You Are My Destiny: Episode 6 Recap & Review

Chen Jiaxin goes to get an abortion at the hospital. Wang Xiyi stops her and accepts the baby Little Ximi on You Are My Destiny.

You Are My Destiny: Episode 6 Recap & Review

You Are My Destiny

This You Are My Destiny recap contains spoilers.

You Are My Destiny: Episode 6 begins Jia Xin bringing the Ximi rice-pudding to Xi Yi. He reads her notebook and finds out that her dream was to marry to the man who loves her like his parents. He thinks the baby is a trouble to him.

Xi Shi receives many electric appliances in the morning, and she remembers that she didn’t order them. Zhen Zhu shows up and tells Xi Shi that the electric appliances are the dowry. She asks about Jia Xin and Xi Yi. Xi Yi reads the letter Jia Xin left and knows that she went to get an abortion. He reports it to Zhen Zhu. The aunt thinks he isn’t a man.

Xi Yi arrives at the hospital when Jia Xin tells the doctor that she wants to get an abortion as the dad doesn’t like the baby. Xi Yi sees the footage through the B-mode ultrasound, and tells Jia Xin that he wants to keep the baby. Zhen Zhu is happy to see the photo of the baby, and gives him the name Little Ximi. Xi Shi wears the wedding dress her husband bought on Jia Xin. She complains that Jia Xin’s father is a liar as he promised to take care of his daughter with him but he died.

In the wedding, Jia Xin is asked to tell how she and Xi Yi met. He reveals that their meeting was surprised. The people ask the two to kiss. Xi Yi does so and Jia Xin has some feelings. Anson asks Xi Yi why he got married with Jia Xin. Xi Yi says that she is pregnant. Anson thinks the woman isn’t simple and she is like a snail with super power of adsorption.

Xi Yi hears Zhen Zhu talking with Dylan over the phone, and she thanks him for leaking the message to her. Xi Yi thinks everyone treats him as a joke. Jia Xin didn’t eat anything in the wedding, and Xi Shi cooks food for her. She tells her to fight for everything as she has been a mom. Jia Xin learns the reason why Xi Shi was rude to her classmate, and she was trying to protect her. She feels sorry for her mom.

You Are My Destiny ends with Xi Shi telling Jia Xin to go upstairs to sleep as it’s her wedding night. Xi Yi is forced to marry to Jia Xin because of the baby. But he realizes that he was fooled by Zhen Zhu. Anson also takes the side of his boss and thinks Jia Xin is a bad woman. Xi Shi tells her daughter to fight for everything as she knows that she cannot protect Jia Xin after she joins Wang family. The problem will break out when the couple takes wedding night.

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