Word of Honor: Episode 4 Recap

This is the recap for Chinese drama Word of Honor: Episode 4. Zhou Zishu and Zhang Chengling walk out of the hotel. Wen Kexing asks Zhou Zishu if he wants to eat walnut. Zhou Zishu rejects it. Wen Kexing tells Zhou Zishu not to call him Mr. Wen. He thinks he doesn’t treat him as friend. He tells the two to ride the horses to Tai Lake.

Word of Honor: Episode 4 Recap

Word of Honor

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Word of Honor: Episode 4.

Zhang Chengling thanks Wen Kexing. Chief Beggar shows up with some beggars. He tells Zhang Chengling that they’re looking for him. Wen Kexing asks Chief Beggar if he wants to go to kidnap Zhang Chengling. Chief Beggar denies and explains that Shen Shen asked him to look for Zhang Chengling. He adds that Shen Shen is the brother of Zhang Chengling’s father.

Zhang Chengling says that he knows nothing. He says that he wants to follow Zhou Zishu. Chief Beggar is furious and thinks Zhou Zishu controls Zhang Chengling with medicine. Wen Kexing thinks Chief Beggar is good at turning white into black.

Chief Beggar gets the beggars to make the formation. He tells Zhou Zishu and Wen Kexing to give up Zhang Chengling. He adds that he will let them go if they do that. Zhou Zishu tells Wen Kexing to watch Zhang Chengling. He fights with the beggars.

Zhang Chengling worries about Zhou Zishu. Wen Kexing comforts Zhang Chengling that the beggars aren’t the rivals of Zhou Zishu. He tries to hand over the walnut, and tells him to eat it. Zhang Chengling rejects it. Chief Beggar tells Zhang Chengling to leave with them. He chases him. Zhang Chengling is startled to run around Wen Kexing.

Zhou Zishu glares at Wen Kexing when he’s fighting with the beggars. Wen Kexing tells Zhou Zishu that he doesn’t know about it if he doesn’t ask him to help Zhang Chengling. He tells him not to be mercy when the beggars take the swords.

Zhou Zishu casts the bamboo pole to Chief Beggar. He spits blood. Wen Kexing casts the walnuts to the beggars when they try to attack Zhou Zishu. Zhang Chengling joins Zhou Zishu and asks him if he’s fine. Zhou Zishu takes Zhang Chengling to fly away.

Wen Kexing glares at Chief Beggar and grabs his neck. He kills him and asks the rest beggars if they want to get killed. Zhou Zishu takes Zhang Chengling to arrive at the alley. He tries to wipe the blood off from his mouth with the handkerchief. Zhou Zishu takes the handkerchief and thinks he’s going to be a trash. Zhang Chengling is confused when he sees the blood on the handkerchief. Zhou Zishu comforts Zhang Chengling that he won’t die.

Wen Kexing kills the last beggar. He takes a look at the blood on his hand. He goes to wash his hand. Gu Xiang shows up and blames Wen Kexing for doing so. He explains that he let the beggars make a choice. He adds that they didn’t want to be humans.

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