Word of Honor: Episode 8 Recap

This is the recap for Chinese drama Word of Honor: Episode 8. Zhang Chengling greets Uncle Gao. Uncle Gao asks Zhang Chengling why his body is so weak. Uncle Shen comforts Uncle Gao that Zhang Chengling is still a kid. Uncle Gao reminds Zhang Chengling that Zhang family will end if he cannot inherit the martial arts from his father.

Word of Honor: Episode 8 Recap

Word of Honor

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Word of Honor: Episode 8.

Uncle Gao asks Zhang Chengling for Glass Jade Pendant. Uncle Shen tells Uncle Gao to delay it. Uncle Gao is furious and thinks Glass Jade Pendant is more important than their lives. He asks Zhang Chengling if he wants to waste his father’s life.

Zhang Chengling tells the uncles that he knows nothing about Glass Jade Pendant. Uncle Gao reminds Zhang Chengling that he has no choice but to trust them. He tells him there’re more people who are going to get killed if he doesn’t hand over Glass Jade Pendant. Zhang Chengling glares at Uncle Gao and tells him that he knows nothing.

Uncle Gao wants to give Zhang Chengling a slap. Uncle Shen stops Uncle Gao and tells him to talk about the thing later.

Cao Weining thanks Zhou Zishu for spending money for him, and wants to repay him. But Zhou Zishu tells Cao Weining that he just wants to be a friend of him. He invites him to have a meal together. Cao Weining joins Zhou Zishu and pours wine for him. Wen Kexing tells Gu Xiang to take Cao Weining away. But she is against it because the guy can help her join Yueyang sect.

Wen Kexing tells Gu Xiang to look for Fang Buzhi. Cao Weining worries about it because Fang Buzhi is very strong. Gu Xiang thinks Cao Weining looks down on girls. He thinks girls are good, and wants to accompany her. He asks Zhou Zishu where he stays, and wants to treat him back.

Wen Kexing rejects it and claims that they will visit Yueyang sect. He tells Gu Xiang not to get back if she cannot find his bag. She is furious to leave because she thinks he only thinks about her when he has a business to her.

Cao Weining follows Gu Xiang. She asks him if he wants to borrow money from her. He denies and tells her to go to Yueyang sect with him. Because she can find the bag in the help of Yueyang sect. She asks him if there’re some good restaurants in Yue Yang. He offers to take her to visit the restaurants. She agrees to it.

Zhou Zishu wonders why there is a rabbit in Qingfeng sect since the chief of Qingfeng sect is a fox. Wen Kexing tells Zhou Zishu that he knows that he wants to use Cao Weining to ask about Zhang Chengling. He comforts him that he got Gu Xiang to ask Cao Weining to help her get into Yueyang sect because he knew he fell for her. But Zhou Zishu points out that Wen Kexing has another goal.

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