The Starry Love Chinese Drama: Episode 40 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for The Starry Love Chinese Drama: Episode 40. You Qin falls into the Ruin to look for Ye Tan. He finds her and tries to go to save her. But he’s hurt by Chaos. The blue flower appears. She unties Ye Tan.

Does Ye Tan Sacrifice Herself for Saving the World?

The Starry Love

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The Starry Love Chinese Drama: Episode 40.

Ye Tan realizes that the blue flower is Qing Kui. She falls to the ground. She finds out that she’s in East Hill. The deity tells Ye Tan that her mission will end once she cleans the chaos. Ye Tan realizes that the deity planted her and Qing Kui in East Hill.

Ye Tan thinks Purple Tree isn’t doom tree. She returns to the Ruin. She thinks Qing Kui let her see the memories of deity. You Qin rushes to Ye Tan. He tries to take her away. Chao Feng fights with Chaos. He thinks the power of Chaos became berserk more and more.

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Di Lanjue tells the people to look at the sky. Zi Wu sees You Qin and Ye Tan. You Qin comforts Ye Tan that he will save her. But he feels painful when he fights with Chaos. She remembers what he told her that nobody will be in pain because he fixed Ruin.

Ye Tan pushes You Qin away. He’s shocked when he flies. She tears up. He joins Zi Wu. He tries to be close to Ye Tan. But Chaos makes him step back. Ye Tan reminds You Qin that they cannot seal Chaos again even if they gather the power of the world. Because the deity’s seal was ruined.

Ye Tan thinks You Qin did many things for Four Realms. She thinks it’s her turn. She reveals she heard the oracle of the deity. She thinks she will release the real power of Purple Tree if she unites with her old sister’s flower spirit.

You Qin yells at Ye Tan that she will be dead. She tells him that it’s her mission. She thinks the heaven pitied her to make her encounter him. She tells You Qin that she was very happy to fall in love with him. Di Lanjue tells Ye Tan not to do silly things.

Zi Wu cries to tell Ye Tan that she doesn’t wish her to die. Qing Heng tells Ye Tan to come back because he thinks Immortal Clan will have other ways. She thanks the people. She mentions she has grown up from the resentment of the people. She adds that she became devil because of the resentment.

Ye Tan mentions her friends warmed her. She confesses that she didn’t know why the world deserves to be guarded. She realizes that it’s because of love. She takes out the blue flower. She mentions Qing Kui made the decision for her.

Ye Tan puts the blue flower into her body. She absorbs Chaos. You Qin calls Ye Tan. But she’s missing. He gets into the Illusion Realm. The petal falls to You Qin’s hand. Ye Tan calls You Qin. He runs to her and hugs her when he cries.

Ye Tan wonders why You Qin cries. She thinks he should be happy because the four realms are peaceful. He feels guilty for not protecting her. But she thinks he did it enough. She tells him that she wishes to be a resurrection grass so that she has many lives to accompany him to take the rest life.

Ye Tan wipes off You Qin’s tears. She mentions she hasn’t lived a good life in the past 18 years. She tells You Qin that she doesn’t hate it. She thinks the bad days made her encounter him. She tells You Qin that she was very happy when she stayed with him.

Ye Tan is going to disappear. She tells You Qin that she will visit him in the next life. He tells her that he will only wait for her in his life. He adds that he won’t die before she comes back. She tells him to take a look at Moon Swallow when he misses her. She flies away.

Emperor Tun walks out of the tent. The guards thank Ye Tan when they get on knees. Emperor Tun tells the guards to get up. He goes to spit blood. He mentions Ye Tan was wronged when she was born. He thinks the people broke her heart.

Emperor Tun mentions Ye Tan saved the world. He thinks she’s a good daughter of him. He tells her that he’s proud of her. Consort Xue notes that Chao Feng is reading the book. She asks him if he still looks for ways to resurrect flower spirits.

Chao Feng mentions the books records the grass spirit resurrected. He thinks Purple Tree will be like grass spirit to resurrect. Consort Xue mentions You Qin was hurt by Chaos. She tells Chao Feng to go to see You Qin. Chao Feng thinks You Qin won’t die because of the injury. He believes that You Qin will be sad after he lost his wife. He intends to let You Qin stay alone.

