You Are My Destiny: Episode 4 Recap & Review

Chen Jiaxin is pregnant when Wang Xiyi plans to get a divorce with her on You Are My Destiny.

You Are My Destiny: Episode 4 Recap & Review

You Are My Destiny

This You Are My Destiny recap contains spoilers.

You Are My Destiny: Episode 4 begins with Xi Yi asking the lawyer Shen Dao to how deal with the divorce case. He lies that the story happened on his friend. Shen Dao reminds Xi Yi to sign a contract with the girl to prevent her from taking away his property. He tells him to stay away with his friend as his moral quality is terrible. Xi Yi feels embarrassed.

Gu Chi visits Jia Xin and blames her for stopping paying his gym fees. Xi Yi grabs Gu Chi’s hand and drives him away. He scolds the employees for bullying Jia Xin, and takes her to the restaurant. He asks her about his condition about the divorce. But she just wants to treat him a meal. Meanwhile Jia Xin vomits when eating steak.

Anson hands over the papers to Grandma but the marriage contract drops. Dylan picks it up and gives it to Anson. Anson thinks he shouldn’t let Grandma see it. Grandma runs into Jia Lin in the exhibition. Jia Xin drops her notebook. Grandma notes that Jia Lin likes the painting, and she tells Dylan to give the painting to Jia Xin. When Jia Xin is buying pregnancy test kit in the pharmacy, Dylan calls her and gives the painting to her. He asks her to treat him the dessert.

Jia Xin vomits again and she goes to the restroom using the pregnancy test kit. Anson brings the marriage contract to Xi Yi. Xi Yi tells what happened on the cruise. Anson tells Xi Yi that his protecting has some flaw, and it may make the girl pregnant. Xi Yi beats Anson.

Jia Xin leaves the restroom. The reporter asks her about the opinion to the food. Jia Xin trips, and the reporter learns she is pregnant. She posts it to social media. Dylan worries about Jia Xin and asks her who is the baby’s father. She says that the person is a good guy, and they ran into each other in the cruise. He remembers Xi Yi went to the cruise, and gives the luck chip to her. He wishes the luck chip will bring the luck to her.

Jia Xin is going to go to Bahamas, and Si Qi brings the cream to her. Jia Xin remembers the cream is bought by Xi Xi. She tells Si Qi to use it. But Si Qi thinks Jia Xin needs it more, and wishes her to run into a good guy.

You Are My Destiny ends with Anna calling Xi Yi. She blames him for not sending flowers to her when her performance was successful. He explains that he needs to deal with the trouble. She realizes that she wasn’t considerate, and promises to marry him after she returns from Paris. He feels happy and tells her that he will give her a perfect wedding.

Jia Xin doesn’t know how to do when she becomes a mom. She fears to tell Xi Yi about it as she knows that it will bring trouble to him. Xi Yi senses the danger after Anson told him that the protecting. You Are My Destiny shows a perfect jerk successfully. But Grandma won’t let Jia Xin leave. Because she ran into her in the exhibition and she likes the normal girl. She also wants a great-grandson. Anna isn’t aware of it, and she still chases her dream. The bomb will hit her soon.

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