The Romance of Tiger and Rose: Episode 3 Recap

This is the recap for Chinese drama The Romance of Tiger and Rose: Episode 3. Qian Qian tells Pei Heng that she knows Han Shuo’s feelings, and she decides to apologize to Han Shuo. She tells Pei Heng that she is different than before, and asks him not to be disappointed to her.

The Romance of Tiger and Rose: Episode 3 Recap

The Romance of Tiger and Rose

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The Romance of Tiger and Rose: Episode 3.

The servant thinks Qian Qian has feelings on Pei Heng as she agreed to apologize for him. He tells Pei Heng not to cancel the engagement.

Qian Qian visits Han Shuo and apologizes to him. But he doesn’t believe her. So Qian Qian takes off her clothes and opens the door.

Han Shuo stops Qian Qian from going to the street of Rose City, and wears the blanket on her. It makes her call him rogue. He thinks the baby in her belly belongs to Pei Heng, but sees the red point on her arm.

Han Shuo asks Qian Qian if she’s pregnant, and she tells him that she lay for saving him.

Qian Qian goes out, and the archers of Tiger City shoot at her. Han Shuo blocks the arrows with the blanket. He wears the blanket and tells her that he feels cold.

Qian Qian steps on the arrow and thanks Han Shuo for his kindness. But she remembers The Romance of Tiger and Rose script.

Han Shuo takes the men of tiger city to attack rose city, and he kills Zi Zhu. Zi Zhu tells Chu Chu that he tried his best, and he passes away.

Han Shuo tells Chu Chu that he had waited for the way when he stepped in rose city, and asks her to accept her failure. She blames him for his cruel as she never suspects him.

Chu Chu mentions Han Shuo bombed her mom when she walked on the street, and asks how many lives died under his hands. He reveals that the sister Qian Qian she loves was killed by his poisonous wine, and he laughs.

Qian Qian thinks Han Shuo is heartless and cruel and she shouldn’t die in The Romance of Tiger and Rose. She asks the writers how she can keep the orange, and they tell Qian Qian to get the trust of banana.

Huai Ji gives the scroll to Han Shuo. Han Shuo learns that the spy got the city map of rose city, and he asks for a meeting.

Zi Zhu reports to Chu Chu that someone will meet with the spy of tiger city, and thinks she will get the favor of Rose City Chief if she catches the spy. But Chu Chu worries about Qian Qian.

Qian Qian sees Han Shuo’s boat, and intends to tell Chu Chu that she appointed Han Shuo when she catches him. She thinks Rose City Chief won’t punish her, and wants to treat Han Shuo’s illness of suspicion.

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Chu Chu gets in the boat with the bodyguards, they find nobody. Qian Qian shows up and she doesn’t find Han Shuo. Zi Zhu thinks Qian Qian is the spy. Qian Qian explains that she came to watch moon, and she leaves. Chu Chu thinks Han Shuo used Qian Qian.

Qian Qian blames Han Shuo for making her injured, and tells him that she wants him to be happy. Huai Ji wonders why Qian Qian saved Han Shuo. Han Shuo thinks Qian Qian fell for him, and wants to use her to get dragon bone.

Rose City Chief scolds Chu Chu for catching nobody, and Sang Qi tells Rose City Chief to give Chu Chu some time. He thinks Chu Chu will take care of Qian Qian when she gets the throne.

The elder princess Yuan Yuan doesn’t want to see Qian Qian as she never treats her as elder sister. The follower Zi Nian thinks Qian Qian has changed after she got married.

Yuan Yuan doesn’t think so, and writes the last wish letter. Qian Qian gets Han Shuo to sit with Chu Chu. Lin Qi mistakes Qian Qian to be close to Pei Heng, and tells her to manage her eyes and mouth. Han Shuo moves Qian Qian back.

Pei Heng shows up and tells the princesses to recite poems. Lin Qi knows Qian Qian is an illiteracy, and offers to clean up latrine if Qian Qian can recite poem. But Qian Qian wins.

Lin Qi returns, and the follower tells her not to get angry at Qian Qian as Chu Chu will be Rose City Chief. Lin Qi whips Su Mu while seeing him taking the painting of Qian Qian.

Qian Qian learns what happened, and she gets angry. Su Mu puts her hand on his chest, and tells her that he will be sad if she gets angry.

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