Immortal Samsara Chinese Drama: Episode 4 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Immortal Samsara Chinese Drama: Episode 4. Ying Deng comes to see Ying Yuan. Qing Yun greets her. He thinks she’s more beautiful after she got promoted. She thinks he doesn’t have to greet her because they were Ying Yuan’s followers.

How Does Yan Dan Defeat Ying Deng?

Immortal Samsara

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Immortal Samsara Chinese Drama: Episode 4.

Ying Deng lets Bi Yi give the gift to Qing Yun. She asks him if Ying Yuan is in the palace. Bi Yi hands over the belt to Ying Yuan. She tells him that it was made by Ying Deng. He rejects it and reveals that Yan Dan has fixed the belt.

Ying Deng sees the belt Ying Yuan wears. He tells her that he cannot use her belt. She thinks the belt which was fixed by Yan Dan is very terrible. She wants to fix it for him in person. The immortal shows up. He reports to Ying Yuan that Yan Dan has transcribed the immortal papers.

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Ying Deng thinks Yan Dan shouldn’t touch the immortal papers. She goes to touch the immortal papers. Ying Yuan tries to stop her. But the papers fly. Yan Dan stays outside to control the papers. Ying Yuan stops the papers. He catches one of the papers. It tells him that she won.

Ying Deng thinks Yan Dan is a bad immortal. She wants to take her to Heavenly Stage to get the punishment. Ying Yuan stops Ying Deng. He explains that he asked Yan Dan to play the game with him. Ying Deng points out that it breaks the rule.

Ying Yuan reminds Ying Deng that she isn’t the immortal of Yanxu Palace. She walks out of Yanxu Palace. She has an eye contact with Yan Dan. Yan Dan intends to teach the magic to Zhi Xi. But she gets hit by the ball. Ying Yuan tells her to transcribe the magic books. She is furious to tell him to come out to fight with her. But she gets stunned by the stone.

The immortal tells her followers to move the stuff out of Pixiang Palace. Yan Dan stops her. She asks her who she is. The immortal tells Yan Dan that she’s the chief of Pixiang Palace. Yan Dan reminds the immortal that she let Lu Ming give her a lot of items.

But the immortal doesn’t admit it. She tells Yan Dan that she will throw the stuff away if she doesn’t move them. Yan Dan wonders why the immortal doesn’t allow her to take drama since it has been empty for many years. Ying Deng points out that Yan Dan cannot use the palace because she doesn’t reach the immortal level.

Ying Deng blames Yan Dan for not greeting her. She thinks she should learn it from her sister. She leaks that Zhi Xi was like a maid when she greeted to her. Yan Dan greets Ying Deng. She tells her that her sister is the vice chief of Miaofa Palace.

Yan Dan tells Ying Deng that humans don’t have noble and lowly according to the Heavenly Rules. Ying Deng asks Yan Dan if Heavenly Rules tell her about the strength and weakness of magic. She begins to attack her. Yan Dan wonders why she’s lack of power.

Ying Yuan shows up. He teaches Yan Dan how to deal with Ying Deng. She defeats Ying Deng. Ying Yuan scolds Ying Deng for giving Yan Dan a lesson because Yan Dan is the immortal of his palace. He asks her if it was hurt. She tells him that she doesn’t dare to say it.

Ying Yuan thinks Ying Deng deserves the pain. He thinks she shouldn’t bully an immortal. He mentions she reported Si Xuan. He tells her not to touch his follower. Zhi Xi brings the candy fruits to Yan Dan. She thinks she learned a lot.

Zhi Xi treats Yan Dan. Yan Dan asks Zhi Xi if the magic she used is chill spell. Zhi Xi admits it. Yan Dan thinks chill spell should be used in a different way. Zhi Xi asks Yan Dan if the tip was taught by Ying Yuan. Yan Dan denies it. She thinks Ying Yuan wouldn’t be so kind.

Why Yan Dan Replaces Zhi Xi to Deliver Items?

Zhi Xi tells Yan Dan not to tell what she understood to other immortals. She worries that she will be punished. Yan Dan laughs. She tells Zhi Xi that she has to ask her for a meal. Zhi Xi tries to leave. Yan Dan stops Zhi Xi. Zhi Xi leaks that Cloud Palace asked her to give the items to them.

Yan Dan asks Zhi Xi if Ziwei bottle is in the list. Zhi Xi is surprised that Yan Dan knew it. Yan Dan tells Zhi Xi not to go. Zhi Xi tells Yan Dan not to worry about her. She walks away. Yan Dan wants to replace Zhi Xi to deliver the item.

