You Are My Destiny: Episode 9 Recap & Review

Chen Jiaxin is wronged to flirt with Dylan. But Wang Xiyi trusts her on You Are My Destiny.

You Are My Destiny: Episode 9 Recap & Review

You Are My Destiny

This You Are My Destiny recap contains spoilers.

You Are My Destiny: Episode 9 begins Anson moving to Si Qi’s place, and tells her to drive Jia Xin away. Because the house only can be lived by two person. Jia Xin meets with Dylan and thinks they shouldn’t see each other again. He agrees to it.

Si Qi calls Jia Xin and tells her that she has to leave, and wants to book a hotel for her because Jia Xin doesn’t have any money. Dylan shows up and tells Jia Xin that he found a house for her. He gives the luck chip to her and thinks it will help her. But Xi Yi claims that Jia Xin is his wife, and takes her home.

Zheng Ren complains that Xi Yi will cut the ribbon when he worked hard on the project. Mr. Jiang comforts Zheng Ren that he will cut the ribbon for flower and bird island. Zheng Ren feels happy and reveals Jia Xin cheated on Xi Yi. Xi Yi meets with Zhou Zhan and asks him why he didn’t tell him that they upgraded the product. Zhou Zhan thinks the product is controlled by him, and mocks Cheng Ji’s product “The Legend”.

Xi Yi washes hand in the restroom and remembers Zhen Zhu told him to stick one soap to another when it’s almost used up. He intends to get Doctor Hao to endorse for “The Legend”. Jia Xin tells Xi Yi that her baby’s doctor is Doctor Hao, and reveals he thought he is a irresponsible husband.

Jia Xin is surprised that Xi Yi volunteers to attend the mom’s class, and he tells Doctor Hao that he will take Jia Xin to eat sashimi. Xi Yi gives the paper to Doctor Hao, and asks him to endorse for “The Legend”. Doctor Hao points out that Xi Yi just acted, and thinks he lost the trust of Jia Xin. Jia Xin hears their talk, and she tears up. She tells Xi Yi not to use her and her baby.

Yu Shan goes to see Tian Cai, and hears Tian Cai talking with Zheng Ren about Jia Xin’s cheating. Yu Shan gives the pot to Tian Cai, and tells him that she won’t deliver food to him. Yu Shan reports it to Xi Shi, and Xi Shi feels disappointed to the people in the island.

Zheng Ren is going to cut the ribbon, and he tells Xiu Ling what Jia Xin did to the people of the island. Xi Yi hears it and tells Zheng Ren to take care of Zhen Zhu. Zheng Ren is furious to leave. Xi Yi finds Jia Xin in the hospital, and tells her to cut the ribbon. She rejects it so that he threatens to fire all of the workers.

You Are My Destiny ends with Xi Yi showing up with Jia Xin at the opening ceremony. Xi Shi and the people of the island are surprised. Xi Yi tells Jia Xin to explain it to people instead of keeping silence.

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