Youth of May: Episode 3 Recap

This is the recap for K-Drama Youth of May: Episode 3. Hee-Tae finds the house Myung-Hee and confesses his feelings to him. But she rejects him and tells him that she’s going to leave South Korea after May. But he doesn’t want to give up, and asks her to be in love with him within the May.

Youth of May: Episode 3 Recap

Youth of May: Episode 3

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for K-Drama Youth of May: Episode 3.

Youth of May gets Hee-Tae to visit Chang-Keun with the presents because it’s Chang-Keun’s birthday. Chang-Keun feels happy and introduces his daughter to the guy. Soo-Ryeon and Myung-Hee show up at the same time. They worry that the guy will recognize the wrong person. But Hee-Tae recognizes Soo-Ryeon immediately.

Go Min-Si and Keum Sae-Rok have a great acting in the episode 3. They actually show us how they’re scared when they see Lee Do-Hyun. Lee Do-Hyun’s acting is good as well, and he shows up the sunny smile which we saw in “18 Again”.

Chang-Keun invites Hee-Tae to eat with them since they brought the gifts to him and his daughter likes the guy. Myung-Hee wants to leave even if Chang-Keun tried to keep her. Soo-Chan shows up with the rice cake. Myung-Hee has no reason to leave. Myung-Hee doesn’t want to stay in the house because she has feelings for Hee-Tae. She doesn’t want to see Hee-Tae talking sweet with her best friend in front of her.

Chang-Keun asks Hee-Tae why he likes his daughter. The guy says that Soo-Ryeon left a big impression to him when she tried to persuade him to be a revolutionary. It makes all of the people laugh. Youth of May ends the talk when Soo-Ryeon is asked why she likes Hee-Tae.

Hee-Tae and Soo-Ryeon go to the garden to have a talk alone. Soo-Chan wants to bring the rice cake to the two. But he’s stopped by his father. Soo-Chan wouldn’t want to bring the rice cake to Hee-Tae if he heard what Hee-Tae said to his sister.

Hee-Tae tells Soo-Ryeon that he continued the date because he likes Myung-Hee. Soo-Ryeon thinks it’s ridiculous and tells him that her friend met him for money. Hee-Tae gives the note to Myung-Hee when Soo-Chan went to pack rice cake. Soo-Chan’s smile is frozen when he sees Hee-Tae holding Myung-Hee’s hand.

Myung-Hee reads the note and learns that Hee-Tae wants to meet with her in the music cafe. Soo-Ryeon tells Myung-Hee that she doesn’t want her to see Hee-Tae, and asks her if she has feelings for the guy. Myung-Hee denies. But she asks her younger brother if she should betray her friend. Youth of May makes the decision for the beauty.

Myung-Hee goes to see Hee-Tae in the music cafe. She’s surprised that he brought a guitar. He reveals he wants to play a song for her. Jin-A passes by. She tries to hit on Hee-Tae. Myung-Hee catches the girl. The three go to the bus stop. Hee-Tae gets Jin-A to write her number to him because he knows Myung-Hee wouldn’t give her number to him if he asked her for it. Jin-A feels honored because Hee-Tae is the one she likes.

Soo-Chan goes to buy rice cake with Myung-Hee. He falls for her when she talks with the rice cake store owner. He tells her that Hee-Tae is bad guy. Hee-Tae wants to see Myung-Hee. But he cannot find her. So he visits Soo-Ryeon and makes her fall from the rooftop. Soo-Ryeon’s leg is hurt. Youth of May gives Hee-Tae the reason to see Myung-Hee. Hee-Tae sends Soo-Ryeon to the hospital. Myung-Hee is working. She asks Soo-Ryeon how she was hurt. Soo-Ryeon reveals Hee-Tae pushed her off the building. Myung-Hee gets angry and thinks Hee-Tae used the dirty method to get her. You can also check out Youth of May: Episode 2.

Hee-Tae chooses the wrong time to confess his feelings to Myung-Hee. But she’s cold to him, and tells him that she’s going to leave South Korea. Hee-Tae is shocked and asks Hye-Gun what he can do. Hye-Gun mistakes that Hee-Tae likes Soo-Ryeon. He tells his friend not to give up even if he likes his fiancee.

Hee-Tae shows up in the party with Ki-Nam. Ki-Nam notes that his son’s eyes are fixed when he sees Myung-Hee. It seems that Youth of May wants him to do some evil things. The guys talk about Hee-Tae. Myung-Hee dislikes them because they badmouths Hee-Tae, and they try to hit on her. She leaves the party. Soo-Ryeon follows Hee-Tae. He tells her that he will do something if she doesn’t tell her parents the truth.

Ki-Nam interrogates the guy. The guy asks him for forgiving him. Ki-Nam remembers Hyun-Chul said the same words to him. He learns that Myung-Hee is the daughter of Hyun-Chul. Ki-Nam tells his follower to tail his son. Myung-Soo doesn’t want to wear the new shoes. He tells his sister that he’s tangled by someone. She tells him to ignore the person and focus on his running.

Myung-Soo goes to the school. He’s surprised that Jung-Tae will live with him. Jung-Tae tells Myung-Soo to take off his clothes because he thinks it belongs to him. The two kids have a fight. The teacher punishes them. Jin-A cleans up the room to welcome someone. Myung-Hee goes to open the door when the person knocks at the door. She’s surprised to see Hee-Tae. She gets angry and tries to kick him out. But she falls with him, and his clothes is wet.

Kyung-Pil shows up and blames Myung-Hee for hurting Jin-A’s teacher. Myung-Hee is shocked. Jin-A tells Hee-Tae that she likes music but she’s bad at math. He tells her that she’s born to be good at math. Kyung-Pil is satisfied with Hee-Tae’s teaching. He invites him to eat with him, and brings the wine he treasures. He drinks with him and he’s drunk.

Myung-Hee is going to sleep. She notes that someone is playing guitar outside. He goes to take a look who is the person. She finds out that the person is . Youth of May gets the two sitting together. Hee-Tae praises Myung-Hee. He tells her that he wants to treasure the happy time before May. She smiles and enjoys what he said.

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