Itaewon Class: Episode 2 Recap

This is the recap for Korean Drama Itaewon Class: Episode 2. When Sae-Ro-Yi is going to kill Geun-Won, Soo-A takes the police to stop him. The two tell Sae-Ro-Yi to put down the stone, but Sae-Ro-Yi ignores it.

Itaewon Class: Episode 2 Recap

Itaewon Class: Episode 2

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Korean Drama Itaewon Class: Episode 2.

Soo-A stands in front of the detective, and stops him shooting Sae-Ro-Yi. She yells at Sae-Ro-Yi that his dad doesn’t want him to take revenge for a scumbag like Geun-Won. Sae-Ro-Yi puts down the stone, and cries to call his dad.

Dae-Hee visits Sae-Ro-Yi in the prison and tells him to apologize to Geun-Won on his knees. Sae-Ro-Yi rages to hit the table with his fists, and thinks the one who should get on knees is Geun-Won.

Dae-Hee laughs and tells Sae-Ro-Yi that beliefs and ambition are just used by those who have nothing but their egos.

Dae-Hee walks out and thinks Sae-Ro-Yi is fearless. He wants to see Soo-A after knowing she is Sae-Ro-Yi’s friend.

Dae-Hee tells Soo-A that they will pay for her admisson fee and living expenses. She asks him if she needs to testify against Sae-Ro-Yi. He laughs and tells her to testify what she saw.

Geun-Won walks in and is surprised to see Soo-A. Soo-A leaves, and Geun-Won asks Dae-Hee to free Sae-Ro-Yi as he killed Sung-Yeol. Dae-Hee reminds Geun-Won that he has a brother, and he will get replaced anytime.

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Dae-Hee tells Geun-Won that he needs to admit his sin for setting Sae-Ro-Yi free. Geun-Won gives up the mind, and Dae-Hee tells his son that he cannot gain anything with consciousness.

Itaewon Class: the Wrong Education

Dae-Hee takes Geun-Won to the chicken farm and tells him that Sae-Ro-Yi is just a chicken. He forces him to kill the chicken then.

Sae-Ro-Yi is sentenced to three years in prison. The man kicks Sae-Ro-Yi’s neck and asks him to get on his knees after he stepped in the cell.

Sae-Ro-Yi laughs and stands up because his is the son of Sung-Yeol. Sung-Yeol wished Sae-Ro-Yi to be proud and confident. So Sae-Ro-Yi is pressed to the floor and gets kicked.

Soo-A visits Sae-Ro-Yi and tells him that Dae-Hee gave her scholarship because she reported to police and stopped Sae-Ro-Yi. She feels guilty and cries that she is a coward.

Sae-Ro-Yi comforts Soo-A that he will be there for a murder if she didn’t report him. She wipes her tears and asks about his plan. He says that he will read the biography of Dae-Hee, and wants to open a restaurant.

Soo-A thinks Sae-Ro-Yi wants to take revenge. He denies it and thinks it will be fun. He intends to leave, and she asks him why he asked for her number. He tells her that he likes her, but she doesn’t like poor man. So he tells her that his dream is to become rich.

“I had a huge hole in my heart. I was lethargic. But strangely enough, I got so easily provoked by him. It was useless to resent anyone. Because my dad was already gone. So that was definitely the last thing on my mind. Revenge! It feels like the word fills up my empty heart.”

2 Years Later

Hee-Hoon walks out of the prison with Sae-Ro-Yi, and he tells him to call him if he needs help. The follower asks Hee-Hoon what Sae-Ro-Yi does since Hee-Hoon cares for him. Hee-Hoon says that Sae-Ro-Yi is just a fearless and reckless guy.

Sae-Ro-Yi gets in the bus and opens the letter Soo-A wrote to him. She tells him that she is living in Itaewon.

Sae-Ro-Yi comes to Itaewon where people are carnival for Halloween Day. A girl wearing rabbit mask runs to hug Sae-Ro-Yi, and she takes off her mask. It’s Soo-A.

Soo-A takes Sae-Ro-Yi to Seok-Cheon’s shop, and Seok-Cheon thinks Sae-Ro-Yi is her boyfriend. She denies and thinks Sae-Ro-Yi looks like a chestnut. Seok-Cheon shakes Sae-Ro-Yi’s head and thinks he is cute.

Sae-Ro-Yi tells Soo-A that he is going to open a business in Itaewon after seven years, but he needs to do deep-sea fishing first. She points out that his dad saved much money for him, so he can open the business now. But he doesn’t want to use the money which Sung-Yeol earned with his life.

Sae-Ro-Yi carries Soo-A home, and she feels sorry for working with Dae-Hee. He comforts her that she’s just living her life. She is moved to hug him tightly.

Soo-A tells Sae-Ro-Yi that she only has one blanket, and asks him if he wants to stay. He says that he isn’t rich.

7 Years Later

After the meeting, Geun-Won wants to give Soo-A a ride when he knows that she intends to go to Itaewon. Min-Jung stops Geun-Won and takes Soo-A away.

Min-Jung wants to set a blind date for Soo-A, but Soo-A wants to focus on the project she is working.

Soo-A arrives in Itaewon and passes by the store. Sae-Ro-Yi calls her, and she is shocked to stare at him.

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