Word of Honor: Episode 11 Recap

This is the recap for Netflix Chinese drama Word of Honor: Episode 11. The follower reports to Gao Chong that Five Lake Monument is done. He thinks he will be Martial Arts World Master again. But Gao Chong points out that he does it just for the family estate his ancestors left.

Word of Honor: Episode 11 Recap

Word of Honor

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Netflix Chinese drama Word of Honor: Episode 11.

Xi Sanggui thinks Wen Kexing is insane again. He takes back that they will be scared when he’s not insane. She asks him why he killed Bai Wuchang and got her girls to spread the song of Blue Monster. He glares at her and tells her not to treat his tolerating as indulging. Liu Qianqiao gets on knees and explains to Wen Kexing that they just worry about him.

Xi Sanggui tells Liu Qianqiao to get up. She claims that she doesn’t fear Wen Kexing at all. Wen Kexing tells Xi Sanggui to leave because he wants to give a task to Liu Qianqiao alone. Xi Sanggui thinks his wings grows up. She’s furious to walk away after Liu Qianqiao stopped her. Wen Kexing tells Liu Qianqiao to get up. She asks him for forgiving her master. He thinks his order has meaning and all they can do is to obey him.

Wen Kexing claims that he just wanted to kill people. But Liu Qianqiao thinks he killed Bai Wuchang for telling Wu Changgui what’s the good thing. Wen Kexing reminds Liu Qianqiao the bad result when she reads the chief’s mind. She tells him that she’s loyalty to him and her master. He comforts her that everything is controlled by him. He asks her if his dressing up skill was learned from Four Season Mountain Villa. She admits it. So he asks her if she went there. She denies and reveals the artist taught her the dressing up skill because her face was ruined.

Wen Kexing thinks the person was the master of Season Mountain Villa Qin Huaizhang. Liu Qianqiao admits it. He wonders why she didn’t visit Season Mountain Villa since she knew Qin Huaizhang. She says that she wouldn’t miss the beauty of the world since she took monster path. She adds that she just wants to work for him. Wen Kexing agrees to what she said. He thinks monsters will be disappeared when they see the light.

Zhou Zishu walks at the street. He thinks he doesn’t have to watch the clowns act. He wonders what he wants to get after so many years. Zhang Chengling finds the note Zhou Zishu left to him after he washed hands. He leaves his room and tries to flee. But the senior stops him and asks him where he wants to go. Zhang Chengling says that he was hungry and couldn’t sleep. Senior tells Zhang Chengling that he will ask the chef to cook it for him. He tells him to return to his room. He tells him that he will go to see the master if he doesn’t get back to his room.

Gu Xiang stuns Senior. Zhang Chengling is surprised that she came. She asks him where he wants to go. He thought Zhou Zishu asked her to pick him up. She’s confused but she still takes him to flee. He spots the person sitting on the floor. He thinks he’s the man of Zhou Zishu. But Gu Xiang finds out that the person was killed.

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The lady shows up from the rooftop. She attacks Gu Xiang. She asks him what’s the relationship of her and Liu Qianqiao. She doesn’t reply her and tells Zhang Chengling to flee. But the lady kidnaps Zhang Chengling after she defeated Gu Xiang.

The guy encounters Wen Kexing. He tells him that the woman kidnapped Zhang Chengling with Qin Song. He asks him for a favor. Wen Kexing spots Qin Song. He tails him. The lady gives Zhang Chengling a slap and asks him to tell her the whereabouts of Glass Jade. She steps on his arm. The woman stops Nan Renpo and tells her not to hurt Zhang Chengling. But she touches Zhang Chengling’s face.

Wen Kexing asks Qin Song where his friend took Zhang Chengling to. Qin Song attacks Wen Kexing. Nan Renpo tells the woman to pick up Qing Song. But the woman rejects it because she wants to see Nan Renpo’s talent. Wen Kexing tells Qin Song that his hand is broken. He reveals he ruined each bone of the person when he didn’t tell him the answer.

Nan Renpo gives the water punishment to Zhang Chengling. She asks him if he wants to speak. But he spits in her face. Zhou Zishu breaks into the room. Nan Renpo asks him about his name and thinks he has guts to be the enemy of Four Great Killers. But he thinks she doesn’t deserve to know it because they’re scorpions. He fights with the two. Jiang Laoguai shows up and hurts Zhou Zishu with his friends. He asks him who he is. The woman tells Zhou Zishu that nobody can stop Xie King if he wants to get something.

Zhou Zishu kills Jiang Laoguai with his hidden weapons. The two women want to catch Zhou Zishu because they know he doesn’t have any power. Wen Kexing throws Qin Song’s body to the ground. He walks into the room and finds out that Zhou Zishu is injured. Zhang Chengling reports to Wen Kexing that the two women hurt Zhou Zishu. Wen Kexing wants to hunt the two. Zhou Zishu stops Wen Kexing and tells him to take Zhang Chengling away.

Zhang Chengling walks in the bamboo forest. He sees the medicine bodies. Wen Kexing tells Zhou Zishu that he wants to die with him. But Zhou Zishu rejects it. Xie King shows up and feels sorry for not welcoming the two. The woman reports to Xie King that the two men killed Qin Song and Jiang Laoguai. Xie King scolds the woman for being defeated. Xie King asks Zhou Zishu to introduce Wen Kexing to him.

Word of Honor stars Zhang Zhehan, Gong Jun and Zhou Ye.

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