You Are My Destiny: Episode 2 Recap & Review

Anna leaves Wang Xiyi, and he helps Chen Jiaxin take revenge for her boyfriend on You Are My Destiny.

You Are My Destiny: Episode 2 Recap & Review

You Are My Destiny

This You Are My Destiny recap contains spoilers.

You Are My Destiny: Episode 2 begins with Jia Xin switching the suitcase with Xi Yi, and she doesn’t know how to wear the black dress Si Qi prepared for her. Xi Yi calls Anna, and she tells him that she has gotten off the ship. She tells him that she will become the first Chinese standing on the stage of Palais Garnier.

Xi Yi complains to Anna that he is alway the second one in her dream. She tells him that she tried her best to call him, and thinks she would give her if she heard his voice. He reminds her that it’s the last chance, and tells her not to challenge his bottom line. She nods to promise it. He thinks she always has ways to make him forgive her. He takes out the ring and thinks he failed again.

Jia Xin visits Xi Yi and asks him to take out her hair from the zipper. She mentions that her boyfriend is waiting for her. She thinks she would accept his proposal if she is his girlfriend. He opens the zipper with scissors and tells her to go to see her boyfriend. But she takes away his room card.

Jia Xin arrives at the restaurant and she calls Gu Chi. He says that he has stomachache and wants to return to the room to eat medicine.

Xi Yi goes out and he is bumped by the kid. He finds out that his room card doesn’t work, and he asks the waitress to open the door for him. He sees Gu Chi walking into Jia Xin’s room with another woman. He pushes the phone into the room through the door.

Xi Yi joins Jia Xin and eats her foods. He returns the room card to her and asks her to return to the room with him. But she tells him to leave as she has an important dating. He reveals that his ring is missing and remembers she likes his ring.

The two return to the room. Jia Xin sees Gu Chi sleeping in the bed with another woman. Gu Chi explains that the woman borrowed the clothes from him. Xi Yi wonders how they passed since the room is his. The woman wants to leave but he stops her.

Xi Yi thinks Gu Chi cheated on Jia Xin but he doesn’t admit it. Gu Chi tells Jia Xin not to believe an outsider. Xi Yi plays the recording which Gu Chi thinks Jia Xin is stupid.

Gu Chi admits that he is a jerk and tells Xi Yi to leave. Jia Xin points out that she paid the bill. Gu Chi tells Jia Xin that it will be crowded if she sleeps in the bed.

Jia Xin is furious to run to the deck and she tears up. Xi Yi finds Jia Xin and hugs her off the rail. He blames her for taking her life for a jerk, and she explains that she just wanted to take back her scarf.

Jia Xin says that she is like a sticky note which can be torn up easily. She tells Xi Yi to go to look for his fiancee. But he tells her that he just comforted her, and reveals his fiancee run away. Jia Xin learns that they got abandoned, and wonders why Anna and Gu Chi can be easygoing.

Xi Yi tells Jia Xin to fight back and asks the dresser to get her to be a pretty girl. Jia Lin gets changed. Xi Yi tells her that she is the heroine.

Jia Xin thanks Xi Yi and thinks she would cry at the corner without him. But he tells her to fight back with the person who bullied her.

Xi Yi takes Jia Xin to see Gu Chi and he wants to play billiards him. Jia Xin reminds Xi Yi that Gu Chi is good at billiards. He wants to try it even if he hasn’t played it.

Xi Yi wears the ring on Jia Xin, and tells Gu Zhi to eat one of the balls if he fails. Jia Xin tells Gu Chi to apologize to her. He agrees to it.

Xi Yi leaves the last ball to Jia Xin and tells her to believe herself. She wins and is excited to hug him. Gu Chi apologizes to Jia Xin, but Xi Yi asks him to eat the ball.

Gu Chi begs Jia Xin for not letting him eat the ball. She rages and doesn’t want to see him again.

You Are My Destiny ends with Jia Xin thanking Xi Yi for making her live a different life. He feels regret that he didn’t make Gu Chi eat the ball. He asks her if she feels happy for taking revenge. She says yes and thinks it’s time to say goodbye to the love relationship. He thinks she has grown up.

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