A Girl Like Me Chinese Drama: Episode 2 Recap

This is the recap for A Girl Like Me Chinese Drama: Episode 2. Ban Hua and Ban Heng visit Rong Xia. Ban Heng tries to give the present to Rong Xia for thanking him for helping his family. Rong Xia accepts the present. But he finds out that the gift is two crickets.

A Girl Like Me Chinese Drama: Episode 2 Recap

A Girl Like Me

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for A Girl Like Me Chinese Drama: Episode 2.

Ban Heng brags that the two crickets are good at fighting. But he finds out that the two end the fighting. Rong Xia thinks the King wants to apologize. Ban Hua disagrees and thinks the cricket doesn’t want to be close to another one because he has the smell of books.

Rong Xia thinks A Yao is pitiful because girl doesn’t feel guilty after she wronged him. Ban Hua complains that the cricket thinks everyone likes him. She tells King to apologize to A Yao. But Rong Xia thinks King should apologize first.

Ban Hua is furious to challenge Rong Xia. He agrees to it and tells Ban Heng to replace him to fight. Ban Hua asks Ban Heng which side he belongs to. He says that there’s no brother and sister in the battlefield. He wins in the end. Ban Hua has to apologize to Rong Xia.

Ban Hua dreams Rong Xia again. She complains that she is furious when she thinks of him. She realizes that Ms. Yin will believe in what she says if Rong Xia goes to buy cloth. Rong Xia tells her dream to Ms. Yin. Ms. Yin doesn’t believe Rong Xia will come to buy cloth. She tells Ban Hua that the dream won’t come true.

Ms. Yin leaves because she has a business. Ban Hua sighs and goes out. She takes a look at the cloth and wonders if it’s a coincidence. The cloth drops because of the wind. She goes to catch the cloth, and has an eye contact with Rong Xia. He greets her, and says that he didn’t expect he would encounter her there.

Ban Hua grabs Rong Xia’s hands, and tells him that she was surprised as well. But the follower tells Ban Hua to release his master. Rong Xia tells Ban Hua that he just passed by. She tells him not to move, and reveals she intended to get her mom to see him.

The follower gets a tea for Rong Xia and wonders why they kept encountering Ban Hua. He thinks she’s tailing him. Rong Xia points out that it’s what he wants. The follower agrees to it, but he worries that Rong Xia cannot get rid of Ban Hua. Rong Xia thinks he should be close to Ban family if he wants to find the truth.

Ban Hua tells Ban Heng that her dream came true. He thinks she is obsessed by Rong Xia. Ban Heng thinks Xie Qilin blinded. Ban Hua and Ban Heng climb over the rooftop to take a look at Xie Qilin. They spot him getting hurt. Ban Heng falls into yard before he leaves with his father.

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