A Business Proposal K-Drama: Episode 7 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Netflix A Business Proposal K-Drama: Episode 7. Ha-Ri tries to explain to the girls that she doesn’t have a boyfriend. But Tae-Moo walks to her and he smiles at her when he touches her hair. He introduces himself as Ha-Ri’s boyfriend to Yoo-Ra.

A Business Proposal K-Drama: Episode 7 Recap

A Business Proposal

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Netflix A Business Proposal K-Drama: Episode 7.

Yoo-Ra asks Tae-Moo to have dinner with them. He agrees to it and he follows the girls. Ha-Ri stops Tae-Moo. She asks him why he pretended to be her boyfriend. But he asks her to thank her first because he just saved her. She blames him for giving her up in the rain.

Tae-Moo apologizes to Ha-Ri. He tells her that she’s fine. She reveals she worried about him. He tries to get into the cafeteria. She stops him but she hears the girl thinking Ha-Ri cannot buy Tae-Moo the expensive clothes. Tae-Moo tells Ha-Ri to let him help her.

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Tae-Moo hands over the black card to Ha-Ri in front of the girls. He wipes mouth for her. She wants to go to restroom. He escorts her and hugs her before the guy bumps her. He scolds the guy and cares for Ha-Ri. The girl spots it. She confesses that she’s envy of Ha-Ri.

The two get back to their seats. The girl asks Tae-Moo why he loves Ha-Ri for much. He reveals he fell for Ha-Ri when he saw her. Ha-Ri worries that Tae-Moo saw many girls before after she heard his sweet talk. The girl mentions Min-Woo. She asks Tae-Moo about his position. He leaks that he’s a president. The girls are stunned.

Tae-Moo sees Yoo-Ra at the elevator. She tells him that she wants to buy him and Ha-Ri a meal after knowing he wants to stay at the place. Ha-Ri throws a fit to Tae-Moo. She thinks they should leave the place. But he points out that he cannot drive because he drank.

Ha-Ri follows Tae-Moo to get into the room. He asks her for drinking with him. She rejects it and she has feelings for him after he took off his suit. She offers to live a different room with him. But he points out that her friends will find it out that they’re not in love. He tells Ha-Ri to sleep in the bed, promising not to touch her.

But Ha-Ri sleeps on the couch. Tae-Moo reminds her that he will carry her to the bed once she falls asleep. She panics to go to the bed. Min-Woo returns to the hotel. He’s surprised that their room was changed. Yoo-Ra reveals Tae-Moo helped them get a better room.

Ha-Ri gets messages from the girls. They ask her how she found a boyfriend like Tae-Moo. She tells it to Tae-Moo when he worries that she’s flirting with another guy. She doesn’t know how to reply it to her friends. He tells her to tell her friends that he had a crush on her when he saw her.

Ha-Ri worries that Min-Woo will bring troubles to Tae-Moo. But Tae-Moo reveals he knows Ha-Ri loved Min-Woo before. Tae-Moo is working out in the gym. He calls Ha-Ri and wakes her up. He tells her to open the door. She opens the door and sees the clothes he prepared for her. It makes her happy.

Young-Seo wakes up and finds out that she slept over at Sung-Hoon’s house last night. Ha-Ri runs into Min-Woo. She waves at him. He walks to her and asks her if Tae-Moo is her boyfriend. She admits it. He tries to tell something to her. But Tae-Moo shows up. He walks to Ha-Ri and hugs her. She’s surprised to take a look at his hand on her shoulder. She’s embarrassed to take him away.

Young-Seo remembers she slept with Sung-Hoon last night. She tries to leave his house. But her leg is hurt by the chair. Sung-Hoon opens the door. He invites her to drink the soup with him. But she rejects it and claims that she’s busy. She tells him to forget what happened last night.

Tae-Moo gets a call from someone. He tells Ha-Ri that he needs to leave. But Min-Woo asks Tae-Moo to stay. Tae-Moo agrees to it. Ha-Ri sees the yacht driving to her. Tae-Moo tells the girl that the yacht is owned by his grandfather. He invites Ha-Ri’s friends to get on the yacht.

Min-Woo asks Tae-Moo why he loves Ha-Ri. He doesn’t believe a president would fall for an employee. Tae-Moo reveals he kept asking Ha-Ri out after she rejected him. Min-Woo wonders why Tae-Moo chose Ha-Ri. He thinks she’s just a normal girl. Tae-Moo scolds Min-Woo for badmouthing his girlfriend.

Yoo-Ra mentions Min-Woo made the sashimi with the red sea breams. Ha-Ri smiles when she talks about the sashimi with Yoo-Ra. Tae-Moo offers to go fishing to catch the red sea breams. Ha-Ri agrees to it. But she worries about him.

Tae-Moo begins the fishing competition with Min-Woo. But Ha-Ri is sick. Tae-Moo helps her get into his car. Min-Woo wants to take care of Ha-Ri. But Tae-Moo tells Min-Woo that it’s his job. Yoo-Ra glares at Min-Woo. Tae-Moo is on the way to send Ha-Ri to the hospital. She tells him that she’s fine. But he still insists on sending her to the hospital.

Sung-Hoon drinks at the bar alone. He remembers Young-Seo told him that she fell for him at the first sight. He wonders why she told him to forget what happened last night when he brought up the sweet night. Ha-Ri feels sorry for bringing the trouble to Tae-Moo. But he tells her that he intended to do that.

Ha-Ri notes that Tae-Moo get a call. She gets off his car and tries to leave. But he stops her and tells her that he loves her very much. Ha-Ri goes home. She thinks it’s a dream that Tae-Moo loves her. She pinches her face and finds out that it’s not a dream.

A Business Proposal K-Drama: Episode 7 Ending

Sung-Hoon reports to Tae-Moo that Da-Koo came to look for him. Tae-Moo takes Ha-Ri to flee to the room. He tells her that he couldn’t let her see Da-Koo because he told Da-Koo that he broke up with Geum-Hui. She tells him to go on the blind date because she worries that Da-Koo will find out their relationship.

Tae-Moo asks Ha-Ri if she loves him. She’s silent. He tells her that he will continue to ask her out even if she doesn’t like him. She kisses him.

A Business Proposal K-Drama: Episode 7 stars Ahn Hyo-Seop, Kim Se-Jeong, Kim Min-Kyu and Seol In-A.

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