The Romance of Tiger and Rose: Episode 7 Recap

This is the recap for Chinese drama The Romance of Tiger and Rose: Episode 7. Zi Rui is surprised that Han Shuo is so rich. Qian Qian thinks Han Shuo is like a cute cat and he won’t kill her. She intends to go to teahouse to enjoy opera.

The Romance of Tiger and Rose: Episode 7 Recap

The Romance of Tiger and Rose

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The Romance of Tiger and Rose: Episode 7.

But Zi Rui tells Qian Qian that Han Shuo doesn’t allow her to go out. Qian Qian and Zi Rui flee, but they’re chased by the angry people of rose city.

The three writers praise Qian Qian’s plot, and tell her to give her fate to time. Qian Qian returns home and sees people waiting for her. She wears cloak and pretends to be the angry hater of Qian Qian.

But people still recognize her. Han Shuo drags Qian Qian into the house, and closes the door. Lin Qi feels happy for the bad luck Qian Qian took. But the steward tells her that the mine of her family was blasted by heavenly thunder. Lin Qi is furious and thinks Qian Qian is a bane.

Qian Qian laughs with Zi Rui, and she’s waiting for Lin Qi. But the servant reports that the people gather outside are more and more.

Chu Chu tells Rose City Chief that there are 100 miners trapped in the mine. Rose City Chief rages to scold Chu Chu. The lady explains that the mine is related to the blessing pulse of rose city. She adds that people asks for giving Qian Qian a death to suppress the heavenly rage.

The people of rose city surround moon mansion, and ask Qian Qian to die. Chu Chu offers to take bodyguards to save Qian Qian. Rose City Chief agrees to it, and tells Chu Chu to protect Qian Qian no matter what happens.

Qian Qian wants to save the miners. Han Shuo takes out the map, and finds out that they need to blast the blessing mountain range.

Qian Qian tells Chu Chu to blast the blessing mountain range, and thinks people’s favor is more important. But Chu Chu thinks she has died if she touched dragon bone. She reveals Rose City Chief smiled when she wanted to save Qian Qian.

Han Shuo tells Qian Qian to consider the man since she failed to persuade Chu Chu. But she gets Zi Rui to summon Pei Heng.

Qian Qian asks Pei Heng to help her get out of the house. Han Shuo is furious and thinks the blessing mountain range cannot be blasted without him.

Qian Qian dresses up to be the servant and flees with Pei Heng. Chu Chu brings the foods to Qian Qian and finds out Qian Qian has fled. Chu Chu leaves the food box and gets angry.

Qian Qian tells Pei Heng that she intends to blast the blessing mountain range, and thinks men are no difference than women. Pei Heng wants to go with Qian Qian. But she rejects it and runs away.

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Chu Chu reports to Rose City Chief that Qian Qian fled. Rose City Chief hurts Chu Chu’s face with hairpin. Chu Chu thinks her mom only has Qian Qian in her mind.

Zi Rui tells Qian Qian that he prepared everything except explosive. Han Shuo shows up and blames Qian Qian for not thinking about him. He tells her that he has set up the explosive.

Qian Qian and Han Shuo argue who should fire the explosive. Bai Ji blasts the blessing mountain range. Lin Qi shows up and wants to kill Qian Qian because she blasted her family mine.

Pei Heng stops Lin Qi. Chu Chu shows up and wants to take down Qian Qian. Rose City Chief arrives and stops Chu Chu. Han Shuo reminds Qian Qian that his men will protect her. She realizes that the whole staff of The Romance of Tiger and Rose came.

Zi Rui reminds people that he found the miners, and Qian Qian carries the miners out of the mine. The miners recognize Qian Qian and get on knees to thank her.

Lin Qi asks Rose City Chief to kill Qian Qian, and thinks only the next treasure can save her. Qian Qian finds the petroleum. People cheer that third princess blessed rose city. Ms. Yang catches chance to offer to get Qian Qian’s position back, and Rose City Chief agrees to it.

Qian Qian and Zi Rui show up in the street. They’re scared to flee when the people chase them. But the people just come to thank her, and give her the fruits and vegetables.

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