The Starry Love Chinese Drama: Episode 39 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for The Starry Love Chinese Drama: Episode 39. You Qin sets off fireworks for Ye Tan when he hugs her. She thinks she came back to fight with the world. But her luck is worse than before. She swears to live a wonderful life no matter what will happen in this life.

Does Su Zhi Steal Qing Kui’s Flower Spirit?

The Starry Love

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The Starry Love Chinese Drama: Episode 39.

You Qin takes a look at Ye Tan when she watches the fireworks. She wonders why he looks at her in such a way. He smiles to tell her that she’s like The Herb of Nine Lives. She thinks the name of the stuff is ugly. He reveals The Herb of Nine Lives resurrected after he had encountered the rain.

Ye Tan thinks she’s the one who’s cared by someone even if she’s The Herb of Nine Lives. She holds You Qin’s hand. She tells him that he’s her rain. She thinks she won’t fear anything when they’re there. He tells her that he will try his best to protect her.

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Ye Tan thinks You Qin looked down on her. She claims that she can protect him. He sets off fireworks again. She looks at the sky. She thinks Qing Kui is watching her from the heaven. She mentions she saved her life with her life. She promises to live well.

Consort Xue sees the fireworks. She’s surprised. Hai Chao reveals You Qin set off fireworks for Ye Tan. Zi Wu thinks Ye Tan was out of the sadness. Emperor Tun wants to go to see Ye Tan. But Consort Xue stops Emperor Tun. She reminds him that You Qin and Ye Tan are having a date. He agrees to what she said that he’s confused because of happiness.

Di Lanjue wants to cook a hot pot for Ye Tan. Ye Tan asks Di Lanjue if it’s a mutton hot pot when she shows up with You Qin. She thanks everyone for what they did for her. Emperor Tun stops Ye Tan when she tries to thank him. He mentions she has owed him 18 years. He thinks she just did the things she should do.

Ye Tan mentions Emperor Tun just lost his daughter. She feels guilty for making him do these things. She tells him that she will replace her older sister to continue to live even if her old sister left. She adds that she’s Qing Kui as well. Emperor Tun hugs Ye Tan. Di Lanjue asks Ye Tan if she wants to eat beef hot pot or mutton hot hot. She chooses beef hot pot. She asks him to bring a few bottles of wine.

Su Shui sees Qing Heng waiting for Su Zhi. She thinks he will wait for the girl for a night. She doesn’t expect that Heavenly Emperor’s two sons are so good. She wishes to encounter a good man like Qing Heng. Hai Chao thinks Su Shui has poor eyesight. He adds that she doesn’t know the mountain when she’s in the mountain.

Su Shui doesn’t understand what Su Shui said. He tries to walk away. She follows him and asks him to explain it to her. Su Zhi sees the two off. She joins Qing Heng. She asks him if he has waited for her. He admits it and reveals he came to look for her because he saw her sadness. She tells him to take a walk with her.

Su Zhi takes Qing Heng to watch stars. She calls him Qing Heng. He mentions she only called him second prince. She tells him that they’re just Su Zhi and Qing Heng tonight. She mentions he heard her wish and took care of her. He’s surprised that she admitted that she was the little coriander.

Su Zhi tells Qing Heng that she wished to be the coriander after she had known him. She mentions he protected her when she was bullied. She thinks it will be a good story if they get together. He tells her that he knows the blood debts Immortal Clan owes her cannot be repaid. He promises to protect her all his life if she agrees to it.

Su Zhi cries. She thinks there wouldn’t be so many regrets if they could erase everything. She thanks Qing Heng for everything he did for her. She hands over the clothes to him. She walks away. You Qin walks Ye Tan out of the palace. He asks her if she doesn’t need him to accompany her.

Ye Tan mentions Su Zhi was hurt by the case of Soul Lamp. She thinks You Qin won’t help Su Zhi recover her feelings if he stays in Abyss Realm. She tells him to eat the hot pot with her next time. He agrees to it and he wants to take the ordinary people’s life with her once he comes back. He strokes her hair.

Qing Heng shows up. You Qin asks Qing Heng what happened. Ye Tan thinks Qing Heng worries about Su Zhi. She mentions he guarded Su Zhi for several days because Su Zhi didn’t want to leave her house. Qing Heng tells Ye Tan that he worries Su Zhi more after Su Zhi returned the stuff to him.

