sign on the abdication paper with the city chief seal. Rose City Chief mentions Chu Chu’s mom. But Chu Chu reminds Rose City Chief the time. Rose City Chief says that she didn’t scold Chu Chu when she broke the seal, and she regrets for not punishing her.

Chu Chu brings Sang Qi to threaten Rose City Chief. Zi Ying reports that Han Shuo is betrayal. Rose City Chief scolds Chu Chu and thinks only Qian Qian can control Han Shuo. Chu Chu blames Han Shuo for betrayal her, and he thinks she is easy to trust people.

Chu Chu thinks Han Shuo blames her for the fault of Qian Qian, and asks him if he only has Qian Qian in his mind. Qian Qian and Pei Heng arrive before Han Shuo kills Chu Chu. Han Shuo learns that Qian Qian chose her mom and rose city. The follower reports that the bandits helped them get the city gate.

Han Shuo intends to take away Qian Qian. Rose City Chief shows up and asks to catch Chu Chu and Han Shuo. Rose City Chief tells Chu Chu that she has repaid her even if she owed her before. Meng Guo swears to catch Han Shuo for Qian Qian.

Pei Heng tells Rose City Chief to forgive Chu Chu, and thinks her last stab to Qian Qian was to stop Han Shuo from fleeing. He mentions she promised his mom to treat Chu Chu well. Rose City Chief sighs that Chu Chu made a huge mistake. Pei Heng tells Rose City Chief to get Han Shuo to die for Chu Chu. She praises him and thinks he is like his mom.

Qian Qian visits Han Shuo in the jail. He feels regret that he didn’t get Meng Guo to be his follower. She tells him that she came to save him. But he thinks Rose City Chief won’t let him alive for keeping her face. He says that he doesn’t trust her anymore. She complains that it will run with his idea no matter what she does. Qian Qian takes off Han Shuo’s clothes, and sleeps with him.

Han Shuo is taken to the execution ground. Qian Qian threatens to die there with him if Rose City Chief kills Han Shuo. Rose City Chief blames Qian Qian for giving her up for a man. Qian Qian tells her mom that she only wants Han Shuo.

Rose City Chief thinks she must kill Han Shuo, and orders to do it. Qian Qian stops the killer and hugs Han Shuo. She wishes her death can give a ending to the disaster, and stabs herself. Pei Heng cries, and Qian Qian dies in his arms.

Pei Heng sees Qian Qian and thinks he was wrong to attack Han Shuo and get Rose City Chief to kill him. Han Shuo emphasizes that Qian Qian prefers to stay in the coffin because of Pei Heng. Pei Heng is furious to grab Han Shuo’s clothes, and thinks Qian Qian didn’t see his real face.

Han Shuo beats Pei Heng and tells him to forget Qian Qian. But Pei Heng says that he cannot forget her, and feels regret for making her wait too long. He thinks he shouldn’t give Qian Qian to Han Shuo. But Han Shuo points out that he fought for Qian Qian, and his true heart is treated like grass by Pei Heng.

Pei Heng wants to die for Qian Qian. But she climbs out from the coffin. He grabs her hand and asks if she is alive. Pei Heng learns that Qian Qian pretended to die. Han Shuo asks Qian Qian why she showed up. She blames him for forcing Pei Heng to die. Pei Heng learns that Qian Qian did it for Han Shuo and Chu Chu, and asks if she intends to leave rose city.

Qian Qian admits it and tells Han Shuo to leave. She tells Pei Heng that she heard his confession, and thinks they’re impossible in the beginning. She tells him that the one he imagines isn’t her, and thinks he should treat her dying in the wedding night. But he points out that she doesn’t die, and he feels lucky that he fell for her after her wedding.

Pei Heng adds that his life had meaning from that moment, and she told him to do what he wants to do like women. But he found out that his dream is her. Qian Qian points out that she only knew what is love after encounter Han Shuo. She tells him not to miss her as he will encounter a good woman. He grabs his fists tightly, and tells her that he won’t like her anymore.

Chu Chu goes to see Qian Qian. Pei Heng tells Chu Chu that Qian Qian won’t fight with her anymore. Chu Chu wonders why Pei Heng didn’t cry when Qian Qian died. Han Shuo thinks Pei Heng still loves Qian Qian. Qian Qian offers to give the tiger jealousy king to Han Shuo. Zi Rui reports that the people come. Qian Qian tells Han Shuo to cover the coffin, but she leaves the apple she just ate.

Rose City Chief cries and doesn’t want to see Qian Qian’s face. Chu Chu offers to prevent the body of Qian Qian from rot with mercury, and she wants to open the coffin. Han Shuo stops Chu Chu. Rose City Chief tells the people to leave, and she asks Han Shuo to treat Qian Qian well.

Qian Qian climbs out and wonders why Mom didn’t say anything to her. Han Shuo thinks Rose City Chief knew Qian Qian’s plan. Rose City Chief learns that Qian Qian pretended to die, and thinks she did it for rose city. She tells Sang Qi to let Qian Qian stay at the cemetery, and gives the leaving chance to her.

Chu Chu tells Zi Ying to die at the cemetery, and she wants to take back flower badge as she doesn’t want men to own power.

Zi Ying kidnaps Qian Qian from the coffin, and he tries to kill her. Lin Qi saves Qian Qian, and asks Zi Ying if Chu Chu sent him there. He tells her to kill him. Qian Qian tells Meng Guo to tie Zi Ying up.

The Romance of Tiger and Rose ends with Han Shuo telling Qian Qian to go to tiger city with him. Qian Qian asks Lin Qi to join her. But Lin Qi rejects it as she has a husband. Qian Qian hugs Han Shuo and tells Lin Qi that she has a husband as well while sneering at her.

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