You Are My Destiny: Episode 3 Recap & Review

Chen Jiaxin and Wang Xiyi get married on You Are My Destiny.

You Are My Destiny: Episode 3 Recap & Review

You Are My Destiny

This You Are My Destiny recap contains spoilers.

You Are My Destiny: Episode 3 begins with Xi Yi realizing that he didn’t cancel the wedding. The captain tells people that the wedding is for Xi Yi and Jia Xin. Jia Xin wants to help Xi Yi since he helped her many times. The two sign the marriage contract.

Jia Xin and Xi Yi wake up. They find out that they has slept in same bed last night. He says that he needs some time to think about it, and he leaves. She remembers they were drunk and walked into the room. Jia Xin tells Xi Yi to treat it as a dream and she doesn’t want to hurt Anna. He feels guilty but agrees to it.

Anson calls Xi Yi and asks him about the weird spending on his credit card since the wedding was cancelled. But Xi Yi tells him that the wedding wasn’t cancelled. Jia Xin receives the red dress from Xi Yi. She throws the dress into the trash can, and decides to be the normal herself.

Dylan bets with Tom and wins the luck chip. He wishes the chip can help him find his younger sister. The luck chip rolls to Anna’s feet, and she targets the couple dolls he wants to buy. He leaves the doll to her. Anna does video chat with Xi Yi and shows off the dolls. He is lost and complains that she cannot accompany him. She promises to return after the training.

Jia Xin and Xi Yi are informed that they have gotten married. They go to the embassy and ask for cancelling the marriage. But they need to go to Bahamas. He calls Anson and tells him to order two tickets to Bahamas. The women’s talking makes Xi Yi look like a jerk.

Xi Yi drives Jia Xin to office. Si Qi sees the two, and she tells Jia Xin that the client framed her. Jia Xin is surprised, and it makes Si Qi think Jia Lin knowing the person. Xi Yi puts the marriage contract on the desk, and Anson gives Jia Xin’s ticket to his boss. He wonders who is the girl since Xi Yi only loves Anna.

Dylan goes to the gem store where the boy wants to buy his mom garnet. But he doesn’t haven enough money. Dylan pays the rest money for the boy, and thinks he will be a luck boy. Dylan meets with the girl and wishes her to be his sister. But the DNA test shows she isn’t.

You Are My Destiny ends with Xi Yi going to the company to visit the lawyer. He hears the woman calling Jia Xin’s name. He leaves his seat and looks for Jia Xin. He finds her in the end.

Jia Xin and Xi Yi get married by mistake. But he doesn’t stop her when she treats it as a dream, and he is so eager to cancel the marriage. He doesn’t care about her feelings when she lost her chastity. He shows what a jerk looks like on You Are My Destiny even if he tells her to be a better herself. Jia Xin is so stupid and accepts everything Xi Yi arranged for her.

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