Ye Tan tells Qing Heng and You Qin to leave. Because she worries that Su Zhi will remember the past if they stay there. The two leave. Consort Xue shows the bowls to Ye Tan. She tells her that Chao Feng began to eat. But Hai Chao reveals Chao Feng hasn’t slept for a few days. Su Shui tells Ye Tan to go to see Chao Feng.

Ye Tan walks into Chao Feng’s room when he’s reading the book. He reveals he wanted to find a way to resurrect Qing Kui. She thanks him for what he did for her older sister. She thinks the Four Realms wouldn’t forgive them if there’s a method.

Ye Tan tells Chao Feng to release Wu Dai. Because she doesn’t want to be the queen of Abyss Realm. She tells him that she doesn’t want to take revenge. She thought he would blame her for not killing Heavenly Emperor. He confesses that he felt sad when he saw his father’s death.

Ye Tan tries to leave. Chao Feng stops her. She reveals she wants to go to see Su Zhi. He tells her to ask Su Zhi if there’s a method to resurrect Qing Kui. She mentions she heard he began to eat. She tells him not to let Qing Kui worry about him.

Ye Tan walks into Su Zhi’s room when Su Zhi is preparing the meal. Su Zhi runs to Ye Tan. She tells her that she just cooked coriander cake. She tells her not to put what she said in her mind. She tells her that the meal is the apology for her.

Ye Tan asks Su Zhi if she actually put it down. Su Zhi admits it. She thinks she should put it down since Heavenly Emperor and Abyss Emperor got punished. She mentions what Ye Tan said that they should choose their lives since fate is like that.

Su Zhi tells Ye Tan that she wants to live well in the future. Ye Tan mentions Qing Heng worried about Su Zhi before he left. She thinks Qing Heng will be happy if he knows Su Zhi put down. She intends to send the message to Qing Heng.

Su Zhi rejects it. She tells Ye Tan that she’s going to let Qing Heng know her feelings. She reveals she’s going to move out. Ye Tan tells Su Zhi to be her shopkeeper because she’s going to run business with You Qin. But Su Zhi tells Ye Tan that she wants to return home.

Ye Tan is surprised that Su Zhi wants to return to East Hill. Su Zhi reveals she wants to build a house in East Hill. She tells Ye Tan not to persuade her. Ye Tan agrees to Su Zhi’s plan. She wants to escort her. She mentions Emperor Tun gave her some warm clothes. She goes to take the clothes.

Chao Feng tells Qing Kui that Ye Tan has give up her revenge. He thinks everything is fine except her. Su Zhi visits Chao Feng. She tells him that she wants to see Qing Kui before she returns to East Hill. He’s surprised that she’s going to leave. He reveals he wanted to ask her how to take care of flower spirit.

Su Zhi comforts Chao Feng that she’s going to tell the method to him. She asks him for the pen. Chao Feng tells Hai Chao to go to look for pen and paper. He chases him. Hai Chao brings the pen and the paper to Su Zhi. He asks her about Chao Feng. She reveals Chao Feng went to look for him. She writes down the method. She hands over the note to him. She tells him to give it to Chao Feng.

Chao Feng wakes up from the nightmare. He finds out that Qing Kui is missing. He summons Hai Chao and shows the flower pot to him when he asks him what happened. He asks him if there was anyone touching the flower spirit. Hai Chao reveals Su Zhi was close to the flower spirit when he walked into the room.

Chao Feng realizes that Su Zhi stole Qing Kui’s flower spirit. He tells Hai Chao to go to look for Su Zhi. Chao Feng and Hai Chao run into Su Zhi’s room. They find out that Su Zhi fled. Hai Chao mentions Su Zhi is going to return to East Hill with Ye Tan. He tells Chao Feng to go to see Ye Tan.

Chao Feng runs into Ye Tan’s room. He finds out that the girl left. He asks the guard about Ye Tan. The guard reveals Ye Tan left with Su Zhi. Hai Chao thinks Ye Tan asked Su Zhi to steal the flower spirit. Chao Feng disagrees to what Hai Chao said to him. He thinks Ye Tan could tell it to him if she wants to get the flower spirit of Qing Kui.

The Starry Love Chinese Drama: Episode 39 Ending

Episode 39 of The Starry Love Chinese Drama ends with Ye Tan telling Su Zhi that it won’t be late if she unties her. But Su Zhi tells Ye Tan that they’re going to die in Ruin. She decides to let Ruin end everything. She opens the seal. Chaos kills her.

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