The Romance of Tiger and Rose: Episode 22 Recap

Qian Qian arrives at tiger city on The Romance of Tiger and Rose.

The Romance of Tiger and Rose: Episode 22 Recap

The Romance of Tiger and Rose

This Romance of Tiger and Rose recap contains spoilers.

The Romance of Tiger and Rose: Episode 22 begins with the follower getting on knees telling Chu Chu that Lin Qi showed up to save Qian Qian. He adds that Zi Ying was caught and the troop fled to tiger city. Chu Chu orders to send people to kill Qian Qian before they arrive tiger city.

Pei Heng says that Rose City Chief has announced that Qian Qian is dead, and Yuan Yuan’s legs aren’t cured. The candidate is only Chu Chu. He asks her why she doesn’t want to forgive Qian Qian. Chu Chu says that she worries that Mom will call Qian Qian back.

Pei Heng yells at Chu Chu that he cannot save her the second time if Rose City Chief finds it out. She tells him not to order her to do things, and wants to take revenge for flower badge. She says that she will be the general of rose city when she gets the forgiving from Mom.

Pei Heng points out that the position of general is reasonable to be taken by Pei family. Chu Chu doesn’t believe that the man keeps owning the position.

Han Shuo notes that Qian Qian is fearing, and swears not to make her regret for the choice she made. He grabs her hand but she lets his hands go, asking what he’s doing. He confesses that he wants to keep staring at her, and she thinks his eyes say something.

Han Shuo tells Qian Qian that he thinks of the jail night. She kicks him and tells him to hold himself. He says that he felt regret for the scene of storage room in Weimeng mountain.

Qian Qian hears the writers talking about the baby’s name of orange and banana, and asks why they came. They say that Han Shuo took them there, and congratulate her on living until the ending. She praises their scheme. The write thinks Han Shuo and Qian Qian’s love is deep when the contradiction is fierce.

Qian Qian says that there are many kinds of loves in the world. Another writer thinks nobody will fall for the person who wants to kill her in the beginning. He adds that Chu Chu was forced to do bad things by Qian Qian. She asks them how they knew it. The first writer reveals they saw it when she sent Han Shuo to women club, and wonders why she knows all of the secrets.

Qian Qian admits that the story was written by her. Han Shuo hears it and he is furious to leave. Qian Qian chases him to the woods and pretends to get hurt. She mentions that he promised to be nice to her all his life in the carriage, asking if he regrets.

Han Shuo asks if he didn’t hear the talk when Qian Qian would hide. She explains that she wanted to tell him about it when they arrive at tiger city. She thinks there are many things which shouldn’t leak from the beginning. He blames her for intending to frame him to hurt Su Mu and exile him.

Qian Qian reveals she worried about Han Shuo taking the path she designed, and she wanted to explain but he hated her at that time and he didn’t want to talk with her. She adds that she didn’t push him to Chu Chu when she realized that she fell for him.

Qian Qian says that she stole dragon bone to cure Han Shuo’s heart disease. But he blames her for faking the letter to frame him, and thinks the heart disease was designed by her. She doesn’t want to explain it to him anymore, and intends to leave. But he drags her hand and makes her in his arms.

Qian Qian asks Han Shuo if he isn’t in anger. He says that he understands why she kept cheating him, and asks why she is different than the girls he met. He knows that she likes him, and thinks he catches her finally. She smiles and tells him that she really likes him. He hugs her to turn around, and asks her if she is a fairy. She tells him to worship her. He bows to her and calls her wife.

Qian Qian tells Han Shuo that she is a writer and everything is created by her. So she knew that he wants to kill her, and avoided the disaster. Han Shuo is lost and thinks he is just the role of The Romance of Tiger and Rose. Qian Qian denies and thinks the feelings of the roles aren’t created by her.

Han Shuo asks Qian Qian about her world. She reveals that her world is like the combination of rose city and tiger city. Han Shuo thinks Qian Qian’s world is created by the writer as well. He asks if the writers in Qian Qian’s world are cute. She tells him that the writers like each role they wrote, and they’re in love with roles sometimes.

Han Shuo asks Qian Qian if she was in love with Pei Heng. She tells him that the hero belongs to the heroine. He tells her not to tell Pei Heng about it, and asks about the ending of The Romance of Tiger and Rose. She says that Chu Chu becomes the city chief, and she fell asleep when she wrote. She thinks she can only get back when the heavenly gate is opened.

