A Girl Like Me Chinese Drama: Episode 1 Recap

This is the recap for A Girl Like Me Chinese Drama: Episode 1. Ban Hua looks for her fiance Xie Qilin, and finds out that he’s staying with the girl. He tries to take the girl to leave. But Ban Hua stops him with her whip. The follower Du Jiu reports to Rong Xia that Ban Hua is bringing troubles. He thinks someone rejected the girl again.

A Girl Like Me Chinese Drama: Episode 1 Recap

A Girl Like Me

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for A Girl Like Me Chinese Drama: Episode 1.

Xie Qilin points his sword at Ban Hua and tells her that she won’t marry her even if he’s aged lonely. She smiles and tells him that she didn’t come to catch him to marry her. She whips the floor and makes his sword drop. The girl thinks Ban Hua came to beat Xie Qilin and he’s over. Ban Hua glares at the girl and intends to whip Xie Qilin.

The girl gets on knees and explains that Xie Qilin did it for her. She tells her to throw a fit at her, and asks her not to hurt Xie Qilin. Xie Qilin steps forward and tells Ban Hua not to hurt the girl Yun Niang. Ban Hua throws the money to Xie Qilin and tells him that he couldn’t get her if Xie family didn’t beg Ban family.

Ban Hua tells Yun Niang that Xie Qilin will abandon her because he abandoned her. She tells her to treat the money as the gift which she made her see the man. Ban Hua flies and spots Rong Xia. She steps on his boat and thinks he’s very handsome. The two stare at each other.

Du Jiu tells Rong Xia not to look at Ban Hua. He thinks he’s over if she falls for him. She’s furious to fly away. Du Jiu thinks Ban Hua isn’t like a girl because she’s not tender. Rong Xia points out that the law doesn’t stipulate the girl needs to be tender. He thinks she is very funny because she came alone.

Di Jiu doesn’t get Rong Xia’s point, and thinks the girl is very vigorous. Ban Hua is furious to return home, and asks her father Ban Huai if he heard someone dreamed things which happen in the future. She adds that she dreamed what Xie Qilin did.

Ban Hua’s mom Ms. Yin comforts her that her health is very important. She tells her not to put the marriage into her mind. Ban Heng agrees to what his mother said, and tells Ban Hua there’re so many males in the world. He shows the handsome men book to her, and thinks Rong Xia is better than Xie Qilin. Ban Huai tells Ban Hua that she will be free if she marries Rong Xia. Because his parents passed away.

Ban Hua thinks she cannot communicate with her families. She’s furious to return to her room. She tells her maid Ying Bangbang that she will be sad if she marries Xie Qilin. She tells another maid Ruan Mianmian to prepare makeup because she needs to attend the banquet.

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