Word of Honor: Episode 12 Recap

This is the recap for Netflix Chinese drama Word of Honor: Episode 12. Zhou Zishu joins Wen Kexing and hands over the wine to him. Wen Kexing drinks up the wine and he doesn’t leave it to Zhou Zishu. Zhou Zishu thinks Wen Kexing is a kid. Wen Kexing wonders why Zhou Zishu accepted Zhang Chengling to be his disciple. He thinks the boy is very silly.

Word of Honor: Episode 12 Recap

Word of Honor

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Netflix Chinese drama Word of Honor: Episode 12.

Wen Kexing asks Zhou Zishu why he cares for Zhang Chengling because he passed the best time of practicing martial arts. Zhou Zishu tells Wen Kexing that he wants to know him. Gu Xiang spots Cao Weining and asks him why he’s there. He asks her where she went last night, and reveals Zhang Chengling was kidnapped.

Gu Xiang yells at Cao Weining and asks him how he knew she wasn’t in the room. He tells her that he went to see her after hearing the news of killers. She scolds him for visiting her, and asks him if he got spotted by people. He comforts her that he sneaked into her yard because he knew the reputation is very important to a girl. He worries about her after knowing she went to look for Zhang Chengling alone. She tells him to leave because she doesn’t want people to see them staying together in the morning.

Gu Xiang smiles and thinks the men she met are very silly. The guy spots Gu Xiang and tells her that his master wants to see her. Zhang Chengling calls Zhou Zishu and tells him that he’s fine. He asks him about Wen Kexing. Wen Kexing thinks Zhang Chengling is better than Zhou Zishu. Zhou Zishu tells Wen Kexing that he wants to take out the stuff from Zhang Chengling’s body. He intends to ruin it. Zhang Chengling points out that Monster Valley killed his families for Glass Jade. He reveals Gao Chong will tell people about the history of Glass Jade in the Hero Meeting. Wen Kexing tells Zhang Chengling not to wait it until Hero Meeting because he will tell him about it.

Wen Kexing tells Zhang Chengling that many people were dead for the treasure of Martial Arts Bank. He thinks his father wouldn’t die if Five Lake Alliance opened Martial Arts Bank. Zhang Chengling learns that Glass Jade is the key of Martial Arts Bank, and his father was a friend of Rong Xuan. Zhou Zishu comforts Zhang Chengling that it’s past. But Wen Kexing doesn’t think so.

Gao Chong summons Gu Xiang to the hall and tells her that he thinks there’s an agent because the killer kidnapped Zhang Chengling. He asks her and other people to tell him where they went last night. Zhang Chengling thinks he should return to Five Lake Alliance after knowing the truth. Zhou Zishu thinks Zhang Chengling is a good boy. He tells him to return the Glass Jade to Five Lake Alliance if he decides to get back to Yueyang sect. He tells him that his life is very important. He tells him to throw away the trouble.

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Gao Chong asks Gu Xiang which sect she belongs to. She says that she’s just a country girl. But Gao Xiaolian tells her father that Gu Xiang is a friend of Zhang Chengling. Gao Chong thinks Gu Xiang isn’t a good girl and scolds Gao Xiaolian for keeping her. Cao Weining shows up and admits that it was his fault. Gao Chong tells Gu Xiang that he will deal with her if she doesn’t tell him the truth. Cao Weining reveals Gu Xiang stayed with him last night.

Wen Kexing worries about Zhang Chengling. He wonders how they knew Zhou Zishu and Zhang Chengling’s relationship. Zhou Zishu thinks Wen Kexing leaked it because he only told his name to him. But Wen Kexing points out that Zhou Zishu mentioned the name when they went to Five Lake Alliance. Zhou Zishu thinks Wen Kexing is a good person. Wen Kexing laughs and reveals he feels good.

Zhang Chengling takes out the Glass Jade from his body. He gives it to Gao Chong. Gao Xiaolian goes to see Zhang Chengling and asks him if he’s fine while crying. He tells her not to cry and reveals he’s fine. But she thinks it would be painful when he put the Glass Jade into his wound. He tells her that he won’t feel hurt soon. She thanks him for trusting them. She says that she prefers to let him be her younger brother so that she will protect him all her life.

Gao Xiaolian tells Zhang Chengling that she wants to marry him for fixing Five Lake Alliance. But he thinks she shouldn’t sacrifice her marriage. She says that she doesn’t want to that as well. She intends to end the revenge in their lives. She tells him Yueyang sect is his family from now on.

Gu Xiang shows up and thinks her master saved Zhang Chengling. She asks him why he returned to the bad place. He reveals Zhou Zishu persuaded him to get back to the place. She learns that Zhou Zishu accepted Zhang Chengling as his disciple in the end. She finds the supplements Gao Chong gave to Zhang Chengling. She thinks he gave a birth. He tells her that he wants to give the supplements to her. He asks her about her injury. She tells him that she’s fine, and wonders what Wen Kexing wants to do since he intended to look for Glass Jade.

Shen Shen wonders why Gao Chong isn’t happy since he got the Glass Jade. Gao Chong reveals he wonders why the person who saved Zhang Chengling didn’t want to see him. Shen Shen thinks the person isn’t enemy. Gao Chong asks Shen Shen about his Glass Jade, and tells him that he will keep the Glass Jade. Shen Shen worries that Gao Chong will get hurt. But he still gives the Glass Jade to him. Zhao Jing shows up and tells Gao Chong that Mr. Long will send his man to come to explain the history of Glass Jade.

Word of Honor stars Zhang Zhehan, Gong Jun and Zhou Ye.

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