Han Shuo avoids Qian Qian’s eye contact, and she asks him if he fears her leaving. He denies and reveals she will marry 300 girls after she leaves. He thinks he doesn’t have time to think of her. She asks what he will do with the rest 65 days. He is furious and thinks it isn’t her business. She backhugs him and begs him to leave the rest 65 days to her. He realizes that she wants to stay, and swears not to ask for anyone when she stays with him. She hugs him.

Zi Zhu worries that Qian Qian borrowed some men to attack them after she arrives at tiger city. Chu Chu thinks Qian Qian can only do things with the favor of Mom and she can do nothing after fleeing to tiger city which is controlled by men. The men wait for Han Shuo and wonders why he takes horse for Qian Qian.

Qian Qian worries about it. But Han Shuo tells her to do so like she is in rose city. Zi Rui thinks the women in tiger city are enthusiasm to them. But Qian Qian points out that those women are only enthusiasm to Han Shuo. He is embarrassed and promises it won’t happen again. The maid tells Qian Qian to wait at the garden.

Zi Rui is furious and emphasizes that Qian Qian is the noble younger city chief. The maid thinks Qian Qian used to be the younger city chief, and tells Zi Rui to be castrated if he wants to get in the women garden. Qian Qian tells herself not to be nervous and thinks life is like drama.

Qian Qian joins the gathering, and the maid tells her to prepare the dishes for City Chief Madam. Qian Qian thinks it’s reasonable as City Chief Madam is her mother-in-law. The lady hears that Qian Qian’s reputation is bad. Qian Qian thinks rumor is like tiger, and worries that City Chief Madam misunderstands her.

City Chief Madam asks Qian Qian what she usually does. Qian Qian reveals she tried her best to be the younger city chief. Lin Qi agrees that Qian Qian was loved by the people of rose city. She reveals Qian Qian went to men club 8 times each day. Lin Qi explains that men club was run by her.

Tiger City Chief asks Han Shuo what he did except curing heart disease. He mentions he didn’t achieve any plan he made, and asks about the mine.

Qian Qian packs her stuff and wants to return to rose city. Because the place makes her happy. The maid tells Qian Qian that she can only return after she copoes women rules for 100 times. Qian Qian thinks she is hard and cries. Han Shuo copies the women rules for Qian Qian, and washes feet for her.

Qian Qian is moved and thinks Han Shuo is very nice. She doesn’t want to return to rose city, and asks him if Dad gave him the hard time. Tiger City Chief Madam is washing feet for Tiger City Chief. The follower reports that Han Shuo is washing feet for the woman of rose city. Tiger City Chief gets angry and blames his son for washing feet for a woman while stepping the water out of the basin.

Tiger City Chief Madam glares at her husband, and makes his feet into the hot water. She asks him if it’s hot. He stands it and says it isn’t.

Chu Chu visits Rose City Chief, but Sang Qi tells her that Rose City Chief is sick. Chu Chu goes to see the new general Pei Heng, and tells the bodyguard to kill the captives of tiger city. But Pei Heng just sends them to work in the mine. Chu Chu tells Pei Heng they will kill him one day. He says that he can decide how to deal with the captives. Chu Chu thinks the generals won’t obey Pei Heng. But the generals think Pei Heng is like the previous commander, and agree to listen to his order. Chu Chu hears that People think Qian Qian is hero.

Ladies visit Qian Qian and ask her to teach them how to make their husbands obey them. Qian Qian tells ladies to make their husbands know the precious of them.

The uncles complain that their women has been changed. Tiger City Chief tells Qian Qian to help uncles resolve the problem. Qian Qian tells the elders to thank their women, and thinks women can do government affairs like men. Tiger City Chief asks Qian Qian how to deal with the low birth rate. Qian Qian offers to get men of tiger city to marry to women of rose city. Han Shuo praises his wife’s idea. Tiger City Chief rages and asks Han Shuo if Qian Qian can be burnt like mine.

Chu Chu visits Rose City Chief. But Rose City Chief brings the follower of Chu Chu. Chu Chu asks for forgiving. Rose City Chief thinks Chu Chu isn’t a human, and reveals Qian Qian pretended to die for giving the position to Chu Chu. Chu Chu reveals Qian Qian doesn’t die and she fled to tiger city.

Rose City Chief blames Chu Chu for killing her daughter when she has raised like biological daughter. The Romance of Tiger and Rose ends with Rose City Chief giving the letter of Commander Pei to Chu Chu asking her if she lets her dead mom up.

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