You Are My Destiny: Episode 10 Recap & Review

Chen Jiaxin convinces Doctor Hao to endorse for Wang Xiyi’s product “The Legend” on You Are My Destiny.

You Are My Destiny: Episode 10 Recap & Review

You Are My Destiny

This You Are My Destiny recap contains spoilers.

You Are My Destiny: Episode 10 begins with Jia Xin pulling off Zhou Zhan wig in front of people. He asks her to apologize. Xi Yi rejects it for his wife. Zhou Zhan cancels the contract. Mr. Jia and workers worry that they will lose their jobs, and Zheng Ren tells them to get Jia Xin to apologize to Zhou Zhan.

Yu Shan tells Xi Shi that Lao Li refused to sell rice to them because of Jia Xin. Xi Shi gets angry. Tian Cai brings a bag of rice but he asks Xi Shi to get Jia Xin to apologize. Yu Shan is furious to drive her husband away. Anson returns home and he laughs. He tells Si Qi that Cheng Jie is going to go bankruptcy.

Si Qi tells Jia Xin that “The Legend” is very important to Xi Yi. Yu Shan goes to see Jia Xin in the hospital, and tells her that Xi Shi came to Shanghai. Xi Yi meets with the shareholders, and they ask him to fire the workers in flower and bird island. Xi Yi blames Zheng Ren for hurting those workers since they trust him so much. The shareholders threaten to fire Xi Yi.

Xi Yi arrives at the hospital, and Yu Shan feels happy because Xi Yi came to accompany Jia Xin for getting antenatal care. But Jia Xin thinks he just came for Doctor Hao. The three are locked up in the elevator. Yu Shan is going to give birth, and she is scared. Xi Yi calls Doctor Hao and asks him to guide to help Yu Shan. Doctor Hao sees that Xi Yi is a good guy when he is serious.

Yu Shan gives birth and she lets Xi Yi hug her baby. He realizes that Jia Xin lives hard for giving birth for Wang family, and promises to accompany her to get antenatal care. The shareholders are going to fire Xi Yi. But he brings the paper that European allow Cheng Jie to sell their products. But the shareholders are still not satisfied with it. Doctor Hao shows up and promises to endorse for “The Legend”.

Xi Yi asks Doctor Hao why he agreed to endorse for “The Legend”. Doctor Hao tells Xi Yi to ask Jia Xin about it. Anson brings a good news to Xi Yi that Zhou Zhan’s product was found to contain toxic substance. Tian Cai sees the news as well, and he thinks Jia Xing did right thing.

You Are My Destiny ends with Xi Yi arriving at the hospital, and he tells Jia Xin that the product “The Legend” selling well. She hugs him as her mom told her to hug the person when he is happy so that he will feels happy all the time. Zhen Zhu hears their talk and she wakes up.

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