The Romance of Tiger and Rose: Episode 8 Recap

This is the recap for Chinese drama The Romance of Tiger and Rose: Episode 8. The storyteller tells people how Qian Qian risked her hands to save the miners and how Han Shuo protected her.

The Romance of Tiger and Rose: Episode 8 Recap

The Romance of Tiger and Rose

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The Romance of Tiger and Rose: Episode 8.

Qian Qian laughs and doesn’t give the cake to Han Shuo, and he takes the food from her mouth. She’s shocked as he just stole her first kiss.

Lin Qi blames the steward for only giving her a little food. But he tells her to be frugal as Qian Qian made her lose the club and mine.

Qian Qian feels regret that the good things was done by Chu Chu. Pei Heng shows up and sighs. He’s envy of Han Shuo who can protect his woman.

Qian Qian tells Pei Heng that he will become a general, and thinks job isn’t related to gender.

Pei Heng realizes why Rose City Chief wished Qian Qian to be Younger Rose City Chief, and thinks she can take the duty for people.

But Qian Qian wants to give up the test, and thinks the people don’t want her to live well.

Pei Heng and Han Shuo bring books to Qian Qian for the text. She flees when the two are arguing.

The writers bet Chu Chu as they don’t have any confidence to Qian Qian. Qian Qian bets Chu Chu with all of her property after knowing the situation.

Han Shuo takes off Qian Qian’s veil, and she gives the melon seeds to him. Chu Chu asks Qian Qian why she bet her.

Qian Qian tells Chu Chu that she wishes her to win, and thinks their mom thinks so as well.

Qian Qian gives the exercise books to Chu Chu, and takes away the exercise books Chu Chu finished.

Qian Qian pretends to study hard when Han Shuo comes, and she gives the exercise books to Bai Ji. Bai Ji checks the exercise books and doesn’t find any problem.

Han Shuo asks Qian Qian a question how the daughter-in-law should treat mother-in-law. She chooses to bear it. He’s satisfied with her answer, and tries to kiss her. But she flees. But the servant blocks her way and asks her the question about pretending to be soft.

Zi Nian tells Yuan Yuan that Qian Qian bet Chu Chu. Yuan Yuan knows Qian Qian’s feelings, and wants to see her.

Qian Qian blames Han Shuo for forcing her to take part in the test. She doesn’t want to get mocked by people, and thinks she’s just a disabled person.

Yuan Yuan hears it and thinks Qian Qian is right that she cannot stand up even if she wins. Su Mu visits Wan Wan, and Zi Nian tells Su Mu that Wan Wan doesn’t want to study because of Qian Qian.

Su Mu wants to take Yuan Yuan to go outside for a walk, but she rejects it. He tells her to think about the good side of the world.

Su Mu thinks Yuan Yuan is too sensitive, and asks Qian Qian to persuade her. Qian Qian asks Su Mu why he thanks her for Yuan Yuan. He reveals that Yuan Yuan didn’t look down on him like other people.

Qian Qian takes away the seal from Yuan Yuan to stop her from giving up the test, and she gives the medical book to her. But Yuan Yuan thinks it’s impossible and throws away the book.

Han Shuo brings the couple dolls to Qian Qian. But she breaks the male doll after finding out that the male doll is like Han Shuo. Qian Qian sighs that the fate cannot be changed. But Han Shuo points out that Qian Qian cured his heart disease.

Lin Qi gives money to the lady, and asks her to arrange Qian Qian to have a competition with her. Lin Qi wants Qian Qian to make a fool of herself.

Han Shuo tells Qian Qian that he can help her win. Qian Qian visits Yuan Yuan and tells her that she will win no matter what difficulty is waiting for her.

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