You Are My Destiny: Episode 11 Recap & Review

Chen Jiaxin becomes Wang Zhenzhu’s special assistant. She and Wang Xiyi have a fight on You Are My Destiny.

You Are My Destiny: Episode 11 Recap & Review

You Are My Destiny

This You Are My Destiny recap contains spoilers.

You Are My Destiny: Episode 11 begins with Zhou Zhan showing the footage to Xi Yi which he announced to cancel the contract for Jia Xin. He thinks he risked his company for the beauty. Zhen Zhu shows up and gets the lawyer to tell Zhou Zhan that he signed the additional term that Cheng Jie doesn’t need to compensate for it if the product contains the toxic substance which can damage the body of pregnant women. Zhou Zhan is surprised and he doesn’t remember there is an additional term. Zhen Zhu points out that his best friend Zheng Ren handed over the contact. Zhou Zhan glares at Zheng Ren and he is furious to leave.

Zhen Zhu thinks Jia Xin saved the company, and tells Xi Yi that she will get his wife to be her special assistant who has more power than him. He says that he knows he used dirty trick on Jia Lin, and reveals he won’t get her property if he betrayed his wife. Anson finds out that Si Yi placed his drinks under hers. He thinks she is female chauvinism, and asks her when she was in love. She says that she did when she was in the university. He mocks her for not being in love for eight years.

Shen Yuan tells Jia Xin that she will be Zhen Zhu’s special assistant. Jia Xin worries that she won’t do her job well. Zhen Zhu tells Jia Xin that she is the best in her mind, and thinks she should make Xi Yi learn to respect her.

Xi Yi take Jia Xin to her previous company, and the colleague doesn’t know where the paper is. Jia Xin volunteers to help her. Xi Yi stops his wife and reminds her that she is representative of Zhen Zhu. Zheng Ren pretends to talk business over the phone when other workers are carrying goods. Tian Cai scolds Zheng Ren and mentions his dad Mr. Jia is working hard outside. Zheng Ren gets a call from Zhou Zhan who asks for a meeting.

Anna’s legs are hurt and she calls Xi Yi. She asks him to come to Paris to see her. But he says that he needs Anson arranges to buy the ticket. Xi Yi sees Zheng Ren meeting with Zhou Zhan through the window. Anson reports to Xi Yi that Jia Xin brought a trouble.

Xi Yi tells Jia Xin to cancel the plan for setting up mom’s room and coffee room in the company. But she rejects it, and claims that Zhen Zhu agreed to the plan. The worker reports to Jia Xin that someone is stealing the data of their company, and the place is in the office of flower and bird island. Xi Yi thinks the person must be Zheng Ren.

You Are My Destiny ends with Zheng Ren returning home. Xi Yi accuses Zheng Ren of stealing the data. But Zheng Ren denies.

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