Youth of May: Episode 2 Recap

This is the recap for Korean drama Youth of May: Episode 2. Myung-Hee runs into the hall. She trips and sees the stain on her sleeve. She doesn’t what to do, and tells the waitress that she came for the blind date. The waitress tells her that Hee-Tae is waiting for her.

Youth of May: Episode 2 Recap

Youth of May: Episode 2

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Korean drama Youth of May: Episode 2.

Hee-Tae remembers Myung-Hee. He laughs when she tells him that she’s Soo-Ryeon. She orders beer to make him believe that she’s not the woman he looks for. But he drinks the beer, and tells her that he likes beer as well. She tells him that she won’t do the things the housewives do if they get married. But he says that he can accept it.

Hee-Tae tells his name to Myung-Hee. She remembers he’s the top student. He thinks she’s interested in him. She denies. He wants to eat with her. But she takes him to a terrible restaurant. She tells him that she likes to eat the foods at the place. But he tells her that he’s not the young master she thinks. He enjoys the food.

Myung-Hee takes Hee-Tae to the clothing store. She tells him that she wants to buy the expensive bag but she doesn’t take money. He tells her to choose the bag she likes, and promises to pay the bill. But she chooses the cheapest bag. It makes him laugh.

Hee-Tae takes Myung-Hee home and gives her a present. He tells her that he wants to meet her next time. He asks her when she’s free. But she’s not sure about it. She throws him into the cab when she sees Soo-Chan. Soo-Ryeon spots Soo-Chan and Myung-Hee. She’s surprised that the two got back together.

Soo-Chan scolds his sister for not wearing a good clothes, and thinks Myung-Hee was the one who went to see a man. The two girls are shocked. Myung-Hee explains that Soo-Ryeon got her to wear her dress. Soo-Ryeon tells her brother that Myung-Hee is seeing a man. She panics to take Myung-Hee to her room.

Soo-Ryeon asks Myung-Hee about her date. Myung-Hee tells her friend that their plan failed. Because Hee-Tae isn’t the man she can deal with it. Soo-Ryeon finds out the present Hee-Tae gave to Myung-Hee is a pair of shoes. She tells her to wear it, and finds out that the shoes fit Myung-Hee’s feet well. She tells her not to wear the shoes because it’s what Hee-Tae wants.

Hee-Tae returns home. Ki-Nam is waiting for his son. He asks him if Soo-Ryeon dislikes him. Hee-Tae denies and comforts Ki-Nam that he will get the girl for him. Hee-Tae lies in the bed. He thinks of Myung-Hee, and composes a song for her.

Myung-Hee takes a look at the shoes Hee-Tae gave her. She remembers he told her that he’s a good guy. Hee-Tae has breakfast with his families. Hae-Ryeong tells Ki-Nam to go to see Jung-Tae’s running. But Ki-Nam tells his son to spend more time on his reading. He asks Hee-Tae if he appointed Soo-Ryeon. Hee-Tae tells his father that he did that. Ki-Nam tells Hee-Tae to go home on time because he invited Suk-Joong and his wife to visit them.

Myung-Soo calls Myung-Hee when she’s working. He threatens her that he will keep calling her if she forgets their appointment. Hee-Tae visits Hye-Gun and startles him. Hye-Gun tells the address of the girl to Hee-Tae. He thinks the girl is his lover. Sun-Min shows up and tells Hee-Tae that she found the girl. He wants to drink with the two, and calls Sun-Min younger sister. It makes her get angry.

Hee-Tae calls Myung-Hee when she’s walking. He hugs her to move aside before the motorcycle hits her. She’s shocked and has an eye contact with him. He thinks she should be careful while walking. She pushes him away and asks him if he tailed her. He tells her that he wanted to take the bus. She is furious to walk away because she thinks he’s not the one who would take bus. You can also check out Youth of May: Episode 1.

Hee-Tae walks Myung-Hee and thinks her that he has feelings for her more. But she doesn’t believe in what he said, and fails to find the bus token from her wallet. She tells him to leave because she wants to buy some bus tokens. He shows off the bus tokens he has, and gives them to her. But he asks her to repay him. You can also check out Youth of May: Episode 3.

Myung-Hee agrees to it and runs into the bus. Hee-Tae gets into the bus and asks her about their date after she sat. She has to accept his date when people in the bus stare at her. Myung-Hee calls Myung-Soo when he’s lost. She cheers him up.

Myung-Soo only gets second place in the running game because his shoe was broken. He feels guilty because he didn’t get the champion. But the teacher tells him that he still can take part in the event even if he only got second place. The man picks up Myung-Soo’s shoe and returns it to him. He thinks he could defeat Jung-Tae if his shoe didn’t drop.

Myung-Soo runs to Myung-Hee and tells her the good news. She’s happy to hug him, and wants to treat him the meal. She tells him to let his friend join their meal. But he waves his hand to their father Hyun-Chul. The three go to the restaurant. Hyun-Chul only orders three bowls of noodles. Myung-Hee takes away the menu and orders more foods.

Myung-Hee tries to eat the noodles. She thinks his brother would win if he had a pair of good shoes. But Hyun-Chul points out that Myung-Hee’s shoes are terrible as well. Myung-Hee cannot stand it and asks her father where he spent the money she earned for them.

Myung-Soo tells Myung-Hee that he will live with her because he needs to take part in the event. Hyun-Chul is against it because he thinks his son should study. Myung-Hee is furious to tell her father not to step in it because she will help her younger brother.

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