Word of Honor: Episode 13 Recap

This is the recap for Netflix Chinese drama Word of Honor: Episode 13. Zhou Zishu sees Cao Weining following Gu Xiang. He smiles and tells Wen Kexing not to stop the two. He thinks Cao Weining is match for Gu Xiang. But Wen Kexing is against it.

Word of Honor: Episode 13 Recap

Word of Honor

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Netflix Chinese drama Word of Honor: Episode 13.

Cao Weining tells Gu Xiang that he worries Wen Kexing will be sad if Zhou Zishu passes away. But Gu Xiang thinks Wen Kexing shouldn’t only like Zhou Zishu. He mentions what Uncle Fan said that love is like scabbard which won’t be found if it’s missing. But she thinks she can get someone to make the scabbard.

Cao Weining tries to catch Gu Xiang’s finger. But she avoids it, and asks him if his uncle is nice to him. He admits it and wants the people of his sect to see her. He thinks there will be a man falling for her. She denies and tells him that she only sees a fool.

Yu Qiufeng visits Huang He and tells him that he came to give him a gift. Huang He asks Yu Qiufeng if he fears his master scolds him because he and Gao Cong aren’t friends anymore. Yu Qiufeng says that he wants to take revenge his son. He adds that Five Lake Alliance killed his son with Soul Wire. But Huang He thinks it’s not enough to pull down the master of Five Lake Alliance. Yu Qiufeng says that he has a secret which can ruin Gao Chong and Five Lake Alliance. He says that Five Lake Alliance took the heroes to attack Rong Xuan. But they took the five Glass Jades after Rong Xuan died. The heroes didn’t know their warm blood just for the greed of those people. Yu Qiufeng thinks Five Lake Alliance doesn’t have qualification to take the rest Glass Jades if the thing get leaked. He tells Huang He to take Beggar Sect to attack Demon Valley after he gets Glass Jades.

Zhou Zishu tells Wen Kexing that dressing up is very important because Gao Cong doesn’t people that he got the Glass Jade. He says that there’re many people who want to get Glass Jade from Zhang family. Zhou Zishu thinks Wen Kexing’s face is too obvious. Wen Kexing realizes that Zhou Zishu admitted that he’s good looking. He comforts him that the troubles will stay away from him. Zhou Zishu is surprised that Wen Kexing doesn’t act a good person. Wen Kexing says that he’s actually a good person.

Wen Kexing asks about the makeup Zhou Zishu uses. Zhou Zishu tells Wen Kexing to get on knees to him and call him master. Wen Kexing asks Zhou Zishu if he can act anyone. Zhou Zishu says that the actor will be found out if he knows someone else. Wen Kexing thinks he can fool Zhang Chengling if he dresses up to be Zhou Zishu.

It flashes back. Liu Qianqiao asks Wen Kexing why he wants her to do that. He tells her that he knew she watched Yu Qiufeng. He wants her to watch him enough. Liu Qianqiao looks at herself in the mirror. She says that she thought she forgot everything. But she realizes that she forgot nothing.

Gao Chong goes out to welcome Ye Baiyi. Ye Baiyi asks Gao Chong if he’s talking to him. Shen Shen blames Ye Baiyi for doing so and asks where Sword Immortal is. Gao Chong asks Ye Baiyi if he accepted Sword Immortal’s order. Ye Baiyi smiles and returns Mountain and River Badge to Gao Chong. Gao Chong mentions Sword Immortal promised to ruin Demon Valley while seeing the badge. Ye Baiyi says that he will do that after they have Hero Meeting. He flies away.

Zhou Zishu visits Zhang Chengling. Zhang Chengling hugs his master and tells him that he misses him. Zhou Zishu asks Zhang Chengling if he slept well. Zhang Chengling says that he couldn’t sleep because of Hero Meeting. Zhou Zishu thinks Zhang Chengling doesn’t have to care for it. He tells him that he will take him away after the meeting. Zhang Chengling reveals Gao Chong wants to marry his daughter to him. He wonders why he’s nice to him since he has given him the Glass Jade.

Wen Kexing thinks Gao Chong wants to make up the mistake he made to Rong Xuan. He wants to get rid of the revenge of Wen Kexing and Gao Chong because Gao Chong is Rong Xuan’s son.

Gao Chong takes is men to attack Demon Valley, and catches Xi Sanggui. Xi Sanggui tells Gao Chong to kill her. But he tells her that he wants to use her head in Hero Meeting. Ye Baiyi has the meal. But he refuses to pay the bill, and says that he will help the person a favor if he treats him the meal. Wen Kexing wants to treat Ye Baiyi so that he asks Zhou Zishu for money. Ye Baiyi wonders who will treat him, and thinks Zhou Zishu cannot do that because he cannot help him. He reveals he’s going to die, and wants to think about the method to treat him.

Yu Qiufeng walks in the rain and thinks something bad happened on his son Tian Jie. Liu Qianqiao calls him when she holds the umbrella. He pulls out his sword. She asks him if he wants to kill her. He’s surprised that she’s not dead. She tells him that she should be dead because his wife stabbed her. She adds that his wife got people to know her real face. She asks him which girl would be alive after she accepted the humiliation.

Yu Qiufeng asks Liu Qianqiao not to say that. She asks him what she should do after she took the pain. She yells at him why she accepted the mistake which belongs to them. He tells her that he has wanted to kill his evil wife, but she gave birth to Tian Jie for him.

Word of Honor stars Zhang Zhehan, Gong Jun and Zhou Ye.

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