You Are My Destiny: Episode 8 Recap & Review

Wang Xiuling spots Chen Jiaxin dating Dylan, and she reports it to Wang Zhenzhu on You Are My Destiny.

You Are My Destiny: Episode 8 Recap & Review

You Are My Destiny

This You Are My Destiny recap contains spoilers.

You Are My Destiny: Episode 8 begins with Shen Yuan telling Jia Xin not to doing the small things anymore, and he gets her to attend the concert. He calls Xi Yi and reports it to him. Xi Yi tells Shen Yuan to take care of his wife.

Zheng Ren runs into Zhou Zhan at the street, and Zhou Zhan intends to get Cheng Jie to make their product “water soft”. But Zheng Ren worries that Zhou Zhan will hurt the company. But Xiu Ling points out that the contract won’t be signed by him so that he won’t take responsibility.

Jia Xin falls asleep in the concert and puts her head on Dylan’s shoulder. Xi Yi is furious and tells her to go home. But she texts him that he asked her to pretend not to know her outside. He has no way but lets her leave with Dylan.

Zheng Ren tells Xi Yi that Zhou Zhan wants to cooperate with them. Jia Xin smells Xi Yi’s fragrance and tells him to stay away from him. He mistakes that she doesn’t like him. Dylan runs into Jia Xin and notes that she is sick. He takes her to see Doctor Hao. Doctor Hao mistakes Dylan as Jia Xin’s husband. She denies and reveals Xi Yi married her because the baby. Doctor Hao thinks Xi Yi isn’t a responsible husband.

Zhou Zhan meets with Xi Yi and reminds his that their product is hot. But Xi Yi still wants to let Zhen Zhu take a look before he signs. Zheng Ren begs Zhen Zhu to sign the contract. She agrees to it but she wants to add a condition.

Xiu Ling spots Jia Xin dating Dylan and thinks she is the bad woman. She takes a photo of the two and shows it to Zhen Zhu. But Zhen Zhu scolds Xiu Lin and shows the report that Zhou Zhan’s product contains plasticizer. She wants to end the contract.

Xiu Ling gets on knees and asks Zhen Zhu to consider for Zheng Ren. Zhen Zhu feels disappointed, and she passes out. Jia Xin returns home, and Xiu Ling tells the families that Jia Lin made Zhen Zhu pass out, and she shows the photo of her and Dylan. Xi Yi doesn’t allow Jia Xin to take care of his grandma as he thinks she didn’t treat him as her husband. She leaves the notes and tells him to take care of himself.

Xi Yi is furious and throws Jia Xin’s notes into the trash can. She goes to see Si Qi and tells her that the people of Wang families don’t want to see her. Anna does a video chat with Xi Yi, and she wants to buy a ticket and go back. Xi Yi is startled and mentions she wanted to go back after one year.

You Are My Destiny ends with Anson thinking Xi Yi upsetting because of Jia Xin. Xi Yi points out that Zhen Zhu wouldn’t pass out because some photos, and thinks it was because of Xiu Ling. He says that he gets angry because of Jia Xin’s leaving. Anson tells his boss to take away the shell so that she won’t have any place to stay.

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