The Legend of Hao Lan: Episode 10 Recap

This is the recap for Chinese drama The Legend of Hao Lan: Episode 10. Ya Er tries to visit Empress. But she is stopped by Hao Lan. Hao Lan tells Ya Er that Empress doesn’t want to see anyone. Ya Er claims that she wants to save Yi Ren even if Empress refuses to see her.

The Legend of Hao Lan: Episode 10 Recap

The Legend of Hao Lan: Episode 10

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Legend of Hao Lan: Episode 10.

Ya Er tells Hao Lan to tell Empress that she will see the princess of Zhao kingdom dies for Yi Ren at the execution ground if she doesn’t save him. She adds that she cannot care for what people say at that time. She is furious to leave. Hao Lan stops Ya Er and thinks she has no way when she encounters the things of Yi Ren.

Hao Lan tells Ya Er that the problem is on Madam Shu. She adds that they need to get into Madam Shu since she threatened Empress and framed Yi Ren. But Ya Er thinks it’s not easy to be close to Madam Shu. Hao Lan tells Ya Er that she needs her help. Ya Er asks the maids to take away Hao Lan and gives her 20 rods.

Madam Shu visits Hao Lan and asks her who hit her. Hao Lan thinks it’s just a little wound. Madam Shu thinks the princess doesn’t respect Hao Lan. Hao Lan admits that she broke the rules and offended princess. Madam Shu points out that Hao Lan became the maid who is bullied by people since she could be the consort of Emperor.

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Madam Shu asks Hao Lan if she hates Empress. Hao Lan denies. Madam Shu gives the gold to Hao Lan and tells her that someone isn’t worth of wasting of time. She tells her to visit her when she makes the decision.

Prime Minister thinks the thing cannot be changed since Empress refused to see princess. He adds that there will be disaster if King kills Yi Ren. He asks Lv Buwei if he doesn’t worries about it. Lv Buwei tells Prime Minister that he wants to tell King to get Madam Shu’s son to go to battlefield.

But Prime Minister points out that the guy is useless to lead army. Lv Buwei reveals he wants to use Zi Ke to save Yi Ren. He tells Prime Minister to help him.

Hao Lan visits Madam Shu. Madam Shu thinks Hao Lan made the decision. Hao Lan asks Madam Shu why she needs her. Madam Shu thinks it’s different to shake Empress’s position since she has the first lady of Xuri palace. She adds that King will find out that Empress raises a lover.

Madam Shu tells Hao Lan not to say anything when King asks about it. Hao Lan asks Madam Shu why she hates Empress. Madam Shu reveals Empress forced her to take the death path. She says that she cannot forget the pain. She asks Hao Lan if she wants to be the phoenix. She tells her that she will help her not be a maid.

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