Wu Dai shows up. Chao Feng protects Consort Xue. Wu Dai asks Chao Feng about his injury. Chao Feng asks Wu Dai about the food he ate in Soul Cave. Wu Dai tells Chao Feng that he thinks his father made a mistake to force Qing Kui to die. He thinks they should thank the two flowers for saving many people’s lives.

Wu Dai hits Chao Feng’s belly. He tells him that he gets angry when he sees his dying looks. He thinks Qing Kui won’t be happy if she sees his looks. Chao Feng tells Wu Dai not to pretend to know Qing Kui. Wu Dai tells Chao Feng that he did it for cheering him up.

Wu Dai tells Chao Feng that he felt painful when he heard Qing Kui was dead. But he reveals he overcame it. He tells him not let the women worry about him. He asks him to cry in his arms. But Chao Feng pushes Wu Dai when Wu Dai is close to Chao Feng.

Chao Feng tells Wu Dai that he will beat him if he dares to be close to him. Wu Dai thinks Chao Feng’s hit was like the looks of men. He tells him that he needs his help because he’s going to be the Emperor Li. He tells him to leave with him. Chao Feng smiles.

The three immortals give You Qin a treatment. Heavenly Empress notes that You Qin is emaciated. She asks Ling Pu if her son’s inside was hurt. He denies it and thinks You Qin’s injury is heart injury. He tells You Qin to take a break.

You Qin points out that the one who guarded him was Ye Tan. She reveals Ye Tan saved him before he was killed. He asks Ling Pu if there’s a resurrection method. Ling Pu denies it. Heavenly Emperor shows up. He apologizes to You Qin. He tries to get on knees to You Qin.

But You Qin stops his father. Heavenly Emperor tells You Qin that he doesn’t want to be heavenly emperor anymore. He wishes to give the position to Qing Heng. You Qin agrees to Heavenly Emperor’s plan. Heavenly Emperor tells Qing Heng to be a good emperor in You Qin’s help. He tells him not to take his path.

Qing Heng gets on knees to Heavenly Emperor. He promises not to let him down. You Qin helps Qing Heng get up. Heavenly Emperor takes a look at Heavenly Empress. She avoids him. He tells the people that he has a way to make Purple Tree resurrect. He believes that Purple Tree will resurrect if they rebuild East Hill.

You Qin decides to go to East Hill. He tells Fei Chi and Han Mo to stay in Heavenly Realm to support Qing Heng. Heavenly Empress tells You Qin to wait until he recover. But he tells her that he cannot wait for it. The immortal comforts Heavenly Empress that You Qin will be fine because they’re going to protect him. Zi Wu wants to go to East Hill with You Qin. Heavenly Empress agrees to it.

Chao Feng tells Hai Chao that the new heavenly emperor is going to resurrect Purple Tree from East Hill. Hai Chao is happy to hug Chao Feng. Su Shui thinks it will be a good news if the two princesses resurrect. Chao Feng decides to live in East Hill. He thinks he will be the clansman of East Hill.

Hai Chao worries that Chao Feng will startle the people of Grass Clan. Chao Feng tells Hai Chao that he will be nice to the people. He claims that he will be the protector of flowers. He tells Hai Chao and Su Shui to go to pack their stuff.

The Starry Love Chinese Drama: Episode 40 Ending

Episode 40 of The Starry Love Chinese Drama ends with the three immortals promising to take care of East Hill after they rebuilt the place. Emperor Tun shows up. He thanks the three immortals for what they’re going to do. You Qin tells Emperor Tun that he will watch East Hill until Ye Tan and Qing Kui resurrect. Chao Feng joins You Qin. Emperor Tun is surprised that You Qin and Chao Feng want to wait for it. The lanterns fly to the sky. Emperor Tun asks Ye Tan and Qing Kui if they see the flower world.

The storyteller tells the people that Ye Tan and Qing Kui saved the world. The guy thinks they wronged the twins flowers. The twins flowers resurrect when You Qin and Chao Feng have a fight. They land on the two guy’s palms. But they fly away. You Qin asks Ling Pu what happened. Ling Pu reminds You Qin that the flowers need him and Chao Feng’s blood to be reborn. You Qin and Chao Feng cast their blood to the flowers.

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