The Untamed Chinese Drama 2019 Recap: Episode 29

This is the recap of The Untamed Chinese Drama 2019 Episode 29. Wu Xian gets Wen Ning’s consciousness back in Lan Zhan’s help, Lan Zhan worries that Wen Ning will be mad again. Wu Xian thinks there isn’t any problem as Wen Ning is controlled by evil tiger symbol.

The Untamed Chinese Drama 2019 Recap: Episode 29

The Untamed

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Chinese drama The Untamed Episode 29.

Lan Zhan drinks Wu Xian in the bar, and tells him that Yan Li will get married with Zi Xuan. Wu Xian thinks Zi Xuan doesn’t deserve Yan Li, and the spell burns up. Wu Xian thinks there is something happening in random burying post.

Wu Xian and Lan Zhan run through the woods, and find the people are attacked by black smoke. Uncle Four tells Wu Xian that Wen Ning broke the seal himself, and Wen Ning is hurting people at the canyon. Wu Xian fails to stop Wen Ning, and tells Lan Zhan that he kept fixing Wen Ning with evil tiger symbol.

Wen Qing shows up, and Wu Xian blames her for moving her brother. She says that he did it himself, and Wu Xian tells her to take people away. Wen Ning flees, and Wu Xian thinks they shouldn’t let Wen Ning go down mountain.

Wu Xian gets Wen Ning’s consciousness back in Lan Zhan’s help. Wen Ning calls Wen Qing older sister, and she cries to hug him. Wen Ning tells Wu Xian that he wants to cry but cannot cry out. Wu Xian tells Wen Ning that he just had a nightmare. The Untamed Episode 29 is pretty good.

Lan Zhan thinks Wu Xian succeeded, and Wu Xian takes Lan Zhan to the cave. Lan Zhan thinks the cave named lying demon cave, and Wu Xian explains that he likes to lie on the ground to sleep, so it’s named lying demon cave.

Lan Zhan worries that Wen Ning will be mad again, but Wu Xian thinks there isn’t any problem as Wen Ning is controlled by evil tiger symbol. But Lan Zhan worries that evil tiger symbol goes wrong. He takes Wu Xian’s hand and notes that he is injured.

Wu Xian claims that he will be fine after sitting for a while. Wen Qing shows up with Wen Ning, and Wu Xian asks them if they cried out. She says that she will make Wu Xian cry, and smacks his back, making him vomit blood. He thinks she is sinister, and leans in Lan Zhan’s arms, pretending to pass out.

Wen Qing says that she can be sinister more and shows the needles to Wu Xian. He is startled to flee, and Wen Ning feels sorry for hitting Wu Xian. Wen Ning gets water for Lan Zhan, and Wu Xian asks him where is the tea. Wen Ning says that there isn’t any tea. The Untamed Episode 29 is amazing.

Wu Xian tells Wen Ning to prepare tea when next guest arrives. But he realizes that there isn’t any guest. Wu Xian walks Lan Zhan and tells him that he cannot hand over evil tiger symbol, because he needs to protect the people at the mountain. He believes that he can control it.

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Wen Yuan hugs Lan Zhan’s thigh and asks him to stay to have a meal. Wu Xian stops Wen Yuan, and Lan Zhan leaves. Wen Yuan asks Wu Xian when the money brother Lan Zhan will come, but Wu Xian takes away the bamboo butterfly from Wen Yuan and forces him to say that he likes him.

Wu Xian tells Wen Yuan that Wang Ji won’t come as he has the path he needs to take, and says that he will walk the single wooden bridge until dark. Wu Xian is surprised that lying demon palace with lights, and Wu Yuan waves that it’s not dark at all.

Wu Xian joins his men, and Wu Qing reveals the lights were hung for him. She tells him that the people want to thank him, and offers to drink wine. Uncle Four gets the fruit wine for Wu Xian, and he thinks it’s good. The Untamed Episode 29 is the best episode in 2019.

Wu Xian asks Wen Qing if she cooked the dishes, but she says that Wen Ning did it. Wen Qing wipes Wen Ning’s face, and Wu Xian misses Yan Li. He is drunk and regrets that he cannot attend Yan Li’s wedding. Lan Zhan takes the rattan on knees at the yard, and the man informs Lan Zhan that Qi Ren thought he can leave.

People talk about Wu Xian at the bar, and the man wants to join him as he made the wind evil dish. The man claims to be the disciple of Wu Xian, and sells fire charms to people. But disciple of Wu Xian shows up and thinks the first man is a liar. Wu Xian sees it and leaves with Wen Ning.

Wu Xian sees the fruits people worshipped for him, and takes one to bite. The cave boomed, and Wu Xian runs out with choking. He shows the wind evil dish to Wen Qing, and thinks it’s great. But he throws the money bag to him and asks him to buy meats, and Uncle Four asks Wu Xian to sell the big bag of radishes. Wu Xian summons Wen Ning and asks him to take the bag. The Untamed Episode 29 is so good.

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