You Are My Destiny: Episode 1 Recap & Review

Chen Jiaxing jumps into water to pick up wedding ring for Wang Xiyi on You Are My Destiny.

You Are My Destiny: Episode 1 Recap & Review

You Are My Destiny

This You Are My Destiny recap contains spoilers.

Chinese drama You Are My Destiny is a better one than tv show You Are My Destiny Korean drama after Xing Zhaolin and Liang Jie joined the tv series. The 2020 tv show brings the fresh story and new plot. We cannot help but want to watch the outstanding cast’s acting.

The 2020 Chinese drama begins with Chen Jiaxing (Liang Jie) buys breakfast for colleagues. But the colleague refuses to pay as the breakfast Jia Xing brought is cold. The friend Si Qi shows up and helps Jia Xing. The boss scolds Jia Xing for not completing the task, and she has to stay to work overtime. She sees the note she wrote, and remembers the dating of her and Gu Zhi.

Gu Zhi is staring at the beauties at the square, and Jia Xing arrives. He asks her to drink wine in his house and sleep over. She rejects it as they don’t get married, and offers to ride the cruise. But he says that he invested all of his money in his new business. She comforts him that she will pay it this time with her new credit card.

The factory director Mr. Jia takes his followers to Xi Yi (Xing Zhaolin)’s office, and asks him to explains why he replaced the workers with robots. Xi Yi points out that the robot can make 30 pieces of soap in one minutes, and asks them to show their value. Mr. Jia has to take his men to leave.

Xi Yi brings the necklace to Grandma, but she asks him to get married. He mentions his girlfriend Anna (Fu Jin). But she points out that she cannot only see Anna online. You Are My Destiny Chinese drama defeats You Are My Destiny Thai drama with with great plot and ost, and it becomes 2020 best drama since 2014 tv series. The lead roles are destiny to meet because of cruise, and their love journey draws us to watch it online.

Xi Yi sends the flower to Anna and tells her that Grandma forced him to go on blind date. She emphasizes her dream as a ballet actress. Anson drinks with his boss Xi Yi in the bar, and tells him to make a proposal to Anna in the cruise.

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Anna shows her great ballet skills on the stage. The madam praises Anna but she refuses to give out the position of white swan. Anna is lost. Xi Yi shows up and takes her to the cruise. The chief waiter pours food on Jia Xing and gets her to pick up the food because he mistakes her as the waiter. Anna shows up and scolds chief waiter for being rude to his customer. She wears the scarf on Jia Xing to cover the stain. The naughty boy switches their suitcases.

Xi Yi complains to Anna that she stood him up 11 times, and she gives him a kiss, promising to make up for it. He visits captain and asks him to help him make the proposal. But the captain tells him to prepare the oath. When Xi Yi is preparing for the oath, he sees Jia Xing and the ring rolls on the net. She tries to pick up the ring but she falls into the water. He jumps into the water to save her, and she wakes up when he tries to do artificial respiration to her. He thinks she was so stupid to pick up the wedding ring for him. She shows the ring to him and wishes him to make the proposal successfully.

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Anna gets a call from the madam. The madam promises to give the role of white swan to her, but she requires Anna to get trained in Paris. Anna cannot contact Xi Yi so that she leaves without informing him. Xi Yi and Jia Xing return their room, and they’re shocked after seeing the underwear when they open the suitcases.

You Are My Destiny Chinese drama brings me the excited moments which I only took on You Are My Destiny Netflix. The tv series explains why Jia Xing and Xi Yi get together, and it isn’t just a simple story that Cinderella falls for bully president. Why Xi Yi chooses Jia Xing since he has a great girlfriend Anna? The reason is Jia Xing pays all her have to her prince, which Anna won’t do that.

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