Ying Yuan rejects it. He comforts Yan Dan that her sister will be fine. She mentions she almost got killed by demons. She thinks Ying Yuan won’t care for Zhi Xi’s life. He asks her if she’s questioning him. She admits it. She tells him that she worries about her sister. She thinks it’s unfair not to tell Zhi Xi about it. He agrees to her plan.

Zhi Xi tries to use the magic to the item. But it doesn’t work. Ying Deng shows up with Bi Yi. Bi Yi blames Zhi Xi for ruining the item. Zhi Xi explains to Ying Deng that she didn’t intend to ruin the item. Ying Deng asks Zhi Xi if she went to see Yan Dan.

Zhi Xi admits it. Ying Deng holds Zhi Xi’s cheek. She tells her not to act pathetic. She asks her if she prepared the items. Zhi Xi admits it. Ying Deng tells Zhi Xi to go to take the items. Zhi Xi brings the box to Ying Deng. She tells her that the items are in the box.

Ying Deng tells Bi Yi to deliver the box to Yanxu Palace. Zhi Xi is surprised. She thinks it should be delivered by her. Ying Deng reveals Ying Yuan asked her to hand over the items to Yan Dan. She thinks Zhi Xi and her sister made Ying Yuan think that she cannot complete the task.

Zhi Xi tells Ying Deng that she didn’t do that. Ying Deng slaps Zhi Xi. She tells her that her sister took away her job. She adds that the slap was given by Yan Dan. She thinks Yan Dan is stronger than Zhi Xi. She tells her that she doesn’t need trash.

Zhi Xi cries. She wonders what Yan Dan wants to do. Yan Dan carries the box when she walks. She remembers Ying Yuan told her to find the spy. She arrives at Cloud Palace. Ying Yuan watches Yan Dan meet with Yan Chi. Yan Dan hands over the box to Yan Chi.

Yan Chi tells Yan Dan to go to the room to take a break. But she wants to see the items burned. He agrees to her plan. He begins to burn the items. But Zhi Xi shows up with the immortals. The immortal reports to Yan Chi that he just caught Zhi Xi.

Why Does Zhi Xi Think She’s the Weak One?

Yan Dan joins Zhi Xi. She asks her if she’s fine. Zhi Xi asks Yan Dan what happened. Yan Chi sees that the Zhi Xi is Yan Dan. He uses magic to make her show her real looks. He kills the immortal. Yan Chi’s followers show up. Zhi Xi fights with those guys.

Yan Dan’s hairpin drops to the floor when she fights. Yan Chi defeats Zhi Xi. He flies to attack Yan Dan. She has to fight with him. Zhi Xi tells Yan Dan to leave because she thinks Yan Dan isn’t Yan Chi’s rival. But Yan Dan defeats Yan Chi with her most powerful hit.

Yan Dan is surprised that she’s so strong. Yan Chi casts the fireball to her. Ying Yuan shows up and saves Yan Dan. She hugs him and tells him to beat Yan Chi and his followers. She refuses to release him. He reminds her that those guys were defeated by him.

Ying Yuan mentions Yan Dan wanted to be a martyr. She complains that she would be ash if he was late. He thinks it will be good because she won’t tangle him. Zhi Xi greets Ying Yuan. Yan Dan asks Zhi Xi if she’s fine. She tells her that the spies of demon clan intended to make poison with Ziwei bottle. She asks her why she followed her.

Zhi Xi thanks Yan Dan for educating Yan Dan to improve her magical level. But he thinks he should take the credit because Yan Dan is very smart. Yan Dan laughs. She thanks Ying Yuan for praising her. She promises to work hard. She tells him that the real Ziwei bottle was hidden in Yan Chi’s sleeve. She leaves with Zhi Xi.

The immortal talks about Zhi Xi and Yan Dan. She thinks Yan Dan is stronger than Zhi Xi after getting educated by Ying Yuan. She thinks she mistook Zhi Xi as a phoenix. Yan Yan scolds the immortal. She asks her why she didn’t take immortal exam.

The immortals flee. Yan Dan intends to chase the immortals, giving them a lesson for Zhi Xi. But Zhi Xi stops Yan Dan. She thinks what the immortals said is right that she’s the weak one. Yan Dan tells Zhi Xi not to believe what Ying Yuan said. She thinks she’s best immortal from the immortals because she passed the exam. Zhi Xi points out that Yan Dan could deal with Yan Zhi who defeated her.

Immortal Samsara Chinese Drama: Episode 4 Ending

Episode 4 of Immortal Samsara ends with the immortal telling Ying Yuan that Heavenly Emperor wants to see him. He notes that Ying Yuan just drank. He reminds him that Heavenly Emperor told him not to drink. Ying Yuan explains that he drank when he worked hard.

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