The Untamed: Episode 34 [Recap]

In today’s recap I’m going to show you plot summary of Chinese drama The Untamed episode 34. Wu Xian flees to the shop and asks Lan Zhan to save him. Lan Zhen shows up, and Fairy leaves. The fortune teller gives the portraits to Wu Xian for thanking him, and Wu Xian asks him if there is any murder case. The fortune teller reveals there is a eating human fort, and the people got eat up after they got in.

The Untamed: Episode 34 Recap

The Untamed

Wu Xian wonders why Nie family didn’t care for it since it’s their place. The fortune teller points out that the chief of Nie family is the person knowing nothing while being asked.

Wu Xian wonders why Chifeng Zun died without a reason, and Lan Zhan reveals he died of being mad. Wu Xian is scared while hearing the barking of the dog, and Lan Zhan asks Wu Xia why he is afraid of dog. Wu Xian reveals he took foods under the mouth of dogs when he was a kid, and Uncle Jiang took him home. It made Jiang Cheng to part with his dogs. Wu Xian thinks Jin Ling hates him like Jiang Cheng.

Lan Zhan hears Fairy’s barking, and thinks something happened on Jin Ling. But when Wu Xian and Lan Zhan arrive at the fortress they don’t see the dog. Lan Zhan thinks Fairy is blocked by the enchantment, and Wu Xian wonders how they get in the fortress. The two find the hole Jin Ling made, and they step in.

Wu Xian feels sick and thinks there are some spirits. He takes out compass and arrives at blade hall with Lan Zhan. They open the coffins and only see blades. The Untamed episode 34 is pretty good.

Lan Zhan plays zither to ask the spirit, and Wu Xian learns that Jin Ling is in the fortress. Lan Zhan breaks the wall, and Wu Xian helps Jin Ling out of the wall. Wu Xian finds the human bones inside the wall, and the three go out.

Lan Zhan sees a person’s shadow, and Wu Xian tells Lan Zhan to chase the person. Lan Zhan cuts the person with his sword but the person flees. Lan Zhan picks up the piece of the clothes which the person left.

The Untamed

Wu Xian takes Jin Ling arriving at the hotel, and he finds the curse marks on his leg. He takes off his clothes and thinks it’s lucky that the curse doesn’t spread to chest. Jin Ling wakes up and blames Wu Xian for taking off his clothes.

But Wu Xian tells Jin Ling to thank him. Jin Ling opens his sword and says that he killed Wu Xian if he didn’t save him. Wu Xian asks Jin Ling about his jade pendant, and Jin Ling reveals it was left by his mom. Wu Xian remembers Yan Li gave the jade pendant to him. The Untamed episode 34 is so great.

Jin Ling catches the chance to run away, and Wu Xian chases Jin Ling. Wu Xian hides himself when seeing Jiang Cheng. Jiang Cheng asks Jin Ling about Fairy, and the dog barks to Wu Xian. Wu Xian wants to walk away, but Jiang Cheng catches him with the purple ring. Jiang Cheng asks Wu Xian to take off his mask, and he sees his real face.

The Untamed

Jiang Cheng rages to break the tea cup and thinks Wu Xian doesn’t know to repent. Wu Xian talks back that Jiang Cheng doesn’t grow up. Jiang Cheng slaps the desk and gets Fairy to attack Wu Xian. Wu Xian remembers he was chased by the black dog and he ran in Yan Li’s arms, asking her to get the dog away.

Wu Xian calls Yan Li, and Jiang Cheng blames Wu Xian for mentioning Yan Li’s name in front of him. Jiang Cheng thinks Lan Zhan had a deal with the person who saved Wu Xian, and Wu Xian tells Jiang Cheng to watch his words. Jiang Cheng blames Wu Xian for scolding Jin Ling, “Did your mother give birth to you but forget to teach you?”

The Untamed

Jiang Cheng reminds Wu Xian how Jin Ling’s parents died, and tells him to return to Lotus Dock and be on knees in front of his mother. Jiang Cheng asks Wu Xian where Wen Ning is, but Wu Xian says that he doesn’t know. But Jiang Cheng points out that many people saw Wu Xian with Wen Ning at Dafan Mountain.

Wu Xian wonders why Jiang Cheng still hates Wen Ning, and Jiang Cheng rages to snatch Wu Xian. He thinks Zi Xuan and Yan Li wouldn’t die if it wasn’t Wu Xian and Wen Ning. Wu Xian reminds Jiang Cheng why Wen Ning has lived until now. Jin Ling reports to Jiang Cheng that he met Wen Ning at southwest direction. The Untamed episode 34 is worth of watching.

The Untamed

Jiang Cheng tells Wu Xian that he intends to take Wen Ning to be in front of him and turn the two into ashes. Jiang Cheng tells Jin Ling to watch Wu Xian, and takes his men to chase Wen Ning.

Jin Ling takes Wu Xian to the woods, and Wu Xian is scared when hearing the barking of the dog. Jin Ling reveals Fairy never bites people, and Wu Xian asks Jin Ling if he knows why Jiang Cheng caught him. Jin Ling says that Jiang Cheng suspects that Xuan Yu is Wu Xian.

Jin Ling tells Wu Xian not to wear Xuan Yu’s mask, and reveals Xuan Yu is a shameless person. Jin Ling tells Wu Xian that he won’t thank him even if he saved him. But Xu Xian says sorry to Jin Ling for what he said to him at Dafan Mountain. Jin Ling admits that he doesn’t have a mom to raise him, but he claims that he will be powerful than anyone. The Untamed episode 34 is remarkable.

Wu Xian tells Jin Ling that Jiang Cheng is behind him, and Jin Ling turns around. Wu Xian stuns Jin Ling and transfers the curse marks onto his body.

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