The Untamed Chinese Drama 2019 Recap: Episode 28

This is the recap of The Untamed Chinese Drama 2019 Episode 28. Jiang Cheng and Wu Xian have a fight, and Wu Xian isn’t related to Jiang family anymore. Wang Ji runs into Wu Xian and tells him that Yan Li and Zi Xuan will get married. Wen Yuan likes Wang Ji and hugs his thigh.

The Untamed Chinese Drama 2019 Recap: Episode 28

The Untamed

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Chinese drama The Untamed Episode 28.

Jiang Cheng thinks it’s hard to wake up Wen Ning’s mind, but Wu Xian says that he has to do it as he bragged to Wen Qing and other people. Wen Qing stops the two men’s fight, and Wu Xian tells her to get out and says that he is there. Xiang Cheng reveals the families asked him for the explanation, but Wu Xian thinks it’s end since the managers killed Wen Ning, and Wen Ning killed them.

Jiang Cheng says that they stare at the evil tiger symbol, and the reasonable thing turns into unreasonable thing. He asks Wu Xian to hand over all of people there, but Wu Xian thinks they will only be killed. Wu Xian reminds Jiang Cheng that Wen Qing and Wen Ning saved him, but Jiang Cheng tells Wu Xian that nobody will say something for him if he protects Wen family. He intends to kill Wen Ning, but Wu Xian holds Jiang Cheng’s sword.

Jiang Cheng yells at Wu Xian that he cannot protect him if he insists on doing it. Wu Xian tells Jiang Cheng to give up him, and says that what he does isn’t related to Jiang family. He returns the sword to him. Jiang Cheng asks Wu Xian why he did that. Wu Xian says that he would make same choice, even if it were not Wen Ning and Wen Ning. Jiang Cheng decides to appoint a fight with Wu Xian. The Untamed Episode 28 is pretty good.

A Yuan wants to eat more, and Wen Qing gives her fruit to him. Grandma notes that Wen Qing isn’t happy. Wu Xian shares his fruits with everybody, and cheers them that they don’t have to fishing and picking fruit after they farm. The man wants to go down mountain and buys some seeds. Wen Yuan gives the fruit to Wu Xian and says that the fruit is sweet. Wu Xian gives it to Wen Qing, but she doesn’t want to eat.

Wen Qing tells Wu Xian to leave, but he doesn’t eat the fruit. He stops eating when she gets angry, and tells her that he will help Wen Ning be the normal person. Jiang Cheng cannot sleep and takes out the wooden comb Wen Qing returned him. He remembers that Wen Qing thought he wouldn’t save Wen Ning. Wen Ning wakes up and feels painful, Wu Xian cures him with his whistling.

Wu Xian fights with Jiang Cheng, and they both are injured. Jiang Cheng tells the disciples that Wu Xian isn’t related to him anymore. Yan Li has a nightmare that Wu Xian rides the boat to be away from her. The maid’s knocking wakes her up, and Madam Jin summons Yan Li. Wu Xian returns with potatoes and meats, and Wen Qing takes his hand. He thinks women and men shouldn’t be close, and says that he is fine.

Wu Xian asks Wen Qing to cook as he starves, and he sees the blood on his palm. Yan Li sees Zi Xuan planting lotus flower, and she wants to return to lotus flower dock. He confesses that he wants to build a lotus flower dock for her. Yan Li is moved. The Untamed Episode 28 is amazing.

One month later.

The story teller badmouths Wu Xian to people at the bar, and Wang Ji is furious to put down his cup and leave. The story teller thinks Wang Ji’s eyes telling him that he owed him money.

Wang Ji walks at street but his leg is hugged by Wen Yuan. Wu Xian talks with the seller about the sprouted potato, but finds out that Wen Yuan left. He sees Wu Yuan hugging Wang Ji’s leg to cry, and people mistake Wang Ji as Wen Yuan’s father.

Wu Xian asks Wang Ji why he made Wen Yuan cry, and thinks he glared at the kid. Wu Xian takes Wen Yuan to look at the bamboo butterfly, and Wen Yuan likes it. But Wu Xian takes Wen Yuan away. Wang Ji asks Wu Xian why he didn’t buy Wen Yuan the bamboo butterfly since he likes it. But Wu Xian thinks asking and buying are different. The Untamed Episode 28 is worth of watching.

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