You Are My Destiny: Episode 5 Recap & Review

Xi Shi knows that her daughter Chen Jiaxin is in pregnancy, and she is furious to beat her. Wang Xiyi stops Xi Shi on You Are My Destiny.

You Are My Destiny: Episode 5 Recap & Review

You Are My Destiny

This You Are My Destiny recap contains spoilers.

You Are My Destiny: Episode 5 begins with Xi Yi telling Anson to arrange a job to Zheng Ren. Anson doesn’t want to do that Zheng Ren’s dad ever stole money from the company. Si Qi calls Jia Xin and scolds her for not telling her about her pregnancy, and reveals her pregnancy vomit expression is on the net. The grandma Zhen Zhu sees the expression and thinks the pregnant woman’s family is with good luck. But Dylan tells her that the good job is done by Xi Yi, and he plans to get a divorce. Zhen Zhu sees the plan of flower and bird island, and she comes up with an idea.

Mom takes Zheng Ren to try on clothes. He reminds her that it’s his first day to be on duty. She points out that a nice suit will make people look up on him. Zheng Ren misses Anson’s calling. Jia Xin gets in Xi Yi’s car, and he gives a check to her, telling her to write down any amount she wants. She realizes that he doesn’t want her to tangle him. He explains that he will feel comfort if she accepts it. She accepts it but claims that it will be a blank check forever.

When Jia Xin and Xi Yi are going to land the plane, Anson reports to his boss that the men of flower and bird island are rage because they didn’t receive the money. Zhen Zhu scolds Zheng Ren for not handing over the paper in time so that the workers don’t get their money. Xi Yi volunteers to go to flower and bird island to settle the trouble.

Xi Yi and Anson ride the ship to arrive the island, and they see the workers welcome them. Anson suspects that there will be a trap banquet, and he tells the workers that he is the boss. They take him away as they has never seen Xi Yi. Xi Shi and Yu Shan take Jia Xin away. Xi Yi recognizes Jia Xin and follows the three.

Xi Shi lifts the chicken feather stick and scolds Jia Xin for owing money. Jia Xin gets on knees and doesn’t know how to do. Yu Shan explains for Jia Xin that the money isn’t too much. So Xi Shi decides to repay it for her daughter.

Mr. Jia finds out that the workers kidnapped the wrong person. Anson promises to settle down their payment. Xiao Jia learns that Jia Xin is pregnant, and he reports it to Xi Shi. Xi Shi is furious to hit Jia Xin. Xi Yi holds her hand to stop her, and he claims that he is the dad of the baby.

Xi Shi ties Xi Yi up and blocks his mouth. She takes his phone away and calls Zhen Zhu. She is rude to her and reveals her grandson made her daughter pregnant. Zhen Zhu learns that Jia Xin is in the island, and promises to come there.

You Are My Destiny ends with the workers receiving the money. Zhen Zhu calls Anson and tells him that she will come to flower and bird island. She thinks she will become family with the villagers.

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