You Are My Destiny: Episode 7 Recap & Review

Wang Xiyi gets Chen Jiaxin to sign the divorce agreement. Wang Zhenzhu realizes that she needs to protect Jia Xin on You Are My Destiny.

You Are My Destiny: Episode 7 Recap & Review

You Are My Destiny

This You Are My Destiny recap contains spoilers.

You Are My Destiny: Episode 7 begins with Jia Xin saying sorry for getting Xi Yi to be the baby’s dad. But he thinks she don’t have to apologize as he is actually the baby’s father. He tells her to stay away from her after she gave birth. She promises it.

Anna calls Xi Yi and is happy tell him that the super star went to her show. Xi Yi calls Shen Yuan and asks to talk about the divorce. Xi Shi shows up from his back and startles him. She threatens to swim to Shanghai to visit him if he hurts Jia Xin.

Xi Shi gives her most precious dowry to Zhen Zhu because she knows that her daughter doesn’t match her grandson. Zhen Zhu promises to take care of Jia Xin. Jia Xin is farewell to Xi Shi, and she hugs her to tear up. Xi Yi gives the tissue to his wife. Jia Xin thanks him but he says that Zhen Zhu asked him to do so.

Si Qi blames Jia Xin for not inviting her to her wedding, and Jia Xin tells Si Qi that her husband is Xi Yi. Xi Yi tells Shen Yuan to get Jia Xin to hand over the divorce agreement to him. But she drops the agreement at the supermarket. Dylan picks it up and he returns it to Jia Xin.

Xiu Ling tells Zhen Zhu that she didn’t sin the agreement to protect herself so that her husband took all of money from her. Zhen Zhu realizes that she needs to protect Jia Xin. Xi Yi gets Zheng Ren to flower and bird island. Zheng Ren is haughty to Mr. Jia. Mr. Jia ignores him and reveals Jia Xin is pregnant.

Xi Yi takes Jia Xin home. Xiu Ling mistakes Jia Xin as Anna. Xi Yi mentions Xiu Ling’s husband took the money of the company, and it makes her feel embarrassed. Zhen Zhu takes Jia Xin to see her room, and Jia Xin sees the painting “Blue” which she likes on the wall. Zhen Zhu reveals she bought it from Dylan.

Xi Yi gets Jia Xin to sleep in the couch but he sleeps in the bed. He asks her to sign the divorce agreement, and thinks she should offer some conditions. She sees the painting of Anna on the wall, and thinks princess should live in the castle with prince. She hands over the agreement to Xi Yi, and tells him that he has signed it. But she gave up the money.

Xi Yi drives Jia Xin to the company. But she rejects it on the way. She is still in anger for his cold, and she finds out that there is a new employee doing the task she did. The colleagues refuses Jia Xin to help them. You Are My Destiny ends with Shen Yuan calling Jia Xin to his office, and he tells her to be his personal assistant.

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